• The Reserve Pool Podcast: S2, Ep. 46 - Legacy Events and New Player Tips

    Join us this week as Isaac and Stuart discuss the most recent news, their involvement in running Legacy Events, and offer tips for New Players!

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    1. Prozac's Avatar
      Prozac -
      We're up to week 14 of our legacy event the "Banned" Tournament. We don't have an end state in mind. When people ask me I say when we get to Common Vixen. Here's the list of the 130 cards we have banned.


      (Half-Elf Bard isn't banned yet, everyone seems too polite to use it in seriousness.)
    1. IsaacBV's Avatar
      IsaacBV -
      Does Bard just not get played that much there in general @Prozac ? Or just this event?
    1. Prozac's Avatar
      Prozac -
      There are 6 regular players and about 6 others that drop in from time to time so we average 8 players a week. Our local group only has 2 Spikes and they are the only ones that have run bard. The other 4 regulars, myself included are Johnny's. It has been run 2 or 3 times but by the time it was a lot of the key pieces that work well with it had gotten banned by the Johnny's. The most banned sets have been DC as one of our best players is a DC only purist. I only play DC and Marvel but there have been times over the past 3 months that I have been sorely tempted to grab a FUS starter so I can grab a cheap win with a bard team.
    1. memmek2k's Avatar
      memmek2k -
      Woo, we got mentioned! And yes, playing at a brewery is exactly as awesome as you imagine it. Though it does seem to affect my ability to play well...
    1. DiceDiceKitty's Avatar
      DiceDiceKitty -
      We call ours Lockout League, but Knockout League is kinda cool too! Someone use that!