• WizKids Wednesday: Deadpool (part 2)

    I said last week we'rejust three short weeks away from Deadpool being unleashed and now, due to a slight shift in the space-time continuum and Cable likely mucking around with the time-stream again, we're again just three short weeks away from Deadpool breaking Dice Masters' fourth wall.
    This week we crack open four of our ten packs and already see some nice synergy with other cards, a possible means of curtailing your opponent's Back For More triggers, a strong addition to the Fist family, and we just may get a peak at something shiny!

    Thanks again to WizKids for sending me these 10 packs to open. Now let's get cracking and see what glory awaits us within these awesome little packs.

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    1. Necromanticer's Avatar
      Necromanticer -
      Both Parallax and Odin had the 1/1/3 fielding cost before Angel Dust hit the scene. The wonky fielding cost craze really started back in AoU when they began experimenting with non-linear fielding costs. Before that, the only character I can recall as having a fielding cost change by more than 1 in between levels was Mystique who went 1/0/2 for balance reasons since she always remained a 1/1, but her level 3 bust face was of high value.