• Reading the Rainbow - Backseat Drafting (Part 1)

    Hello again everyone! Welcome to Reading the Rainbow, the article series devoted to the Rainbow Draft. Today, I'd like to talk about a Rainbow Draft for the World's Finest set that I recently took part in. Even though the draft only ended up having four participants (there was a car accident involving two of the people who were supposed to attend - don't worry, they are ok!), it was an extremely fun event. They didn't even mind that I took the time to document each of my picks from each of the hands. Over the course of the next two articles, we will go over the draft together in a very image intensive edition of Reading the Rainbow.

    First, we have the Rainbow:

    Here is the first group of six packs that will be passed around and drafted from:

    ... and, the second group of six packs:

    Looking over my first two packs of cards, I made a plan to try for Batgirl. If I could get the Uncommon Batgirl, I could have a three cost character in a set filled with more expensive characters, and a character that cannot be blocked by Villains and Sidekicks (in a set FILLED with great Villains). So, looking at the first hand, my first selection was Batgirl.

    Second Hand:

    Looking at this second hand, we have several great choices. The Lex Luthor is a favorite of mine, as you can be saved from some major damage with his reduction ability. Two-Face, though, is the clear choice. His "Overcrush Plus" ability that allows you to deal damage directly to your opponent essentially makes him unblockable. He was my second selection.

    Third Hand:

    One of the best lower cost characters in the World's Finest draft is the common Carmine Falcone. I thought, from the options available, starting to collect dice in anticipation (and hope) of him coming across the table. I went ahead and selected him, hoping that some of the other nice characters would wheel back around to me.

    Fourth Hand

    I normally don't like going with so many "plan aheads" in my draft, but a lot of non-optimal versions of characters are moving around the table. I love the Rare Scarecrow in World's Finest draft (who doesn't?), so I decided to choose this Scarecrow.

    Fifth Hand

    Looking back through the cards for this article, I realize here I might have made a misstep. I know that, at the time, I was thinking that I wanted to make sure to grab an extra Lex Luthor die in case the Kansas Native comes back around. Also, his sense of style is amazing, what with the way the green pops with the purples. Full disclosure: my wife is watching Project Runway while I'm writing this article, and that may be affecting what I'm saying.

    Sixth Hand

    There's my guy! Kansas Native is the obvious choice here. If can buy one or two, and keep them in the field, then I can be protected from the first character that slips through.

    Seventh Hand

    Pickings are getting slim (as they always do at this point in the draft). I'm obviously going toward the Villain route, so my choices here are between a double Zod, or a Brainiac. Obviously, then, I chose Commissioner Gordon. I wish I could tell you WHY, but I didn't think to add that to my notes. With no Batmans in the rainbow, I must have had a genius plan... I just wish I could remember it.

    Eighth Hand

    Mr. Freeze is an often overlooked form of removal in this set. I decided to take a chance on him, and see if he would make my final cut.

    Ninth Hand

    I was a little shocked when this card came around. Bane is a nice monster, with good stats for a reasonable fielding cost. His Global is outstanding, and can be used to force the game to move at your pace. He was easily the best choice for my ninth pick.

    Tenth Hand

    Now that we are in the home stretch, no reason not to pick up another die for Mr. Freeze.

    Eleventh Hand

    Fine, I'll take a Brainiac.

    Twelfth Hand


    The selections so far:

    In Rainbow Draft, funny things can happen. You have an idea at the beginning, but then swap it up after only one pick. I was pleased to be able to snag the only Two-Face from the rainbow, and doubly pleased that it was the best version of him. I do have a concern, though, and that is the high cost of my drafted characters. I have no cost curve, and will possibly make things tricky when trying to purchase and field characters.

    My wish list for the second round will be some low cost characters, hopefully an Uncommon Batgirl, a Common Carmine Falcone, and maybe a Rare Scarecrow. Next week, we'll go through the second round of drafting, reveal the final team, and briefly talk about how well (or poorly) it performed.

    What would have done differently? Did I draft in a completely wrong direction, or did I do the best with what I had? Please let me know in the comments.

    Before I wrap this up today, I'd like to let everyone know that Shadowmeld and I have been working on a... "thing". This "thing" will finally come out later this week. Be on the look out (or listen out) for it soon!

    Until next week: keep cracking those packs you crafty drafters!
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    1. CeeQue's Avatar
      CeeQue -
      This is AWESOME!
      I'm right there with these picks.
      Clearly you were going Vicious Narwhal with the Commish pick.
    1. OddballNarwhal's Avatar
      OddballNarwhal -
      Quote Originally Posted by CeeQue View Post
      This is AWESOME!
      I'm right there with these picks.
      Clearly you were going Vicious Narwhal with the Commish pick.
      Clearly. I'm seriously not sure why I picked that card. At the time, I might have a really good reason. It COULD have been Vicious Narwhal, but I have vowed to quit Vicious Struggle cold turkey.

      Anyway, I'm glad you are enjoying this so far. Just wait and see what happens in my second round picks. It's... me selecting 12 more cards that way or may not make sense.