• The Attack Zone 2x14: Best Keyword Abilites

    On this episode of The Attack Zone, Dave and Randy give much thanks to the listeners and also give a couple of tips to someone who has had trouble getting their store to "buy in" to hosting events. Then, in celebration of one year of the war of Light, it's a six pack from that set!

    Finally, we look at the keywords that have impacted - or are in a position to impact - the competitive scene (and one that misses the mark entirely) in a TAZ Top Ten! Shenanigans ensue!

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    1. Yort's Avatar
      Yort -
      Regarding the initial discussion of stores that don't have room to play:

      1) We have a local Games by James that doesn't have room in their store, but since they are in a mall, they do twice weekly events in the Food Court!

      2) We've not had space for us at our FLGS a few times due to it being a big D&D or MtG night (or both), but often you can work something out with an off-site location like your library example. We have a good relationship with our store, so it wasn't a big deal, but even if you don't you could most likely talk them into letting the group by a gravity feed for a discount - for example, we've had times where there were only 6 of us, but for that $72 they just sold us the box. Then we could either choose to do a 15pk draft, or do the normal 12 pk draft plus prizes.