• Team Brew Switcharoo 18: Yet Another One!

    Hello everyone, and welcome back to Team Brew Switcharoo. This is the article series in which we take ten random
    cards (eight Characters and Non-Basic Actions, and two Basic Actions). We then swap out four of those cards for
    other cards that'll make the team more better. Of course, it's not that simple: we will also randomly select a
    "Meta Rule" that we must adhere to. This will guide the swaps and, of course, make us possibly look at a few cards
    that we normally wouldn't. Hopefully, this article will help us find some new combos or discover a card that does a
    thing we didn't think about it doing. Even if it doesn't, there ARE pretty pictures. Which is nice.

    Without further ado, let's hit that glorious deckbuilding site dm.retrobox.eu to randomly select our starting cadre of cardboard.


    Okay, we have some random cards. That's what those are. Random random random... and not bad at all. Let's look at
    the lights (both high- and low-) in this draw.

    Captain America - Super Solider is a fantastic card, letting us reduce character ability and action die damage to
    us. He's the quintessential defense against some of the nastier nasty fashion accessories in the game. Firestorm -
    Elemental Fury is another great one, and becomes even better if we can make sure to have all four energy types
    represented. Hulk - Jade Giant is amazing, and if we can keep him on his level one or level two side he's double
    great. Mister Sinister - Nathanial Essex is also great, especially with how that Global can tie in with ol' Purple
    Pants. The same, actually, can be said for Weather Wizard. Once we field him, we can throw a couple damage at Hulk
    and KO an opponent's character.

    On the other side of things: Web Shooters. Yuck. But, all in all, this is a very strong group of cards for the
    random pick. I think this might be a decent enough team that is almost playable out of the gate. Speaking of

    Very Illinois Ladle Limited Anyways In North Sandwich or Vivacious Igloo Larry Left Appetite Inconceivable Narnia Soup?

    Yeah, basically all of our swapped in cards must be Villains. Bad guys. Heels. Antagonists. This should turn out to be an interesting (and evil) piece of cake.

    Let's take a moment to consider our options. Even though Firestorm isn't a Villain, that ability is fantastic and I
    want to build around it. To that end, we need three cheap Villains, and a way to speed up our team a little bit. I
    had considered Foot Soldiers with Swarm, but I think we should go a different direction. A more familiar direction.
    Something with Villain in the title... that'll work fine. Our first swap will be Enslavement for Villainous Pact:

    This can only help us. Pay a Mask to put a die in Prep, and buy this die if we are facing a non-Villain team.
    Straight forward use of one of my favorite Basic Actions.

    We need to consider our Win Condition. I LOVE the idea of using Firestorm to help the Villains fry the heroes. So,
    we need a Mask character (at least one), and we need to make sure we have a good Shield. I do have an idea RE: Mask
    Villains, and that idea is to swap White Dragon for Lyssa Drak - Future Sight.

    I really like Lyssa Drak. Everyone likes Lyssa Drak. Let's put the spurs to our opponent with a little bit of
    control. Just make sure to remember what they have floating around in their bag.

    Next, we need to make sure that there is a good Shield character. Now that we've dumped White Dragon, we'll need to
    replace with something saucy (and survivable). To that end, our next swap will be Ant-Man for Songbird - Screaming

    Look, I love Ant-Man. But, thematically, we need to throw another Villain in there and this was the one. We'll just
    need to make sure to purchase this Thunderbolt in pairs, so that when we block we can keep her on the field.

    Now, though, we need another cheap Fist character. We are using Villains, we need a cheap Fist; Are you thinking
    what I'm thinking? Our last swap will be Web Shooters for Black Manta - Deep Sea Deviant:

    So, yeah. Web Shooters weren't really doing much for us, but DSD sure can. We don't REALLY want our Villains to get KO'd but, if they are going to be KO'd, let's make the most of it by dealing damage to our opponent.

    Let's go ahead and throw some dice down on our team...


    x3 x3 x3 x2
    x2 x2 x3 x2

    Ok. This team has one goal, and that goal is to purchase Lyssa, Songbird, and Manta. Field them, purchase
    Firestorm, and start attacking. We can get some chip damage in the meantime with any Villain that gets KO'd (after
    Black Manta is in play, of course). Hopefully with all of the blockers and the control from Lyssa, we can stall
    long enough to get Firestorm in play. If things get TOO hairy, make sure to purchase and field a Hulk to KO virtually at
    will, or get Cap out to help the Bad Guys by providing cover from things like the Rare Lantern Ring.

    So, what do you think of this team? Did I Swaparee when I should have Switcharoo'd? Did I build around the wrong
    existing character in the team? Have my swapping "talents" atrophied while focusing so much on the Rainbow Draft?
    Let me (and everyone else) know in the comments below!

    Please make sure to listen to The Prep Area this week for some great Rainbow Draft info. I'll return soon with
    another Monday article (TBS, RtR, or something else... who knows?!?). Until then: keep creating combos, brewing
    boffo bands of battlers, and throwing things at the wall to see what sticks!
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    1. StrangeBrew's Avatar
      StrangeBrew -
      Enjoyable as always. All those Fist characters make me long for Pym Particles Grow.
    1. OddballNarwhal's Avatar
      OddballNarwhal -
      Quote Originally Posted by StrangeBrew View Post
      Enjoyable as always. All those Fist characters make me long for Pym Particles Grow.
      No kidding. If we had them PPs, then we could have thrown some beautiful Ultron Drones into the mix. Pym Particles and Ultron Drones are the Peanut Butter and Jelly* of Dice Masters.

      *please do not try to eat Pym Particles and Ultron Drones.
    1. Awesome Dave's Avatar
      Awesome Dave -
      I'm thrilled beyond measure to see more of these articles. Thanks, as ever. You've already given me some great ideas.