• Control Card Archetypes Part 3 - More "Can't" Cards

    Welcome back! This week we will be taking a look at more of the "can't" cards that stop your opponent from doing things like targeting your dice or that stop them from doing certain things. Hopefully we are able to expose you to some new and useful cards!

    [top]Can't Target and More!

    Human Paladin: Lesser Emerald Enclave

    The creme de la creme of "can't target" cards. What makes this 4 card so powerful is that it is not tribal. There are many cards that we'll discuss later that have conditions on their abilities such as having to be a specific energy type, have a title, or share an affiliation. This one does not. It even covers your Sidekicks! And lets talk about the global for a minute. The best damage prevention global in the game. It stops when fielded damage, when attacks damage, regular ability damage, all kinds of stuff! It doesn't work on damage to characters or damage from action dice, but it still covers SO much. Its fielding cost is awesome 0-1-1 and it has a 2-3-4 defense, so it will take a bit to deal it damage to get it off the field! Love this card (can you tell ;-)

    Raven: Azarath, Metrion, Zinthos!

    Another 4 cost, this time a , Raven is a beast. She protects all of your Team Titans and any mask characters from being targetable. This is over a quarter of the cards in the game. Now you may be asking, why would I use this over Paladin? The answer is Lantern Ring Teams. She not onlyl protects your characters from being targeted, but she'll be able to deal ring damage as well. Now yes, you can build a ring team with Paladin, but :masks" have much more versatility so far. Also, with he addition of 3 more Teen Titans in the new GA:F set, you'll now have 8 TT's to make a team out of!

    Wonder Girl: Cassie Sandsmark

    Sticking with the Teen Titans, this 2 is pretty baller. She allows your dice to be targeted, but when it is a TT that gets targeted, she allows you to bounce it off of them and name a new opposing character die as the target. And remember, the new target doesn't have to be a legal target under the original conditions. So basically, you can bounce a global like Distractions/Blink-T, Transfer Power, Magic Missile, etc., off of a TT and onto another opposing die. The best use of this that I've seen in RDW is to load up on TT's and use it with Superhero Registration Act. When your opponent rolls it, just target one of your TT's for the die to KO and then you get to KO one of your opponents characters! This redirect also works with character abilities that target such as Dwarf Wizard, and any other action die like Polymorph or Kryptonite! So in closing, she doesn't say that your TT's can't be targeted, but they aren't going to want to target them.

    Lord of D.: Dragon Protector
    Ring of Magnetism:Action Attraction

    This is a combo that was incredibly popular in the early days of the game but may be new to some of our newer players. Basically, you got your Lord of D. out on the field and you put a ring on it. This was affectionately called the "Lord of D. Ring" combo. Since Lord of D. can't be targeted, and Ring says that all of your opponents action dice and abilities (including globals) must target Lord of D., everything just evaporates. This combo has also been used on Wonder Girl, but you just have to make sure that you are able to redirect it, otherwise the ability does stick to WG. This combo is incredibly powerful since the only way to remove the "bond" of the two dice is to bring Action die removal, or to force me to want to attack or block with the character. I would say that if you build a dragon team you could run without the Ring and bring something that will guarantee you can get Lord of D. out on level 1, but there are so many different ways to spin dice up and down that your opponent could be able to get spin him up which neuters his protection of his dragon friends.

    Doomcaliber Kight: ALL OF THEM!

    Yes, all of them. ALL THREE DCK's either cancel, or don't allow your opponent to be able to do something that they will want to do over the course of a turn. Lets start with the Common, which is a 5 that stops your opponent from using an action die completely. Now, there is a draw back to this card - you MUST KO DCK, and what makes it even worse, is that you have to KO all copies of him. So you can't have two out there to try to stop two actions on one turn. That's the really unfortunate part of it, but it's still pretty awesome.

    The Uncommon is the one that is probably most known to everyone because of the global. Pay a when you attack. Your monsters cannot be the target of action dice or card abilities. So no Transfer Power global, Distraction/Blink-T, Magic Missile, etc. This global was INCREDIBLY popular with relentless teams so that their dice couldn't be distracted back. It is still very powerful, but like any global, your opponent can abuse it just as much as you can. But lets not forget about the actual die ability, which on first pass looks identical to Lord of D. But if you look closely, it is missing one very important word, opposing, meaning you can't target it either. In most cases this may not matter, but in others it does, so just be careful.

    Did we just mention abusing globals?! Well not anymore with the Rare version of DCK! This bad boy allows you to spin down his die in order to cancel the global effect that your opponent just used AND they can't try to use that global again that turn! Again, you must do this every possible chance you can spin him down, so make sure you bring something that allows you to spin your dice up. I would suggest OP Wonder Woman paired with BEWD and/or the Polymorph global. The poly global works especially well with targeting Wonder Girl (the above mentioned) to spin one of your opponents dice down, to spin DCK up! =)

    Half-Elf Bard: Apprentice Order of the Gauntlet

    Yes, there are three other versions of the Half-Elf Bard - I know right?! Anyway, this 4 is a really great card, but has been overshadowed by its roided out brother (sister?). So basically if you can get Bard out at level 3, Bard is the only thing that can be targeted and affected by character abilities. So, this bard can protect your other characters from Dwiz (the first one that's fielded at least), 1-3 Hulk blasts, and at least the way that it was ruled at Origins, Constantine Hellblazer! I think the last one is obviously the best one. I think there is a lot to still discover about this card, and I'm excited to hear the communities thoughts on how it can be utilized!

    Sinestro: Sinestro Corps Leader

    I wanted to add Sinestro to our list even though he is not as good as the Paladin. I think he deserves mention because he is a villain, so in a villain archetype, he could serve to be more useful than the Paladin.

    Magic Helmet: Greater Gear

    I love, and am always frustrated by this card. I love it because its AMAZING! Your opponent can't use spray, kryptonite, imprisoned, polymorph, DBF, and any other action die on the character its attached to! I hate it because it can only go on equipable characters, which is incredibly limiting. Now with that being said, we've mentioned two cards (Bard and Paladin), that it pairs perfectly with! Put this on a level 3 Bard and you are good to go. On a Paladin as well and you are basically untouchable! Such an amazing card, and soooooo cheap at only 2 generic!

    Storm: Weather Witch and Lady Liberator

    This is all about the global. It's not really a "can't" but its a great redirect that can say "you can't target that die." It can also be used as a redirect to your characters from one of your opponents. Great if they are trying to polymorph something in on their side - pay the and redirect the poly to one of your characters. This card was super successful at disrupting the Poly-Wolverine and Poly-Hulk teams, but has fallen a bit out of favor. I think it has a lot of utility of Kryponite gains favor over Spray in time. Just make sure you have enough to keep going back and forth with your opponent!

    Well, that's it for this week. As usual, I'd love yo hear your thoughts, cards you like or are new to you, and cards that I forgot and missed! Thanks for your feedback!

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    1. gkpon66's Avatar
      gkpon66 -
      Nice write up. Now to explore the other bard!
    1. WeaponO's Avatar
      WeaponO -
      Hey Stuart - Awesome write up. Wouldn't the Crush Card Virus ruling (http://win.wizkids.com/bb/viewtopic....1657763#p25871) tank the Wonder Girl / Superhero Registration Combo described above? Seems to me the general ruling on costs (http://win.wizkids.com/bb/viewtopic....d08ee1a#p19362) which makes an example of Cassie and Blue-Eyes would also apply here as well, as the "cost" of not having your opponent draw and roll 3 dice instead of 2 is KO'ing one of your own characters. Much as I'm a fan a Wonder Girl shenanigans, I don't think Cassie would count as targeting for the purposes of SHRA.