• The Attack Zone 2x10: PDC Toledo

    PDC Regionals have come and gone. This week's episode of The Attack Zone takes you inside the car as JT, Randy, and Dave travel to Toledo for some dice rolling action. They'll talk about their teams, some thoughts on the competitive meta at the moment (not all that different from the current one) and the friendships they've formed because of gaming in general and Dice Masters specifically. Don't worry, we don't get TOO mushy.

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    1. Bankholdup's Avatar
      Bankholdup -
      JT thanks for the mention. It was a pleasure to have you and best wishes on your new endeavor, "HorchataCast."

      In all seriousness, the people are the reason I keep playing this game. It's definitely not the success, as that's a foreign concept lately hahaha.

      With a few exceptions here and there, everyone I meet playing this game turns out to be a nice person. These are people I like spending time with.

      From the Ohio dudes, Michigan dudes, Indiana dudes, and everyone else from the East, the South to the West Coast; I always enjoy spending time with all of you.
      That's why I keep coming back even if the game feels stale, the people and the relationships never do.
    1. Zephernaut's Avatar
      Zephernaut -
      Nobody Expected the Krang Inquisition! or cared! But seriously, awesome time there guys, had a blast, and thanks again for everyone being so awesome at the tourney!