• The Attack Zone 2x12: On the Front Line

    On this episode of The Attack Zone, Dave and JT bring you a Deck Tech conversation centered upon the runner-up team from PDC Toledo - "The Front Line." How does the team tick, what cards are involved, and does it have a future? It's time to dig in and analyze this wild and fun team.

    Here is a link to the team:


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    1. Son of 'L's's Avatar
      Son of 'L's -
      Really enjoyed listening to this one.

      That may have been because I had a special interest in the subject team, even if I wasn't anywhere near the Toledo PDC.

      It was a routine weekly store event as opposed to a major high-level tournament, but I played a similar team one night a few months back. Actually, it was more like the feature team after a couple of the changes you suggested.

      I was using Ring, Red Dragon, Parallax, Professor X and Doomcaliber Knight for their globals (usually differen rarity cards, but it's globals that were important). Two of my cards were uncommon UXM Falcon and common Kryptonite - that last one proving important in the game where my opponent had the Joker that prevents an opponent from fielding a specified character.

      I was using Invulnerability as my other BAC, and my last character was a White Tiger - one with the global where both players field a sidekick.

      My goal was to get 1 Falcon and 5 sidekicks into the Field Zone as fast as possible, get a The Front Lie die on it's action face as quickly as possible - then swing.

      I'd had a ridiculous run of bad luck at this particular store, going winless in three consecutive visits. I think it was a total of 11 games - we usually, but not always, manage to get four rounds in each week. Of those 11 games, I'm sure I didn't go first more than twice, if that.

      Normally, I don't obsess about my W-L record, but that was so extreme it was really starting to bug me. So I decided it was time for extreme measures.

      When I try an experimental team and it doesn't work out, my usual conclusion/analysis about it is comes out something like 'It's just not fast enough'. So I decided to put together the fastest team I could think of.

      I recalled Shadowmeld's How It Works article about buying dice, where he stated that the answer to 'How many dice should you buy?' is 'As few as possible.'

      So I decided to try this idea where, if things went smoothly, I'd only need to buy two dice - one Falcon and one The Front Line.

      It worked very well - I went 4-0 on the night, and in three of the four games I only bought two dice. (That stupid Joker made me buy a Kryptonite in the other game.)

      I actually didn't get much use out of the Ring global - running that lean I never had anything in my Used Pile on my own turn.

      One thing I didn't realize until I actually played the team - this is a bag burn yea! team. I was perfectly fine with taking burn damage in the Clear and Draw step, because that meant I could use the resulting generic energy to power the Parallax global and roll every die in my Reserve Pool. When your looking to get the character face on as many sidekick dice as possible, those extra opportunities help a lot.
    1. hwetzel's Avatar
      hwetzel -
      Loved this episode. Especially the break down of the Front Line team. It would be cool to hear your breakdown other teams in a similar fashion. Maybe offer your opinion on listener submitted teams as well. That would be great for those of us that are not very good at building new teams.
    1. SixSixMajin's Avatar
      SixSixMajin -
      That's a really interesting team but I think now that it's out there and people know about it, it's gonna be a lot harder to pull off and pretty much will come down to first turn advantage against more experienced players. Still, it's really cool to see somebody bring something new to the table that can work that isn't control. I dig it. Fun deck. Shenanigans decks are my favorite. The best part is the other player effectively doesn't even need to bring a deck. I'm tempted to just write the globals down on a piece of paper, grab 16 sidekicks and the 2 BACs and just play it with a roommate to experience how it ticks lol