• WizKids Wednesday: Dr. Strange Teampack - Dr. Strange and Wong

    It's release day and we've reached the end of our "Strange" adventure. Unseen since his original incarnation in Avengers Vs. X-men, the star of the show, Dr. Strange, finally returns, bringing with him his faithful sidekick, Wong. Both carry the Mystic affiliation and while Dr. Strange spends his days continuing his experimentation with action dice, many may find Wong's interaction with sidekicks much more appealing.

    Big thanks go out to WizKids for providing the teampack for review!

    It's been a fun ride and I'm additionally thankful to those who have watched all four videos. Now that we've seen everything, what are your favorites from the set? Do they match my own?

    Part 1: Ancient One and Dormammu
    Part 2: Clea and Mindless Ones
    Part 3: Eye of Agamotto and Scarlet Witch

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    1. Lordfajubi's Avatar
      Lordfajubi -
      I really like Eye of Agamotto for the global and I think Wong will see play. It's possible Scarlet Witch and Mindless Ones will but the rest are really kinda meh. Action affectors that cost 6 or 7 or affiliate boosters of a very small faction for the same cost yeah no thanks. They will never be fast enough to be useful and if you push hard to get them quicker then you won't be doing anything else. My biggest complaint about this set is how they packaged it. I love the team pack idea, I think we are getting seriously bloated with actions BUT 2 dice and every card is 4 dice max? Seriously? I have to buy 2 of these to max dice and then throw the second set of cards away because NO ONE will want them diceless. Just charge $20 for the set and 4 dice everything. The waste in the current model is staggering.
    1. djcannonmi's Avatar
      djcannonmi -
      It is awesome that you were able to Spoil this for everyone that is anticipating this release. I definitely plan on getting a couple of these. I agree with the love of the team pack idea, but would definitely wish for more dice than just 2. However I try to keep 2 of each card, due to my son building teams and not relinquishing the cards so I can use them, so this works for me but definitely not a model that I would like to see repeated.
    1. StrangeBrew's Avatar
      StrangeBrew -
      Disappointing that Dr. Strange is still at least 6 pt.s to put out, but only because I love the character so much. All versions of Wong are great. For an in universe game he would pair beautifully with the common Pym Particles, other sidekick buffers since he is an ally, or White Tiger and/or Rally to get SKs onto the field. You saved the best for last.