• Reading the Rainbow - Backseat Drafting (Part 3)

    Welcome everyone to Reading the Rainbow! This is The Reserve Pool's article series about Rainbow Drafting! For the past few weeks, we've followed along as I've gone through a Rainbow Draft using the DC set World's Finest. We've gone through two rounds of drafting, and I have twenty four cards and dice with which to build my team.

    I sat down at the table and spread my cards and dice in front of me. A non-numpty would have taken two seconds to take a quick picture of their cards and dice knowing that they planned to write about them. Obviously, I am not that non-numpty. I have recreated it for us to see now, though.

    Here are the unique cards I could use to build the team:

    Looking at my draft, I am struck by how many different cards I ended up with. Normally, I like to draft with a bit more focus. I think the relatively small pod size hindered that this time. That being said, things still could have gone much worse. I decided on the following cards for the draft team.

    Carmine Falcone - Strategist: This is probably my favorite low cost character in the set. One drawback to him is that his ability inherently forces me to not field as many Sidekicks as I'd normally like in a draft, but direct damage in draft is king. Having more than one die for him is nice, but four would have been nicer.

    Poison Ivy - Home and Garden
    : Since it looks like I'm going with Villains, this is the other good low cost common character. She is out there for blocking purposes, and as a buy if I happen to whiff on energy that I need for something else. With only one die on my team, she's a little limited.

    Batcave - Home Sweet Cave: This was the last slot I actually filled on my team. When in doubt, a nice Non-Basic Action can fill the void. In draft, it is very common to go an entire event and never touch a die. The one die that I had for Batcave might be in this category.

    Harley Quinn - Leadership Skills
    : Purchasing her one die, fielding it, and letting it sit out there will let me field everything else for one less. Not a bad deal.

    Lex Luthor - Kansas Native: I was very pleased to have drafted this guy. Getting two dice for him was icing on the cake. Being able to let a heavy hitter through and only end up taking one damage from it is a great ability in draft play, and a nice advantage over your opponent. At a cost of 4, he isn't out of reach from the very first turn.

    Mr. Freeze - Sub Zero
    : I don't think this is a bad character, exactly, but I would have preferred one more cheaper die. That being said, I had three dice to pop on the card and an ability that can be useful to deal with a troublesome When Active ability.

    Two-Face - Double Deal: This is one of the power cards in World's Finest. You cannot draft this character and not use him. I mean, you can if you'd like to just keep it from your opponent and stay Villain free. We are not staying Villain free, however.

    Bane - Genius Tactician: And here is my win condition. I even have three dice on him, even though I may not ever buy more than one.

    Then, there are Basic Actions. I wanted a way to Ramp (on a Basic Action that couldn't hurt me) and maybe some damage buffing. I came up with:

    Villainous Pact can only help me (on the action die itself), and Suffering and Satisfaction provides some great support for my ultra-tribalism with Villains.

    With only four people at the event, it would be an "Everybody Plays Everybody" sort of day.

    First, I squared off against Ken. He had built a team around common Ultraman and common Kryptonite. He can use his Kryptonite to blank the text of a character and, more importantly, give Ultraman +4A/+4D for each of the green rocks played. He also brought Ready to Rocket, hoping to pile on the damage with one big attacker.

    What he did not count on, of course, was luck. I had all of it, and he seemed to have none. He could not roll any characters except Sidekicks. I purchased my Carmine Falcones and used them to deal direct damage, then start chipping away at his SK wall. I purchased a Mr. Freeze and was able to send a blocker Out of Play at a key time, letting me swing for big damage and the win.

    My second game was against Alex. She was using the Rare Nightwing to KO blockers and come across with some mega damage. I purchased Lex early, and left him in the field as much as possible to counter (most of) the attack damage from Nightwing. Once I stabilized and could reach for him, Bane joined the fray and allowed me invite Nightwing over and KO him for damage. I was able to once again use Carmine to great effect, dealing direct damage and getting the win.

    My final game was against my "nemesis" Steve. He had already won this particular draft by pulling TWO SUPER RARES (one in each stack). So, his team had a Batcave and a Black Lantern Green Arrow. He also brought Dark Avenger. There was a race to purchase those, and he ended up with one while I had two. He was able to field a Batfamily character, however, and deal twice the damage when his Action die came up. There came a point at the end of the game where I could have won with one additional energy to field a Two-Face and attack for the win, but it wasn't to be. He was able to outpace my Villains and win the game (and the event).

    At the end of the day, I was pretty pleased with my team. It performed well, with three lower cost characters and a ramp Global on a Basic Action to get me to my higher cost characters. By taking note of my drafting, I am now able to analyze my strategy for holes for the next World's Finest (or any set, really) Rainbow Draft.

    I hope you enjoyed sitting with me during this draft and seeing it "through my eyes". Next week, we'll talk about the brand new Green Arrow and the Flash set, and how it is to draft that one. Please keep an ear out for The Prep Area tomorrow, as we will preview some of the good stuff from that very same set.

    In the meantime, and until next time: keep cracking those packs you crafty drafters!
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      CeeQue -
      Oddball, this was a great format. Drafting vicariously is almost as good as really drafting, except it's free and no stress. I really enjoyed the breakdowns on the draft and the games. I'd love to see more of these! Next round of OCPs on me!
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      Yort -
      No Doomsday?!?