• Reading the Rainbow - Green Arrow and The Flash Overview

    Hey y'all! Did you know that a new set came out? It's called "Green Arrow and The Flash"... and it is FANTASTIC to draft. Today on Reading the Rainbow, we are going to take a look at GAF as it relates to Rainbow Drafts. What should you look for? What should you avoid? Should you draft foils? Where do Dice Masters booster packs come from? We will answer at least fifty percent of those questions! I would like to see other Dice Masters articles do that!

    Yes, Reading the Rainbow has basically become a corporate PowerPoint presentation.

    [top]See It? Snag It!

    So, you are sitting there. You have opened your packs. You are staring at twenty four cards. What are some cards you should be on the lookout for?

    Gorilla Grodd - Force of Mind

    So, this is the world we live in now. My first pick in a See It? Snag It! is a seven cost character. Grodd is, potentially, the best seven cost character in the game. Jane Goodall's favorite DC Character is a one-gorilla win condition. I would recommend bringing some ramp of some sort if you decide to go Gorilla, but he's almost unstoppable if you can get the big banana in the field.

    Katana - Crisis and Tragedy & Bushi

    We're going to balance out that HUGE character with a much more draft friendly one. Katana's Common is pretty ok, but her Uncommon and Super Rare are what the kids are all talking about these days. Her Uncommon, Crisis and Tragedy, allow you to field her from your Used Pile if you roll two ? energy. At a cost of 2 , she's someone you'll want to load up on. Her Super Rare, Bushi, may cost one additional energy, but carries a great Impulse ability that allows you field her at level 1 as soon as you purchase her, provided you spent at least one ? energy. Also, you know, SUPER RARE.

    Doctor Light - Blinding Bright

    Doctor Light has gone from starring in the 80s sitcom Who's the Boss? to answering that question in a Rainbow Draft setting (hint: she is). I like her Rare quite a bit, but her Uncommon is the veritable bee's knees. Keeping Sidekicks from blocking in Draft will cause nine kinds of fits for your opponents. It would be even better if there were Ally characters native to GAF, but at least those SK walls won't slow you down. Just be prepared for your opponent to start attacking more often with those little beauties to try to sneak damage through or have you KO them to give some energy on the following turn.

    Zatanna - Inverted Incantations

    Ok, this is a Super Rare... so obviously you are going to take it. Regardless of Red Stripe, this card is pretty amazing. First, it's an inexpensive Crossover Character, so it pairs nicely with any ability that requires those. Also, it's Zatanna, who is really good at magic. And, I suppose, it allows you to pay a and a at any time you can use a Global to force your opponent to reroll all of their Sidekick dice (in the Field OR Reserve Pool) and deal a point of damage to them for each or that comes up. Most magicians just pull a rabbit out of their hat, or saw someone in half...

    [top]Terrible Twosomes

    There are a ton of combos in this set. Well, there are a ton of cards that work so well by themselves that they can pair with anything. I have found a couple of couples, though, that work exceptionally well together.

    King Shark - "I'm a Shark!" and Hal Jordan - Green Lantern's Light

    King Shark's rare is not only a great card on its own merits (+2A, +2D, and Overcrush when you have a Crossover character active), but it has the greatest Picture/Subtitle combo in the history of the game. Being able to purchase a Crossover for just the two energy that he needs... that's good stuff. A potential 10/10 Overcrushing Villain will ruin anyone's day.

    The Atom - Sword of The Atom and Cyborg - Half-Man, Half-Machine

    The Teen Titans are putting a nice accounting for themselves in with this set. If you team up The Atom and Cyborg, you can have a bit of spinning fun. Block with Cyborg to spin The Atom up, then spin the Atom down to Level 1 in order to deal damage to a die. At least one, and potentially two, of your opponent's characters will be KO'd on their turn. Fun times, fun times.

    [top]Globals Domination

    It seems like the last few sets have been getting away from Globals. GAF, however, might as well stand for "Globals Are Fun!"

    Those Energy Fixing Rares

    Four of the Rare cards in this set have an amazing Global: the ability to, once per turn, spin a Sidekick in your field to an energy side at no cost. Each energy type is represented on a card, and can help fix energy to what you need (or, just convert a Sidekick into an extra energy without having to send them to their fate on the previous turn). Clayface has energy, Cyborg covers , Gorilla Grodd unpeels a , and Merlyn has . Pair this with the S.T.A.R. Labs Global (see below) to really begin ramping and manipulating your energy pool to fit your needs.

    Spin Down Sally

    Giganta's Uncommon and Rare cards offer us an interesting Global. For 1 Generic energy, you can spin down one of your dice. The Global works best, at least in-set, for her. To be used, her abilities require her to be spun up at the beginning of the turn. So, once she hits level three, you'll want to pay that energy on your opponent's turn to bring her back to level two and then shout "Here we grow again!".
    (Disclaimer: Reading the Rainbow and The Reserve Pool is not responsible for any ejections from venues for continually shouting lame jokes. Pun at your own risk.)

    So, Come Up To The Lab...

    This is my favorite Global in the set. Let me just say that up front. Pay a Bolt and a Shield, put a Sidekick in Prep and another in the Field. You can do this on your opponent's turn as well. In the main game, will this replace Professor X? No, but it's a very good ability that can do some work for us in Draft play.

    Just Keep Your Fingernails Away From It

    What else can I say about this one? It's like a sort of, kind of, ersatz version of Resurrection's Global... but in-set. You can buy something and, provided you pay a first, that thing goes straight into your Prep Area to be rolled next turn. It speeds your game up considerably.


    And... that's it. Well, for this edition of Reading the Rainbow anyhow. Obviously, I only scratched the surface of what you can expect from this set in draft. What have you found at your events? What card(s) did I miss? Is there a combo that has worked particularly well for you? Please share in the comments below!

    Next week, we'll start our dive into D&D, just in time to start planning your strategies for the upcoming Rainbow Draft Weekends! Until then, keep cracking those packs you crafty drafters!

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    1. Axyz's Avatar
      Axyz -
      U Gorilla Grodd is a beast. In my second draft for this set I decided to go rare and foil hunting instead of picking a good team. I ended up grabbing a foiled version of this Grodd. People kept passing him around and around. So I grabbed him and decided I would give the beast a try. I used Superhuman Registration Act and Imprisoned as my BACs. Imprisoned saved my life as I tried to roll enough energy to buy Grodd, but once I did, it was just a matter of time. This is my new mantra:
      " Grodd is great and Grodd is good, let us thank him for the beatdowns that he could. Buy his banana, and they'll be dead. Give us Grodd our daily wins, Agorilla."

      Also, Professor Zoom is really good for this set as well. I never saw more than 1 per draft, we had smaller drafts, but Zoom was easily a great pick.
    1. OddballNarwhal's Avatar
      OddballNarwhal -
      Quote Originally Posted by Axyz View Post
      U Gorilla Grodd is a beast[...]
      Yeah, there are about 28,839 more things I could say about this set in draft, but Uncommon Gorilla Grodd is certainly a beast. I built a Constructed team around him (I know, right?), and it was pretty amazing. Uncommon Kobolds + Uncommon Ultron Drones + Uncommon Grodd = Uncommon Fun. For me, not for my opponent.

      Here's what I like about Grodd: he opens up the possibilities in other sets to draft those big fellers. I would not have seriously considered playing a 7 cost character before in a draft and now, if it's the right one, I'll totes do it.
    1. vash989's Avatar
      vash989 -
      Quote Originally Posted by OddballNarwhal View Post
      Here's what I like about Grodd: he opens up the possibilities in other sets to draft those big fellers. I would not have seriously considered playing a 7 cost character before in a draft and now, if it's the right one, I'll totes do it.
      I think this really shows exactly what 7+ cost characters should be in dice masters, and that's win conditions. The only other 7 cost character I could find that nears Grodd's power level is Cyclops - If Looks Could Kill. With PXG rotating out eventually, and energy ramp slowing down, I would love to see the design space that opens up for these higher cost characters. I would love to see more higher cost characters like Grodd and Cyclops get into the mix, instead of the usual big body +mediocre ability for 7+ energy.
    1. Lordfajubi's Avatar
      Lordfajubi -
      Silver Surfer rare from AVX comes to mind, good global, crazy ability, only requires unblockable to make almost single hit lethal and overcrush makes it scary as hell but I agree with much said here 7+ cards are usually garbage.
    1. ccm00007's Avatar
      ccm00007 -
      Great insight as usual. But really, reading this, one major thought came to mind:

      Common Static. WHERE'S MY COMMON STATIC? The guy is an absolute gem in draft, and I suspect he'll shortly become used in unlimited. Being able to take out at least one sidekick per turn (or 2 if your opponent rerolls enough dice!) is terrific utility, especially on a 3-cost. He's a very early pick in draft as far as I'm concerned, and a key part of any Teen Titans strategy.

      Common Power Ring could also become a powerful win condition in draft, and would definitely be worth grabbing a few picks in. If the game walls up, he'd become considerably bigger (especially since it's counted per die, not per character!). Bring in Stealth Ops, and you've got a potential win condition that will probably be ignored until pick 4 or 5. Great to pick up as a backup plan.

      And finally, I shouldn't forget common Firestorm. Removal in a "When attacks" ability can really help get those last few points of damage in. Do not underestimate him.
    1. Yort's Avatar
      Yort -
      Echoing some of the above: common Static, Firestorm, and we've seen Gorilla get purchased on T2 with the right tools.

      But Professor Zoom. Oh my.

      This guy is KILLER. He's just as deadly as Gorilla Grodd, in my opinion, because that 5-cost is much more easily obtainable, and then he just sits there, a ticking time bomb. As soon as your opponent forgets to save an energy - you light 'em up. And if they do remember to save an energy, you can always skip the attack step and make them waste it.

      I had a lot of luck pairing him with the common Huntress that spins herself up when you roll ?s. All it takes is a couple of her and the good Professor to be swinging for upwards of 15 damage - through in a couple of sidekicks and maybe one other supporting character, and you've got your lethal.
    1. Lasci's Avatar
      Lasci -
      Firestorm: Elemental Fury (R) is an easy win condition that can ostensibly be purchased on turn 2 and fielded on turn 3 with a lucky draw. Pairs well with Zatanna plus one of the two-cost shield characters. Honestly, the other two Firestorms are impressive beat sticks as well.

      I agree with the above sentiments about Professor Zoom; it's a great ticking time bomb and I guarantee you someone is eventually going to forget about it. I'm comfortable using and playing with all the Katanas in the set. Huntress: The Hunt Beings (C) is a decent body. All versions of Giganta are also worth using. Power Ring: Harold Jordan (C) is a beast with some overcrush help. Cold Gun, both the UC and R, are both incredibly nice control/removal items with their continuous property.

      Honestly, this set has some pretty obscene ways to wall up and discourage your opponent from attacking.
    1. Yort's Avatar
      Yort -
      Quote Originally Posted by Lasci View Post
      Honestly, this set has some pretty obscene ways to wall up and discourage your opponent from attacking.
      At the same time, it also has ways of removing that wall - Firestorm, Static, The Atom, Cold Gun...

      Honestly, it seems really nicely varied. You can go for Overcrush with Gorilla Grodd or King Shark, you can go for Unblockable with Professor Zoom or Dr. Light or Martian Manhunter, you can go for direct damage with Firestorm or Zatanna, you can go for weenie-swarm with Hal Jordan or Zatanna. Well done, WizKids-slash-Mike&Eric!