• The Reserve Pool Podcast Season 2 Episode 37: Fists of Fury!

    This week Isaac, Stuart, and Trubie chat about recent WKRF Updates and discuss their Top 10 Fist energy characters!

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    1. Bankholdup's Avatar
      Bankholdup -
      TIL: Trubie has excellent taste in Kung Fu movies.
    1. The0retico's Avatar
      The0retico -
      Somehow, I always fit 5 Hulk dice in my teams.
    1. IsaacBV's Avatar
      IsaacBV -
      5 Hulk dice? I can't say I have ever been able to field that many big green machines!
    1. Basementcuts's Avatar
      Basementcuts -
      I played 5 hulks at my first PDC. Distraction tactic. Can we get a Magic Spork card based on a viral Stuart MEME?
    1. Wightwulf's Avatar
      Wightwulf -
      Hi are you able to post a link to the top 10 cards? Thanks.