• Deadpool Set Review

    Welcome to combined The Reserve Pool Set Review of the new Deadpool Dice Masters Set!

    Each of us have dived into an affiliation or two and reviewed the characters. We hope you enjoy the review, and let us know your opinions in the comment section!

    Misc Affiliations (Randy)

    Hey, hey. This is actually my first time getting in on the set review. I actually started off joking about calling dibs on all the Spider Allies characters, but then more characters got assigned to me. And I didn’t feel like backing out. So here I am, reviewing some Deadpool cards. Let’s get to it!


    Agent Carter. The common, Behind Enemy Lines, has a strong place in drafts. With such little means of ramp in this set, her ability to send KO’d sidekicks to the bag can really slow a player down. The uncommon, Combat Trained, has such a narrow window of usefulness, at the same cost as the common? No thanks. Ah, then we have the rare, Answered the Call. She’s cheaper than the common or uncommon, sitting at 2 cost. Her ability forcing sidekicks to cost 1 more to field can really slow teams down in both draft and constructed environments. We’ve all seen how Half-Elf Bard or The Front Line can turn a couple of sidekicks in to a win condition. Something that throws a wrench in to the plans of amassing a sidekick army can definitely be a game changer. The next round of WKOs is still months away, but I think Agent Carter will find her way on to some competitive teams. But keep in mind, all three of her versions affect both players. If you’re prepared to give yourself the penalty as well, rock and roll.

    Guardians of the Galaxy

    Angela. The uncommon, Aldrif Odinsdottir, does pump herself a bit, but it’s a little unorthodox. The Red Dragon or AoU Wasp global can help you get there, but it seems like more work than it’s worth. Maybe with the rare Lantern Ring, she could get the extra attack easier. The rare, Raised as an Angel, gives you a little consolation prize when she comes up energy by dealing a single damage to a character or opponent. I don’t like this because her only ability works if she doesn’t come up a character face. I feel like by using her, you’re preparing yourself to come up short. I just can’t play that way. However, the common, Asgardian Assassin, is slightly better than the other two. Two damage to a non-bolt character isn’t great, but being able to KO an opposing Kobold on your turn to prevent swarm, or even your own sidekick to prepare for a bigger turn can be a smart play. None of her versions are great, but the common seems to have the most use and versatility.


    Elektra. I can’t believe it took us this long to finally get Elektra. The common, Greek Tragedy, is a bit odd. On demand Regenerate for a single energy, but it’s a different energy type than her character. Thought: she’s a mask character, but after being trained by the Hand, she can regenerate for a fist energy. The HAND. FIST energy. Clever. Useful ability, but no guarantee she comes back. The uncommon, Get to the Point, more thematic than useful. I’m sure it’s a callback to when Deadpool was with the Thunderbolts in the comics. A bit funny that she doesn’t put up with his nonsense, but not useful. The rare, Way of the Stick, may be the most meta-defining piece to come out of this entire set. A 2 cost character that says your 2 (or less) cost characters cannot be targeted by globals. No, just like with Agent Carter, Elektra’s ability goes both ways. You cannot target your own characters with a cost of 2 or less with globals. But, that’s something you can easily work around. This Elektra combos nicely with some other meta pieces like Bard, and could really shut down some opposing strategies with a Ring of Magnetism attached.

    The Inhumans

    Lockjaw. Let’s start with the uncommon, Transport the Royals. His ability does not even make much sense. Sure, he can “teleport” back if he’s in trouble, but if his subtitle is “Transport the Royals” you should be able to remove ALL Inhumans from the attack zone, treating him like the taxi he is. But no. Just himself. Not very useful. Now it gets tough. The common, Fiercely Loyal, has sweeping damage potential. But, you need to be able to predict what your opponent will draw. Because of the timing of this, he does get the characters KO’d by this damage off the field for your next turn as well. Then we have the rare, King’s Best Friend. Instead of relying on your opponent’s bag management, this one relies on yours. It’s cheap, at 3 cost opposed to Fiercely Loyal’s 4 cost. And he can pump himself on your turn, when you have more of an opportunity to take advantage of that buff. Now, life gain is clearly not as advantageous as 2 sweeping damage to all opposing characters. There’s one question I need answered though: the conditional, “If you/your opponent draws that die…”. Is that only referring to the Clear and Draw step, or does that cover for the rest of the turn. Because being able to name a character with the rare, purchase that character, and use Resurrection global with an empty bag to draw that die, triggering Lockjaw, would be a dandy combo. I think I have to go with the rare here. I know the common could be better, and has more upside, but the rare has enough going for it at the cheaper cost. Yep. Going with the rare.

    Medusa. Let’s make this quick. The uncommon, Bad Hair Day, and rare, Queen of Attilan, both cost 5 have the Deadly keyword, but abilities that rely on knocking stuff out through combat. Deadly promotes a more “hit and run” tactic, figuring out how to engage with characters but not be dealt damage, ensuring your KO. You typically want to avoid the damage part of combat if you have Deadly. But that common, Tangled Up, is GREAT! Only 4 cost, Deadly, and can block an extra character. If she’s getting double teamed, she’s probably getting KO’d anyways. This lets you get rid of opposing characters, and reroll her next turn if needed again. She can really keep opposing forces at bay.

    Black Bolt. Terrible representation of the character aside, let’s look at his uncommon, Let It All Out!. The most expensive of all his versions at 5, and he gives all Inhumans Fast the turn he is fielded. Given the Inhumans we have, this doesn’t do much for me. Maybe you could use it with the uncommon or rare Medusas that rely on KOing things through combat. This would let them get that KO in combat and still stay on the field. The common, …, is ok. At 4 cost, he can pump Inhumans. It could be worse. The rare, King of the Inhumans, is clearly the best here, especially when paired with the common Medusa. She has Deadly, allowing the second part of his ability to kick in, making every character block her. My only gripe is that it’s a when fielded ability. I hate the idea of having to Blue-Eyes global him off, just to refiled him and do it all again next turn. But I suppose if you’re able to force every opposing character character to block one of yours, you would hope to win that turn. This one is easy, the rare is clearly the best.


    Miguel O’Hara. Out of every Marvel Dice Master character that has Spider powers, no one has more offensively skewed stats, with total attack value of 14 on all faces. No real reason for that, just a fun fact. Anyways, the rare, Lyrate Lifeform Approximation, is another card with counter intuitive abilities. I love the Back for More ability of just dealing a single damage to your opponent. It’s simple. Easy. Love it. But he has Fast. Why? You want this character to be getting KO’d, so you cal roll him from prep. If my opponent is running him, I’ll gladly block with anything I don’t mind getting KO’d with a defense value of 5 or less. He would be better if he did not have Fast, so you could take advantage of his Back for More ability more often. The common, probably the most popular of his versions, Spider-Man 2099, is pretty good for 4 cost. No setbacks like the rare, this guys just sends a character to the bag when he KOs it. This is great for stopping opposing Back for More abilities if you can force the block you want. It also simply doesn’t give your character the die advantage for their next turn. I like the uncommon, What the Shock?!, the best. Yea, he’s more expensive: 5 cost. But a well-timed fielding could really mess with your opponent’s board state. He combos very nicely that puts an extra tax on fielding sidekicks, or if you have a way to dispose of sidekicks before fielding him. Force your opponent send a piece they’re using to control the board to their used pile, so it has to work its way back through their bag. Magic Missile, Agent Carter, or maybe one of the Venoms from Civil War would be great with this Spidey.

    TheConductr's thoughts on the Villains:

    Angel Dust

    Only two of the three versions of Angel Dust are Villains (the Uncommon has no affiliation), but why not, let’s take a look at all three versions. She’s a TFC of 6 and varies greatly on her three levels (2/2, 4/4, 7/7). The Common “Chicagoan” gets a pup for the combined level of all blockers she’s engaged with. It seems great, but when you realize that the pump will probably not be enough to actually KO the engaged character, it loses its luster. It could be helpful to KO something large that is blocking if you force other little guys to block, but the same energy could be used for MM to deal the damage more than likely. The Common “Morlock” gets +2/+2 while you have less life than your opponent. You can’t really control this, though there are cards that give your opponent life or make you lose life when you field something, it’s not something I’m running to use, especially as a 5 cost. The Rare “Christina” is the best of all – she deals two damage to ALL attacking dice when she blocks. This is a really great ability. Another way of thinking about this is all of your blocking characters get +2A. It’s not at the top of my 6 cost characters, but in set it’s a nice piece.

    Black Tom Cassidy

    A 4 or 5 cost bolt with a TFC of 3, BTC is pure X-Men hate. This Common “Trusty Shillelagh” has Fast and gets +1/+1 for each opposing X-Men die. With 8 X-men in set, this would be a nice piece to have in draft if it wasn’t a 5 cost. The Uncommon “Concussive Blast” allows you to KO an X-Men when fielded. Again, at 5, it’s a really expensive form of targeted faction removal. Since NINE X-Men dice have a “when fielded” effect and another two have Back for More, probably going to be helping your opponent by using this. The Rare “Plant-Form Secondary Mutation” can’t be blocked by X-Men and can block any number of X-Men. While nice, I don’t think it’s a great ability. It is only a 4 cost though, so that’s an improvement!

    Evil Deadpool

    Coming in with a TFC of 3 and a 4/2, 4/4, 5/5, Evil Deadpool is all about KO opponents dice, but unfortunately its only Level 1 dice…… The Common “Spare Parts” allows you to KO an opponents Lvl 1 die or any opponents Deadpool Affiliated die if he is KO’d by combat damage. With at least a 2-4-5 defense, this is going to be more difficult that it may seem to trigger. You’re better off letting something big come at you and blocking with it. The Uncommon “Bang! Bang! Bang!” deals 2 damage to a Lvl 1 die or any opponents Deadpool Affiliated die when he is fielded. There are 3 costs that do this better and target any die. The Rare “Reroll! No Sidekicks” has the Back for More keyword and allows you to KO an opposing Sidekick die or any Deadpool Affiliated die. Pass.

    Lady Bullseye

    She is reminiscent of her male counterpart with a 2 defense on all faces, Lady Bullseye has a TFC of 1 (woohoo!) and an attack of 3-4-5 and has a “when fielded” on all three versions. Now we’re talkin’! Let’s see if the abilities are worth it. The Common “Attack on Two Fronts” allows you to double all damage dealt to target opposing character die until the end of the turn. I really like this ability – out of set. You really need a guarantee force block to make sure this can work, and even more important, Overcrush. Can you imagine fielding this, naming a SK, force the SK to block, and then use an Anger Issues and use it on an already fielded Wolverine: The Best There is?!?!?! I get to basically QUADRUPLE his damage! Lol. So yeah, out of set its pretty amazing. In set its ok. The Uncommon “Maki Matsumoto” allows you to spin a target character down 1 level if when it’s damaged this turn. Eh. And it will be hard to keep track of since it may not trigger when you actually field it. Not worth the 4 cost. The Rare “Speed, Grace, Precision” allows you to make a character block. Well……. Just what we needed for the common to work better. That’s a shame now isn’t it….


    A purely defensive character with his stats (1/4, 1/6, 2/8), MODOK is a treat with a TFC of only 2. The Common “Most Powerful Brain Alive” is a while active ability that stops opponents from rerolling of spinning their dice after the R/RR step unless they pay 1 energy…….. wait for it……. PER DIE! In unlimited this is the answer to Paralax- Elf Thief-Cloudkill-Bard teams. Wow, what an AWESOME ability. I don’t think it’s that useful in set at all, especially since there isn’t a single character with Overcrush, so it’s an ok buy in set. The Uncommon “Twisted Mind” allows you to switch the its level with an opposing dies level when it attacks. Oh, not good enough for you, it’s the only version that’s a 5 cost. A resounding no was heard by all. The Rare “Master of A.I.M.” (I know there’s a joke in there somewhere…..) stops your opponent from spinning up their dice while he’s active. The only thing in set I can think of that this could be useful for is to stop the Negasonic from spinning to level 3. With that being said, get the Common all-day-long.

    Madame Hydra

    A 4 cost shield on all of her versions and a TFC of only 2, Madame Hydra is all about dealing damage. When her Common “Viper” deals damage to an opponent she’s able to move a die from the opponent’s prep to their bag. The best way to do this is from Overcrush or with a Lantern Ring, but even then, neither are in set. The Uncommon “Snake in the Grass” allows you to spin all of your opponents dice down one level when she damages your opponent. Again, with an attack of 2-3-4, she is easy to chump block to avoid the effect from triggering. The Rare “In the Name of Hydra” is a when fielded effect that deals 3 damage to all players. A player can avoid this by moving a die from their prep to their bag. Now lets think this one through. At this point in your turn, who is more likely to have something in the prep, that’s right, your opponent! So unless you field a Cookoo beforehand, Resurrect/Vill Pact, or MM a SK, I feel like you will be the one punished by fielding her much more often than your opponent.

    Mister Sinister

    I was really looking forward to Mr. Sinister. Well, maybe next time…… With a TFC of 5 and less than stellar stats for a 5 or 6 cost (3/2, 4/3, 6/3) the Common “Apocalyptic Transformation” has Back for More which allows you to reroll any number of dice in your Field Zone. So this may sound interesting, but all it does for you in set is allow you to potentially get more energy because BFM doesn’t trigger until you roll it from the Prep. So you won’t be able to trigger a when fielded effect again, you can only hope to level something up, or gain more energy for a turn. It’s basically a free parallax for things fielded, but at the worst time. There are a lot of things out of set that could make this more interesting (Rip, Paralax, etc.) but its not worth the cost at all. As my good friend Master Doctor Count Von Homash said, “Fill your bag with expensive characters so you can buy a more expensive one and not get it for 6 more turns? And you paid...5? To get the character to put in the field to get ko'd to them use that ability?” Exactly. Moving on….. the Uncommon “Gene Splicer” makes your opponent pay 1 life if they want a reroll step. This would be a neat little trick, if there wasn’t already TWO OTHER 6 cost Masks that did the same ability in other sets (Kang and Professor X). And they are other Marvel sets. And worst of all, the other two make your opponent pay TWO LIFE. So yeah, this is not worth a 6 cost. 4, maybe. I’d go all in at 3. The Rare “Messiah Complex” allows you the opportunity to reroll your dice one extra time in the reroll step… all for the low cost of 2 life! As a 5 cost, no way. I just can’t see a situation where I would spend the 5 to buy this and then spend the 1, probably 2, to field it, to then pay 2 life to reroll my dice. Out of set it’s a classic Greek Tragedy! I mean, come one…. On the heels of the absolutely amazing, ZERO TFC, 3 cost shield Felicity Smoak rare that has the same ability, but FOR NO LIFE, this is just a tragic card. If they’re going to have a life stipulation for this ability, it should be a 1 cost card with a 0-1-1 FC and crap stats when compared to Felicity or the Scarlet Witch SR from UXM.

    Overall Villain Impressions - Pass. They just aren't worth the effort.

    Unaffiliated Characters (pk2317)

    Blind Al
    Best Version - Stay in the Deadhut (common) - 3
    When Blind Al is dealt combat damage, deal 1 damage to target opponent.
    All three versions of Blind Al involve damage - her being damaged, or you being damaged. I think the one that is the easiest to trigger is the common Stay in the Deadhut. Whenever she is dealt combat damage, she deals 1 damage to the opponent. She's cheap, has a TFC (Total Fielding Cost) of 1 (0-0-1), and moderate defense stats (2-4-5) making her a decent early blocker. The Uncommon requires you to have been dealt damage prior to fielding her, which is harder to ensure, and the rare can be bought for only 1 mask but you have to have taken 4 combat damage first.

    Best Version - He's A Hitman. Who's a Monkey. (uncommon) - 4
    When blocked, you may pay to assign Hit-Monkey's combat damage to the defending player this turn as if it were not blocked (instead of dealing combat damage to blocking character dice).
    No question - the Uncommon Hit-Monkey is a win-condition on his own. Like Cable from UXM, or Two-Face from WF, he lets you ignore blockers and deal damage directly to your opponent. Combine him with an attack boosting Global, and you can deal some serious damage that is very difficult to avoid. The common is a nice, cheap Fast die, and the Rare punishes your opponent for ramping by dealing 2 damage if they have 3 or more dice in their Prep Area. But the Uncommon is definitely one to watch for in draft.

    Sandi Brandenberg
    Best Version - On-Again, Off-Again (rare) - 3
    While Sandi Brandenberg is active, when a DEADPOOL character die is targeted by an action die or character ability, you may change the target to a Sandi Brandenberg character die.
    Let's start this off by saying that in-set, being an Ally is useless. Almost nothing triggers off Sidekicks in the Field (Agent Carter and Rare Evil Deadpool are the only two). And out-of-set, if I want a 2-Shield Ally, I'm going with the Uncommon Alfred Pennyworth. So the Common is right out, unless you really need a 2-cost character on your team. The Uncommon costs 1 more, and only helps one specific character that you may or may not have, and doesn't even help him all that much (why doesn't Deadpool have Regenerate to start with? Huh?). So the Rare is the least bad one - she can functionally prevent your Deadpool-affiliated characters from being targeted by actions or character abilities. So there's that.

    Best Version - Blades of Rage (super rare) - 5
    When X-23 attacks, roll all dice in all players' Prep Areas. For each energy rolled, X-23 gets +2A. (Count energy symbols, not faces that show energy.) Return all rolled dice to their respective Prep Areas.
    Not only is this the best version of X-23, this is one of the best Super-Rares in the set. In a set that has a lot to do with the Prep Area, the more you can ramp (and even the more your opponent can ramp), the bigger she gets. On top of her already-decent 4-5-7 Attack stats, +2A for each symbol gets huge. Even if you and your opponent only each have 1 non-Sidekick in your Prep, that can be 4 energy symbols = +8A. Give her Overcrush and there's your win-condition right there.

    Non-Basic Actions

    Flying Car
    Best Version - Fly-By (rare) - 4
    Target character die you control deals combat damage to the defending player as if not blocked (instead of to blocking characters). Then, sacrifice it.
    Remember how good we said the Uncommon Hit-Monkey was? This action gives that ability to anyone. Want to make sure X-23 deals all her boosted attack to your opponent? Play Flying Car on her. The common can be a nice boost for those characters with "No ability text, just a low-cost die with great stats!" Most blank characters tend to cost 1 or 2 less than their versions with abilities, giving them better stats than their cost would normally indicate. This action can use that to your advantage - make them even better with no downsides. It could even make Common Vixen playable!

    Free Chimichangas
    Best Version - Delicious (common) - 2
    Impulse - Target character die gets +2D (until end of turn). (Impulse abilities happen when you purchase the character die with Impulse.)

    Target character die gets +2D.
    First of all, I know that Free Chimichangas isn't a "character die". I think it's fairly obvious that Impulse should trigger when the die (either character or action) is purchased. That being said, this is, I think, exactly how an Impulse should work for full benefit. You get one benefit when you buy it (on command), and another when you roll and use it. In this case, those benefits are the same (+2D). But I can easily see this being a good model for future sets. The uncommon and rare aren't bad, but I'd like the rare a lot better if it boosted A instead of D.

    Best Version - Vroom! (common) - 2
    Target blocked character die you control gains +1A and +1D.

    Global: Pay . Remove target blocked character die from the Attack Zone.
    So, here we have the only Global in the entire set - a new version of Distraction/Blink-Transmutation that uses fist energy, and requires the attacker to be blocked. In-set, this would be hard to use to your advantage (there aren't a whole lot of "when attacks" abilities that you might want to trigger and then not follow through on). But it can definitely be useful, possibly on a Fist Ring team. None of the actual action abilities particularly excite me.

    Satchel of Unlimited Weaponry
    Best Version - Chimichanga (rare) - 5
    Deal 2 damage to target character die or player for each action die in your Field Zone.
    If the Common is errata'd to have Continuous, it would definitely be better. Until then, the Rare definitely shines the most. It's not the most helpful in-set, unless you specifically bring Continuous Basic Action Dice. If you wanna be really mean after drafting this, use the D&D Gear Basic Actions to give yourself some dice to just sit in the Field Zone and deal more damage.

    Homash's thoughts on the Deadpool affiliation:

    Bob, Agent of Hydra

    All versions interact with ALL DP affiliated characters (yours and your opponents). The common provides an attack boost. The uncommon gives them all fast. The rare prevents action targeting from your opponent (or you from targeting theirs of they brought some too). Frankly, (SPOILER) the DP affiliation likely can't compete in the current meta. However, the uncommon is the best hands down. If you do build a DP team,the 3 cost Teamwork BAC is a far better boost than the common version, and targeting evasion is nice, but probably less useful than fast for everyone.


    The set's namesake leaves plenty to be desired. On the face of it, the common is categorically worse than the uncommon because the uncommon has 2 abilities, one of which the common has. The super rare is a very sad, lackluster version of rare Grundy. Instead of when ko'd, ko an opposing character, it's limited to level 1 characters. For me, the uncommon (deadly and when fielded deal 2 damage to all players) is the least unusable of the group. Probably doesn't say much though.


    Please just don't.


    The uncommon is the best of questionable abilities. Stuart mentioned a 3 cost shield character that gives an extra reroll. The common Domino, a 3 cost shield can be rerolled an extra time, but only triggering from back for more. And she has a non zero TFC. No sense using s categorically worse ability despite the stats. At least blocking multiple characters can be really useful, but why does that ability have to be conditional?


    The common, the common, the common. The uncommon has a b4m ability and great defensive stats on every level. The rare gets deadly, conditionally. The common can get big and have Fast with Bob.

    Lady Deadpool

    The super rare is completely legit. Probably the only DP character card that will actually have meta playability. I mentioned Teamwork BAC earlier. That and Horn of the Unicorn could both be really fun if you're 100% sips on trying to make DP affiliated characters work as a team. The ability to use a copy of an action die on demand is crazy good.


    The uncommon is a worse and more expensive version of the uncommon Morphing Jar ability. The common is only good if you buy multiple and time bag management right. The rare is expensive,but might have stats to support it if you keep dice in your prep area. I guess you can go with the rare.


    The common would be fun if it wasn't a static ability. If you could flip it to attack stats, there might be something fun there. Sadly, you can't. The uncommon has a weak b4m ability - spinning characters is something that just isn't quite competitive. Might be fun, but not for Spikes. The rare, given the Lockjaw ruling, is over costed.

    I wish there was more here, but it's really just the super rare Lady Deadpool and nothing else.

    Shadowmeld’s take on the X-men:

    Full disclosure, the early Excalibur line up are probably my favorite X-men of them all, and Colossus is no exception. That said, this guy is a decent body with some relatively situational board clear abilities attached to him. When it comes to constructed I’d be looking at the 6 cost common “Rigid Morals”, as Back for More (dealing 1 damage to everything) is much easier to execute and a 6 cost+Chalkboard global is the same as the rare’s 7 cost. The Rare is a better tool for draft though, if you can get him. 2 damage clears MANY of the characters in this set, and all sidekicks, meaning you are much more likely to connect with this guy’s big stats.

    So, the Weapon Plus program isn't really my focus in X-reading. I mostly just skipped ever reading Wolverine’s solo mags. What have I learned? Fantomex is basically Weapon XIII, and focusses on using his skills as a fringe merc. Well this French Deadpool knockoff has a good option in draft. And possibly as a tool to bring alongside Chalkboard. “E.V.A.” becomes unblockable unless your opponent removes a die from their Prep to used. If we’re talking a no PXG game, that means we are looking at a solid 3-5 damage getting through unblocked. Add to the fact that unblockable shield characters have some really solid churn tools (common Maria Hill) and we might even see this guy eek out a spot in constructed, assuming a PXG rotation.

    Negasonic Teenage Warhead

    I went to read up on Negasonic Teenage Warhead… and anything I could convey to you about who she is, other than a precinct telepath would be the definition of spoilers. That said, she’s a beast of a character for the X-men affiliation. She is the strongest 3 cost they’ve ever had, sporting a combined attack stat of 10 for a three cost. There are non-X-men characters that have higher total stat lines, but none of them have an ability to spin up to level 3 anywhere as reliably as “Foresight”. Her ability isn’t as good as say… Dommcaliber Knight’s Global or even Rare Elektra, but for a reliable 3 cost with 6 attack, she really can’t be beat.

    Scarlet Witch
    Wanda is a pretty prolific X-character/Avenger. This is the first time she’s gotten a change to her stats though, and frankly it seems like an afterthought. +2 defense on her level 3 face still leaves her with an unreliable attack stat, and forces us to value her more for her abilities. To be frank, unless you’re playing a mono-energy format and need a good cheap disruption card for the fist team meta you’re facing, she’s kind of a flop. “No More Mutants”, the rare, has some interesting implications with its board clear ability, but is a bit too indiscriminant for my tastes.

    Honestly, Wanda and Harley both have the same die stats in every release. Why the hate Mike and Eric? Ladies in Red and Black just not your thing?

    Stepford Cuckoos
    Hot Blonde Triplet Telepaths. Certain to be their own little clique. Fortunately, their cards are a bit less exclusionary. They have “Mindee” who can field to prep one of your other characters. Get those Back for More or When fielded effects in rotation. Or best yet combo with that Cerebro that KOs an opposing character when an X-character is fielded. Better than Mindee though, is “Celeste”, who not only sends a die to your prep, but also forces the opponent to prep a character too. Combine with Cerebro and you’re KOing and prepping an opposing character each turn, all for the low TFC 1 fielding cost of the Cuckoos, who immediately prep themselves to go again next turn!

    Ororo is back! And this time she brings something to Marvel that they have yet to have, energy disruption. Now some of you may bring up the two versions of her that do not involve energy disruption, and to you I mention that while, yes she does great things involving action dice, she does them as while actives. While active characters NEED to have more than 1 defense. It is simply too easy to ping off a 1 defense while active character. That said, “Thunderclap” changes a ? into a for your opponent. This might not seem like much, but if you play a team that doesn’t bring many bolt globals, you are mostly just expecting a +1A global or a magic missile effect. This Storm encourages our opponent to use that global on her, prepping her immediately, and then disrupting their energy once again. Additionally, she is simply a solid 2 cost bolt character who can attack into OP Scarecrow, something that we are always struggling to find.

    This guy, again. Honestly, Logan isn’t much of a good X-character for this set. He’s more of a support tool for the Deadpool teams. That said, the best version of him to support Deadpool teams is probably the uncommon “Berserker Fury”, which you can mostly buy for it’s energy faces and get a +3 buff every time you prep and roll it (say with Escape Incarceration’s action effect).

    Multiple Man
    Let’s get this straight: If Multiple Man didn’t have swarm, there was going to be a riot. Fortunately, we’re in luck. Now the question really becomes, which is a better version? Honestly, I think it depends how the meta will adapt. If we stick with the current PXG, empty used pile meta we have going on right now, then we’re never going to see the Uncommon “Jamie Madrox” who does really well at setting up big purchase turns while still being a threat as a character that can bring a 4/4 body to the field. This guy is great in draft, assuming you get those 4 dice of him. The Super Rare “Pile On!” though, that guy we will see on variations of Mask Ring teams immediately.
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      Axyz -
      She is reminiscent of her male counterpart with a 2 defense on all faces, Lady Bullseye has a TFC of 1
      Lady Bullseye has 1 D on all 3 levels and has a TFC of 2, (0, 1, 1). Bullseye from CW has a TFC of 1 (0, 0, 1).
    1. Yort's Avatar
      Yort -
      "The rare, given the Lockjaw ruling, is over costed."
      I dunno, I'm curious to see how this will work in a non-PXG game. I mean, you are still ramping, just a turn behind - but you are also getting that sidekick out of your way for the whole turn. You're also putting a die in your prep area, which can give you defense against some of the new mechanics like Fantomex.
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      I dunno, I'm curious to see how this will work in a non-PXG game. I mean, you are still ramping, just a turn behind - but you are also getting that sidekick out of your way for the whole turn. You're also putting a die in your prep area, which can give you defense against some of the new mechanics like Fantomex.
      Not to go hyper Spike here, but in the context of Unlimited play, she works on your 4th turn at the soonest in best case scenarios (turn 3 with ripped Transfer Power and only if you use Resurrection global to reset your bag,which means you either need rd or bewd,and a SK t1, or some other ramp mechanism to both buy her and refill your bag). I'm not going to spend 4 turn one or 2 for lackluster ramp in unlimited play for this ability. Not even to be able to block Fantomex.

      In set might be totally different, but this review was with unlimited in mind.

      That said,if you make it work in a state pdc or wko or higher level event, let me know and I'll send you a SR.
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      So where's the review of the What-if Super Rares? Come on, guys, I need to know if that Charles Xavier Juggernaut is good or not! :P
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      Quote Originally Posted by ccm00007 View Post
      So where's the review of the What-if Super Rares? Come on, guys, I need to know if that Charles Xavier Juggernaut is good or not! :P

      lol ;-)

      But in all seriousness, here is our review/spoiler article of the What-Ifs =) http://www.thereservepool.com/conten...r-Rares-Part-2!
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      Whoops, dropped the ball on adding that link to the bottom of the article. Thanks Stuart!
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      Quote Originally Posted by Jthomash2 View Post
      Not to go hyper Spike here, but in the context of Unlimited play, she works on your 4th turn at the soonest in best case scenarios (turn 3 with ripped Transfer Power and only if you use Resurrection global to reset your bag,which means you either need rd or bewd,and a SK t1, or some other ramp mechanism to both buy her and refill your bag). I'm not going to spend 4 turn one or 2 for lackluster ramp in unlimited play for this ability. Not even to be able to block Fantomex.

      In set might be totally different, but this review was with unlimited in mind.

      That said,if you make it work in a state pdc or wko or higher level event, let me know and I'll send you a SR.
      Good point - she would probably be more in the same vein as Red Tornado, where she could be useful in a limited constructed or themed format, but just takes too long with the current speed of Unlimited.
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      Quote Originally Posted by Jthomash2 View Post
      Not to go hyper Spike here, but in the context of Unlimited play, she works on your 4th turn at the soonest in best case scenarios (turn 3 with ripped Transfer Power and only if you use Resurrection global to reset your bag,which means you either need rd or bewd,and a SK t1, or some other ramp mechanism to both buy her and refill your bag). I'm not going to spend 4 turn one or 2 for lackluster ramp in unlimited play for this ability. Not even to be able to block Fantomex.

      In set might be totally different, but this review was with unlimited in mind.

      That said,if you make it work in a state PDC or wko or higher level event, let me know and I'll send you a SR.
      Hahaha! Now there's a chance! Here I come SR flash, or spiderman, or hulk, or deadpool!!
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      Quote Originally Posted by Jwannabe View Post
      Hahaha! Now there's a chance! Here I come SR flash, or spiderman, or hulk, or deadpool!!
      I stand by my offer. Even if it thins out my trade binder!
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      It will still be a tough challenge for sure.