• WizKids Wednesday: Golden Age of Superman OP Preview

    August is here and with it comes the next Dice Masters OP Event: Golden Age of Superman. Like last month's Justice Like Lightning OP, this set also features 2 new versions of existing characters and a Cross-universe reprint of an existing Basic Action. As the name suggests, these cards also celebrate the Golden Age of Superman by featuring the classic 1930s-1950s style artwork.

    First up we have the Basic Action Thrown Car. Using the iconic art from Action Comics #1, Thrown Car was also updated to use the much more concise keyword "Overcrush". While the DC Universe already had the basic action Anger Issues for giving Overcrush, Thrown Car has always been a viable alternative that is a welcome addition for in-universe events and acts as nice reminder of the strength of the card. It also helps that the art is pretty awesome.

    Next up we have the Team Superman affiliated Bizarro. Like many of the other Team Superman characters, Bizarro comes with Iron Will and his still very beefy stat-line for his fielding costs. The ability to half the attack value of your opponent's sheild characters is fairly strong, making globals like Anger Issues or Cone of Cold half as effective, but the narrow scope of only shield characters and the very high purchase cost does hamstring the card considerably. It is kind of amusing that the Team Superman affiliated Bizarro features art of him fighting Superman while carrying Lois. "Me am Superman! Me save Lois!"

    The last of the three is also one of the most interesting. Mx. Mxyzptlk's ability offers a great way to keep villains cycling into your prep area and could very consistently mean fielding a viallin every turn and rolling 5 dice each turn (though obviously a villain would need to be fielded again to get the effect again). While Mr. Mxyzptlk's purchase cost is sure to keep him off of many competitive teams, it does offer a fun effect that's really tempting to build around. This could help villain characters with strong "When fielded" effects bubble up to the surface more often, but I unfortunately keep on thinking of other expensive villains I'd want to use with him and that wouldn't be terribly practical.

    Like the Bombshells, Teen Titans, and Legion of Doom OPs before it, it's wonderful to see another DC art style honored in an OP set. If this trend continues, I'd personally love to see some of the art from the other cartoon series like Batman the Animated Series or Justice League Unlimited in the future. Be sure to check the WizKids Info Network to find out when your Local Game Store will be holding these events so you too can get your hands on these gorgeous cards.
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    1. JustK's Avatar
      JustK -
      Mr. Mxyzptlk would be great if using a team that was doing Retaliation with villains perhaps? Seems over expensive. There is a Poison Ivy or Harley Quin that could help.
    1. StrangeBrew's Avatar
      StrangeBrew -
      Maybe the Mr. Mxyzptlk to cycle through the Cheetah with deal a damage point to opponent every time she attacks? Still pricey for Mr M., but gosh would it be even more annoying (unless your opponent has Hulk Green Goliath) which is kind of the point for Mr. M..