• WizKids Wednesday: Dr. Strange Teampack - Eye of Agamotto and Scarlet Witch

    With half of the Doctor Strange team pack now revealed, we enter the home stretch for the teampack videos.
    This week we see the return of Scarlet Witch to Dice Masters, this time sporting the fancy new Mystic affiliation. We also take a look at the ultimate mystical accessory, the Eye of Agamotto. When working in tandem, these two can be just the thing to get you your clutch action die right when you need it.

    Big thanks go out to WizKids for providing the teampack for review!

    Is this pairing of Eye of Amamotto and Scarlet Witch as powerful as I think it is? Can you think of other things they would work well with?

    Next week we wrap up our coverage of the Doctor Strange teampack with the man him-self, Doctor Strange, and his faithful sidekick, Wong.

    Part 1: Ancient One and Dormammu
    Part 2: Clea and Mindless Ones

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      Basementcuts -
      That eye of agamotto global could be dangerous.