• New Character Spotlight: Gorilla Grodd

    Gorilla Grodd. The beast from Gorilla City has a larger-than-life presence in the new Green Arrow and The Flash Dice Masters set. This villain is an iconic figure in DC comics and finally gets a chance to be featured on his own card. He is a big guy with some great qualities and I wanted to take a moment to introduce you to him, his backstory, his cards and where he has a place in the game today.


    Gorilla Grodd was a regular gorilla living deep in an African jungle until the day a meteor crashed where he lived, bestowing him and all the other primates there with super intelligence and telepathy. They came together and created this very advanced society and village focused on science and creation. They call it “Gorilla City”.

    In this city, the leader Solovar was captured and taken to Central City. Grodd went looking for him to learn how to use his telepathy to control others, specifically to control and create an army of gorilla soldiers to control and use to take over the world. Here he met The Flash and was soundly defeated. He is often imprisoned in Gorilla City and has developed a deep-seated hatred for The Flash and wants to destroy him to prevent him from stopping his plans of domination. As far as villains for The Flash go, he is definitely one of the top and more iconic in his rogues gallery.

    Grodd, the Dice Master

    Here is this new set, we get a common, uncommon and rare version. He is a fist character. He has a TFC of 4 with fielding costs of 1,1,2. His attack and defense faces are:
    4/4, 6/6, 7/7

    His die face may be one of my favorite dice ever, it is a peeled banana. What a great, easy way to identify him categorically. He is a big ape. A grape ape, since his die is purple!

    Let's look at his rarities and how playable the card can be in draft and unlimited formats:

    Common-Supplanting Solovar

    The common version is the lowest cost version of the primate, coming in at 5. But for the low cost you are getting a vanilla card-he has no text and therefor no abilities to speak of. For just being a big beatstick, a 5 cost isn’t bad but knowing what the other versions are make this the least desirable of the three. If you draft this guy, it is mainly hoping that the uncommon will wheel over to you to run his extra dice off. You are still getting a big guy who with the right basic action card can do some work.

    In unlimited play he is not likely to see the light. The cost difference to jump up to the next level is steep but the benefits of moving from the vanilla text are significant enough that he is bound to see unlimited play, just not this particular version.

    Uncommon-Force of Mind

    While Gorilla Grodd is active, all of your character dice gain Overcrush. While Gorilla Grodd is active, your other character dice get +1A. (Character dice with Overcrush deal damage in excess of blocker's D to opponent.)

    Wow. A 7 cost version of a card that is worth the reach. This guy brings his already big punch of a body and adds to it. Thematically using his telekinesis to to control the other characters on the board, Grodd is a ‘’while active’’ ability, meaning he can use his tactical advantage repeatedly as long as he stays in play. He buffs all characters with a +1 attack and also gives them all overcrush to jump over the wall. In draft, this guy makes your SKs bigger weapons and buffs a lot of already well-stated dice in set. Adding overcrush to cards like Firestorm or Power Ring in draft make this a can’t miss. You get enough characters out and suddenly you are crashing in for lethal.

    In unlimited, this Grodd guy has some play. He is higher cost, yes-but with enough ramp you can reach for him in draft or unlimited early. And unlimited has enough ramp to get there. I can see grabbing him to go with some punchy characters and making them all cascade in for the damage. Maybe a Guy/Miri Rush finishing piece? A partner for Bard Blitz mixes? Really all you need are enough characters that can break through the wall in front of you and punch all the rest home for damage. The possibilities are solid, and it is the first 7 cost character I have ever been excited to play around with in unlimited play. The fact that it is uncommon is great also making this a card that is accessible to players at a reasonable cost.

    Rare-Brains and Brawn

    Gorilla Grodd can only be blocked by Crossover character dice.
    Global: Pay 0. Once per turn on your turn, spin one of your Sidekick character dice to the fist face.

    In draft, this guy provides a way for you to get an energy in the future-basically banking a sidekick in the field to be used as a fist later on in the game. It is a free global, and may come in handy for that much needed energy at the optimal time. It is also a free way to ‘’fix’’ a sidekick on a turn where you needed energy. He also shines in draft when your opponent doesn’t have any Crossover characters to block with.

    In unlimited, some of the same can be said for him except for the wide-open nature of unlimited means there is likely to be few opponents with a blocker for him. Find a way to pump up his already massive frame and you have a beatstick that has few blockers ready. His global on a fist ring team could prove useful as well, giving you an energy fix when you need it or that extra damage from the Lantern Ring or an additional global.

    So there is my in-set review of Gorilla Grodd, the newest hotness in The Green Arrow/The Flash set from Dice Masters. Have you had a chance to play around with this beast? What do you think about him? Let us know in the comments below!

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      Great article, Isaac. As a counter to Brains and Brawn, Hal Jordan - Green Lantern's Light. A low purchase cost BLANK card that has more utility than just being a energy source. A card you definitely want to grab in a Draft if there are Gorilla's running around.