• Control Card Archetypes Ep. 7 - More Taxing Mechanics

    Welcome back! Today we continue with our 7th edition of our Control Card Archetype series where we will explore more cards that make your opponent pay more to do things they have to do to play the game!

    Global Tax/Action

    Oracle: Master Investigator

    The New Hotness. I mean, what more can we say about Oracle. She is vicious, and not in the struggle way ;-) Jinzo was punishing in terms of before you knew it, you were at 10 life, but Oracle actually STOPS your opponent from being able to use the global because they become so energy poor. Paired with Elf Thief and there isn't much that can stop her from completely ruining any plan that you may have. And the fact that she is only a 4 just makes it even better, or worse, depending on how you view it!

    Jinzo: Trap Destroyer

    Oh how the mighty have fallen. Now don't get me wrong, he is still a beast, but he has definitely fallen out of favor since World's Finest was dropped. Here are the plusses for Jinzo - He is a big body, making it significantly harder to get off the board than Oracle. It drains your opponents life quickly, so it becomes a lot easier to achieve the alpha strike. He also hates on action dice, which as I'm sure you know, have become all the rage lately! With that being said, he is 2 more than oracle, and you'll probably want to Poly it in since it has a TFC of 4 compared to Oracles zero. Again, extremely oppressive, but maybe not as strong now as Oracle is.

    Lex Luthor: Power Suit
    The other half of Oracle to create your Jinzo if you will. Lex makes you pay 2 energy just to use basic action dice. This can really start to pile up, especially if your opponent is using things like Polymorph because your opponent is probably selling out to buy something big to poly in and won't have the energy to pay the 2 to use poly. I wish that it was for ALL action dice, because it would make it MUCH more useful (Cold Gun, Kryptonite, Spray, etc.), but it is a nice little ability non the less.

    Blocking Tax

    Cloudkill: Basic Action Card

    The grand-daddy of all BAC's it would seem. This card should cost 15! lol. Forgetting that it deals the 1 damage to everything and clears out your SK's, making your opponent pay 1 energy to block is absolutely insane in terms of control. If it was 1 life, it would be ok, just like Jinzo, but this requires me to keep energy in the chance that my opponent draws the CK and actually hits it. Its so rough, as I'm sure you have experienced first hand. You must have a plan going in if you see it on the other side, and you need to make sure they don't buy all three!

    Lantern Battery: Power Source

    A little forgotten because of the ability of the Rare Lantern Ring from the same set, the Lantern Battery SR is a force to be reckoned with. This continuous action just sits there and laughs at your opponent as you attack with big huge dudes and dudettes. Paired with things like SK Pump cards, Bard, or the Transfer Power global, your opponent is going to have to block your incoming barrage of characters. And just like Jinzo, before they know it they are short on life and don't know what to do to recover. And since its continuous, your opponent has to have removal, which isn't a true staple on many teams. If you haven't built a team around this card yet, I strongly suggest it! It's a lot of fun! Just remember, you can't use a force block global and then make them pay the life - You can't force your opponent to pay life to do something.

    Exposed!: Basic Action Card

    This one is a neat little trick I think. The global isn't great since you have to pay 2 for it, but the action is pretty awesome. Let's call it Lantern Battery Light if you will. Now yes, there are many great villains in the game, but think about what most people block with - little things and SK's. I think this BAC would be amazing when paired with the Lantern Battery, Cloudkill, or some other card that manipulates blockers and taxes them. Oh, and let's not discount the fact that it is pay life, and not takes damage. In your face Captain America! ;-)

    The Front Line

    You're thinking, how does +3 to unblocked attackers work in this series? Well, there IS a global on the card friends! It's not amazing, but on a fist swarm team, sign me up! Not only will you probably have more characters than your opponent, but you will probably have extra fists to make them pay life to block with characters! That's a win win if you ask me! So much fun!

    Re-Roll Tax

    Professor X: Principal, Kang: Time-Ship & Obelisk the Tormentor: Fist of Fury

    A Common and 2 Rares. So lets just get this out of the way - you aren't playing Obelisk. I just put it for the sake of saying "yes, there is another one that does the same thing." Now that that's out of the way, these cards are AWESOME. They all say "Pay Life" and not take damage, and they all tax something that, more than likely, you are gong to need to do! how many times have you had perfect rolls with every die on the roll, not a ton I'm sure. It' a 6 cost, and there are probably better 6 costs that can help you win the game faster, but don't underestimate the torment that this ability can cause! Pair it with common Static, or better yet, White Lantern Sinestro, and your opponent is really going to hate you!

    Well, that's it for this week. Some are obviously stronger, but each can find a role on a team build, especially if you are playing in a legacy series, which I am now =) As usual, I'd love to hear your thoughts. what are you looking forward to playing? What did I miss? Am I completely out to lunch on any of my assessments? Let me know and lets spread the word!

    Thanks for your feedback!

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    1. agentj's Avatar
      agentj -
      In this episode you talked about "blocking tax". I am wondering does SR Lantern Battery stack with the global from The Front Line? Making my opponent pay 2 life per character die they want to block with?
    1. jazrock_13's Avatar
      jazrock_13 -
      The 3 cost cerebro fits in here.. The one that makes you pay a minimum of 2 energy to field a character.

      Edit: Nvm, it was in the previous episode/post