• WizKids Wednesday: Dr. Strange Teampack - Clea and Mindless Ones

    We got our first taste of the Mystical powers of the Doctor Strange Team Pack last week with Ancient One and Dormammu. This week we check out the next two characters, Clea and Mindless Ones. Clea continues the trend of expensive mystic characters but Mindless Ones gives us a more affordable option and brings my favorite mechanic in Dice Masters along with it.

    Big thanks go out to WizKids for providing the teampack for review!

    This brings us half-way through the Teampack. Are there any neat interactions I neglected to mention? See something that really excites you? What's your favorite from what we've see so far?

    Next week we take a look at the non-basic Action that comes in the set and a nice in-set combo to keep an eye out for.

    Part 1: Ancient One and Dormammu

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    1. StrangeBrew's Avatar
      StrangeBrew -
      Great video. I'm still most excited about the 6 pt Dormammu from last week of the 12 cards we've seen so far, but I can see playing with any of these 3 Mindless Ones.
    1. nutki's Avatar
      nutki -
      I wonder if the minimum of 1 on Faltine Blood is a typo. All cards that lowered fielding cost so far had minimum of 0 (sometimes simply not stated). As it is, it does not do much because Dr Strange level 2 and 3 and Ancient One level 3 are the only Mystic die faces with the fielding cost above 1.