• Greatest Stories Ever Rolled: The Sinister Six

    Welcome back to the Greatest Stories Ever Rolled. We take a look at the comics that inspired and impacted us and recreate those teams, stories, or events in Dice Masters.

    Spider-Man is my guy. Heís the character I see myself in the most, and my favorite character to read. I know we already covered a Spider-Man story here in GSER before (Maximum Carnage. Go back and read it if you missed it.), but itís my series. I make the rules.

    Iíve always been a fan of the idea of the Sinister Six. From the days of my youth playing with action figures on the bedroom floor, all the way up to playing Heroclix with my go-to team using the Sinister Syndicate affiliation. Every retelling of Spider-Man at some point puts its own spin on the Sinister Six. The 90s animated series did a pretty good job, but I think the Spectacular Spider-Man cartoon did it better. If the rumors are true, weíll be seeing the Sinister Six on the big screen before too long, as well. This begs the question: which version of the Sinister Six is the best? The purist in me can make an argument for the original lineup (Doc Ock, Vulture, Kraven, Electro, Mysterio, and Sandman). But I love the story title ďRevenge of the Sinister SixĒ that sees Spider-Man team up with Hulk, Nova, Ghost Rider, Deathlok, and the Fantastic Four. Itíd be a crime if I didnít mention the Superior Foes of Spider-Man series that focuses on the Sinister Six (though there are only five members). Itís clear the Sinister Six are worthy of being featured in the Greatest Stories Ever RolledÖ but which version? MY version! Presenting: the Sinister Six All-Stars! Yes, there is a Sinister Six affiliation in Dice Masters, but Iím looking outside of that, to all characters that have been members at some point. Letís begin.

    Here's the link to follow along!

    Kraven the Hunter, Sergi Kravenoff Ė My least favorite member of the Six to make this list. I love the idea and concept of Kraven as a character, and the Kravenís Last Hunt story is great. But I feel like him joining the Six goes against everything his character is about. Still, heís a cool character, and this version will fit nicely with our strategy.

    Vulture, Adrian Toomes Ė Opposite of Kraven, I think Vulture is ONLY interesting and viable as a member of the Six. With both Vulture and Kraven in play, a single sacrificed character through Kravenís ability will net you +7A. Thatís a combo, folks.

    Mysterio, Dr. Ludwig Rinehart Ė Ah, what a fun character. Heís so dang expensive, with a TFC of 8. However, a minimum of 6A is pretty solid. And that ability could pay dividends if he sees play. Heís mostly here for the global. It could help our opponent, obviously. But this give us bag refill on demand, and with some sacrificing going on, that might be necessary.

    Prismatic Spray, Lesser Spell Ė THIS is my favorite reason for adding Mysterio on this team. I can justify bringing Prismatic Spray as one of Mysterioís illusions. It can confuse and befuddle your opponents, leaving them vulnerable. This team suddenly has an answer for a lot it could run up against.

    Hobgoblin, Mad Fashion Designer Ė Here we go. Our first non-original member of the team. Iíve always been a fan of Hobgoblin. The Big Time storyline was great with multiple Hobgoblins running around. As a member of the Sinister Six, he fades in to the background a bit, but donít take him lightly. At 5 cost with a TFC of 6, heís probably a little too expensive, and his ability to pay 2 bolt energy to cancel an opposing global is too expensive 95% of the time. However, if your opponent is running a team that relies on parallax or the Iceman global to set off a chain reaction, it could be worth it.

    Electro, Sinister Ė My favorite Spider-Man villain of all time, and one of my favorite comic characters overall. I have a copy of his first appearance in Amazing Spider-Man #9 signed by Stan Lee. Electro is my guy. I chose the one with no ability, and bargain attack values for fielding costs. Heís a little pricey at 5 cost, but Iíll probably buy him over Hobgoblin if push comes to shove.

    Green Goblin, Norman Osborn Ė Every Sinister Six team needs a leader. As much as Doctor Octopus has been that quintessential leader over the years, Iím just not that big of a fan. Green Goblin, dollar for dollar, is the better Spidey villain and tactician in my opinion. Yes, Gobby is the ďbetterĒ Green Goblin, but I like the global on here for team building purposes. That global can be used on your first turn to set up rolling extra dice turn 2, or could be used as a means to trigger Vultureís ability while getting rid of an potential blocker.

    Potion, Greater Spell Ė Potion, serum... they are basically the same. This is the serum that transformed Norman Osborn in to the Green Goblin. With the already good stats and potential buffs on this team, adding and extra +3/3 or +5/5 to a character could be brutal. With a global that can remove blockers, this could be great to just wait and use during the attack step on whoever is unblocked.

    Shocking Grasp Ė Electroís specialty. I think an ideal first turn might see you purchase this and be able to use the Green Goblin global on a sidekick. We have characters that are offensively skewed, so eliminating blockers through this action or the Green Goblin global could give us an advantage.

    Archnemesis! Ė Every member of this team would consider themselves Spider-Manís archnemesis. The action itself is great with our team, having so many high attack values. Letís crunch some numbers real quick. Hereís a spreadsheet.

    Average attack values of our Six on each level. But remember, Kraven and Vulture can self pump very easily with the tools at our disposal. Given their buffed attack values, that chart could very easily look like this:

    The average jumped up over a full point of damage in each case. So, on average, using the Archnemesis! action with one of your level 1 characters will result in almost 5 damage. Combine that with this cardís global, allowing you to bring the defense stat of your own character on par with the high attack we just mentioned, and they are likely safe from any incoming damage. Itís targeted removal that you can use much better than your opponent, despite it being a basic action. Also, keep in mind the globalís combo potential with Green Goblinís global, lowering an opposing characterís defense before hitting them for 2.

    Strategy: This cost for this team is steep, with Shocking Grasp being the only purchase that costs less than 4. But, with Green Goblinís global, Shocking Grasp, and Mysterioís global, you can easily set up for a big turn. I think most games will only see a few different purchases. If Iím running this, I look to buy a 4 cost character on turn 1. Preferably Vulture. Turn 2, field a sidekick, buy Shocking grasp, and use Mysterioís global. Turn 3, there are some option. I want to swing in with Vulture for as much as I can right here. That might look like using Green Goblinís global to KO my own sidekick, giving Vulture +4A, then eliminating an opposing blocker with the 2 damage. If there are no blockers, I could use Shocking grasp on my own sidekick to buff Vulture, and get Grasp again next turn as well. If you are energy rich on that 3rd turn with no characters or actions, look to Kraven or even Mysterio.

    Sadly, Boomerang, Shocker, and the other stars of the Superior Foes series are not in Dice Masters yet, or they would have been on the team. Hydro-Man and Tombstone are a couple of others Iíd like to see. Did I skip your favorite Sinister Six member, or are they not in Dice Masters yet either? Let me know in the comments below. Thanks for reading. Roll on.
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    1. Jwannabe's Avatar
      Jwannabe -
      Love the series! Thank goodness you didn't use Sandman. He's so terrible, and the potential was there to be awesome.
    1. WeaponO's Avatar
      WeaponO -
      This series is tremendous Randy. Great work. But the Six can't be truly Sinister without the demented Doctor Octavious… especially Mad Scientist with a forced block and some overcrush… ouch.
    1. BenSaidScott's Avatar
      BenSaidScott -
      Got to say that I think Kraven: Dangerous, the one that does two damage to all Spider Friends, is severely under-utilised, you can use the Spider-Man: Tangled Web global to make spider friends.