• The Reserve Pool Podcast - Season 2, Ep. 48: TO's, FLGS and YOU!

    Join us this week as Isaac and Stuart discuss TO'ing, Friendly Local Game Stores (FLGS) and YOU!

    **There was a slight editing error in the podcast so we re-uploaded. Sorry if this causes you any headaches while downloading!**

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      [double posted]
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      memmek2k -
      Might just be my podcast app (Pocket Casts on Android 7.0), but the theme plays again while Stuart is talking around 33:05. Otherwise great show!
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      Quote Originally Posted by memmek2k View Post
      Might just be my podcast app (Pocket Casts on Android 7.0), but the theme plays again while Stuart is talking around 33:05. Otherwise great show!
      You are correct. Sorry about that! It should be corrected now! =) Thanks for the heads up!
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      DiceDiceKitty -
      This episode was really good. Some players don't realize how much work goes into organizing events. I definitely don't feel underappreciated in my local scene, because my players are amazing! I also play in my regular Saturday events as does Mr. DDK, but neither of us take prizes from the regular OP events. We pass our prizes down and we don't roll for fellowship either. The store gives me a set of the cards as TO support, so we have no reason to take additional prizes. But we both play, odd numbers or not. We started as players as well and I fell into the TO roll because I was leaving the Pokemon Judge scene (after 4-5 years of dedicated service...) and the store wanted me to help organize for Dice Masters. For events that I don't get TO support, like the Rainbow Draft Weekend stuff, the store owner runs the events so that I can participate for a chance at prizes.

      Mr. DDK and I also help the store out by covering the cost of the OP kits. We can keep the entry fees low and even offer alternative entry fee options that help our players. Our entries are usually $1 per event, or a player can purchase a minimum of two booster packs from any Dice Masters product in stock. This helps the store move product and helps players enter events if they're torn between buying packs to get new cards and an entry fee.

      My local rules team consists of myself, Mr. DDK, and another player. There is always one of us available to assist in questions. We've haven't encountered any issues yet in regards to how we handle rulings and like Isaac, none of us can cite the exact location of the rulings... we have to go find them or look up the information too.

      And thank you for mentioning that players need to support their FLGS! One thing that irritates me to no end is hearing a player (usually one from another game) that refuse to purchase product from the store because they can order it cheaper online. And, most of the time, they don't even have the decency to say it out of earshot of the store owner. This kills me inside. If you don't support your brick and mortar stores, you won't have any place to play. That doesn't mean you have to buy every bit of your sealed product from them, but please support them by buying product on a consistent basis, even if it's only a handful of packs every time. The more consistent players are with their purchases, the more likely the store is to keep product on the shelf, or get in OP kits for events.

      I loved the episode this week and I hope that someone learns something they didn't know, or maybe someone hears this podcast and wants to give it a try and helps create a scene somewhere that needed one.

      Thanks for all the hard work that you all put in here at TRP. I definitely appreciate it!