• Level Up Gaiden: Metagaming and Deck Selection

    With apologies.

    Decklists come and decklists go.
    How this happens I'll never know.
    People's choices sometimes confound
    but other times, they're actually quite sound.
    How can we know what deck to bring,
    So that when top eight is announced our name doth ring
    out o'er the game store, our peers impressed?
    It's less hard than you think, don't be distressed.

    The difficulty of the metagaming
    is overthinking, worrying, self-shaming.
    It's too easy to force one's view towards trends
    that may not exist and lead to false ends.
    "Deck B beats A, and that's the fact,
    But B is weak to C's attack!
    So the answer is C, but wait, there's more,
    Because C can't beat D, oh my, the horror."

    It's easy to take this train of thought,
    but often, in here, many losses are wrought.
    Instead of playing mind games with yourself,
    Consider the "best" deck, put the others on the shelf.
    The best's deck's foes are often weaker,
    but forced into being by a hopeful seeker.
    Nonetheless, let your testing guide
    you as you work towards the winning side.

    Sometimes decks will feel just right,
    but true flaws lie just out of sight.
    If it doesn't test well, consider changing,
    whether wholesale or simply rearranging.
    A set of cards may seem well-equipped,
    yet still, against you the scales are tipped.
    Are you really using worthy cards,
    efficient enough to beat things like the Bards?

    Abilities may seem to bring true value,
    But costs and odds are really how you
    can get ahead as you play these games,
    so card selection must focus on same.
    Once, at Origins, I surely thought
    that the deck I had was correct to have brought,
    but the cards within weren't up to snuff;
    It was inefficient; my time was tough.

    For while these cards abilities were surely good,
    The costs were not where their value stood.
    My plans were unworkable and quite simply bad
    all because of the cards that I had.
    Strangely, though, it was quite good in testing,
    So why was it not worth the time I was investing?
    In truth, it never felt quite right,
    but those feelings of unease I pushed out of sight.

    Often these meta-threatening decks
    are less favored than testing might suggest.
    If it's testing well but you feel unease,
    Analyze the source of thoughts like these.

    In sum, before I go too far:
    Listen to yourself and use the best cards.
    And unless you a Johnny be,
    Bring the best deck, and the top you may see.
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      Dave is bringing the good stuff!
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      Very nice Dave.
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      Dave -
      This was an accident that started with my making some notes, and will have a corresponding article before long
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