• Greatest Stories Ever Rolled: The Resurrection of Ra's Al Ghul

    Welcome back to the Greatest Stories Ever Rolled. We take a look at the comics that inspired and impacted us and recreate those teams, stories, or events in Dice Masters.

    I know, I know. Itís been a while. I get lots of encouraging comments every time I write one of these. And I would love to be able to do one every week. But lifeÖ you guys know. Car troubles, working overtime, priorities, AND a new baby due any day now. Itís difficult being the head of a family. Iíve got kids running around everywhere, stuff needs done, I need to work, AND Iíve got my own hobbies that Iíd like to focus on now and again. If thereís one man that can relate to all of this, itís Batman. Heís got more Robins than he can keep track of, Wayne Enterprises is a thing and a half, and thereís that whole being the vengeance and night thing. I feel ya, Batman. We are busy guys.

    Thereís been so many iconic Bat Family stories over the years: A Death In The Family, the more recent Death Of The Family, War Games, Knightfall, Battle For The CowlÖ the list goes on. One of my personal favorites, however, was not a big blockbuster event. It was just a simple crossover that lasted a few months. Today on Greatest Stories Ever Rolled, letís talk about The Resurrection of Raís Al Ghul.

    Letís set the stage. There were rumors swirling in the comic book world that Batman would be killed off soon. I was already reading Nightwing at the time, and that series would be a part of the upcoming Raís Al Ghul crossover. It seemed like a no-brainer. Iíll pick up the other comics in this series, continue reading Nightwing, and maybe get some insight to the upcoming death of Batman. I mean, ďresurrectionĒ is in the title, and the Lazarus Pit is never far behind Raís. I wasnít overly excited to buy this crossover, but it came at a time in my comic reading where I had fewer responsibilities and more disposable income. So I got it.

    Story: Raís is dead, but his spirit is still alive. He puts a plan in motion to possess the body of his grandson, Damien. Damien Wayne. The son of Bruce Wayne and Talia Al Ghul. Well, Raísí ninjas ambush Talia and Damien, attempting to capture them. Talia is captured, however Damien escapes Raís and goes to his father, Batman, for help. Damien is confronted by current Robin, Tim Drake. A lot of ďsiblingĒ rivalry between these two. One being the genetic son of Batman, the other being a more spiritual son. Bruce was more involved with Timís development and growth as a person than he was in his own sonís life. They both view the other as having something they want. Batman runs off to Tibet to save Talia, Nightwing shows up at the Batcave to get Damien. Not only have Damien and Tim started fighting in the meantime, but Raísí ninjas are attacking Wayne Manor! Eventually all of these characters (Alfred included!) find their way to Tibet, where Batman is trying to rescue Talia, and put an end to Raís attempts to coming back to life. Raís eventually gives Batman a choice of which body he shall possess: Damien or Tim. Batman offers himself, but Raís refuses, claiming he wants a younger body. Batman then battles and undead, partially resurrected Raís Al Ghul. And thatís all in the first half of the story! The dynamic of Tim and Damien throughout, Nightwing trying to play the ďbig brotherĒ role, Batman battling one of his most deadly adversaries while so many lives of his loved ones hang in the balance. I wonít spoil the ending. Thatís how good I think this story is.

    So what we will do is make a team based around the Bat Family from the Resurrection of Raís Al Ghul crossover. Letís get started. Follow along here!

    Batman: Bruce Wayne of Earth Ė I am not crazy about taking a Yellow Lantern Batman for this team, since Iím trying to remain thematic to the storyline a bit. But Iím not going to start adding crazy stipulations to my already narrow character pool. 4 cost Bats with decent stats. And some direct damage possibilities as well. Moving on.

    Robin: Kid Detective Ė The most aggressive of all the Robins. +3A/3D while Batman is active. For a 3 cost with already offensive stats, he can deal some serious damage. For storyline purposes, this is Damien Wayne. Heís more passionate and wild, while trying to impress Batman.

    Robin: Circus Star - Two Robins!? Well, yes. Didnít you read the storyline above? They use different colored dice, so it shouldnít be a problem. If your opponent has a problem with it, youíre playing with the wrong group of people. If Kid Detective was Damien, then Circus Star is Time Drake. Tim is cooler, calmer, and more calculated, relying on his training from Bruce to be unblockable, rather than brute force.

    Nightwing: Flying Grayson Ė Combined with Kid Detective, the option to take out a few potential blockers is great. I donít see buying him very often over Batman, but if your opponent is walling up, it could be nice to have him as an option.

    Alfred: MI-5 Ė Alfred doesnít play a huge role in this story, but he does kick some butt when he and Nightwing arrive in Tibet. So, we will use the best Alfred. Good if your opponent is running some kind of mass KO, like Hulk: Green Goliath, but largely just coming along to fill out our team.

    Talia Al Ghul: The Demon Ė What do you mean Taliaís not in Dice Masters. Clearly, she is. Pfft. This version of her is the least bad. The uncommon may be more useful, but she is by no means the first, second, or even third option if youíre able to purchase a 5 cost mask character. Batman and Nightwing cost 1 less, and I think are both more useful than her. Only reason I donít like the uncommon, is if youíre able to get her through unblocked, with all of the other characters we have, youíre probably winning the game. Much like Alfred, just here for the ride. Also, I edited the art on the common instead of the uncommonÖ so common it is!

    Batcave: Home Sweet Cave Ė With two different Robins getting a bonus for Batman being active, it would be nice to be able to instantly recall them to the field all at once. Plus, part of the story takes place in the Batcave with the two Robins fighting each other. Again, not a go to part of the strategy, but could see some play depending on what your opponent is running.

    Batmobile: From Wayne Enterprises Ė Not only is this the best card in the game, but on this casual team, thereís an even higher chance to take advantage of the discount with two Robins on the team. A 2 cost Batman and 1 or 2 cost Robins? Sign me up! Thereís a good chance I buy this on my first or second turn each game.

    Basic Actions

    Resurrection Ė You knew this was coming. Itís in the name of the series. It provides our means of controlling our bag management. Done and done.

    Dark Avenger Ė This isnít a terrible purchase early. We have 3 different characters with the Bat Family affiliation to deal that extra damage, and the Batman we brought, and you could be looking at 3 damage per use of a 2 cost basic action. Thatís a bargain. Plus, the global is handy.

    Strategy: Turn 1 I buy Batman. Turn 2 I buy Batmobile and use Resurrection. Turn 3 I hope to field Batman for free or buy a Robin for cheap. This team is all about rushing Batmans and Robins out at a discount. If my opponent is walling up, I may go for the unblockable Robin over the buff Robin. Nightwing comes in to play with walls as well. If my opponent is going to try to clear my side and attack, I could go Alfred and Batcave. Hope to survive when they attack, make them pay by opening the Cave on my turn. Personally, I think this is the strongest GSER team weíve made to date. I love it!
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    1. NahumFJR's Avatar
      NahumFJR -
      You had me until Yellow Lantern Batman then it just all went down hill from there...... thanks for the fun article.
    1. Randy's Avatar
      Randy -
      Quote Originally Posted by NahumFJR View Post
      You had me until Yellow Lantern Batman then it just all went down hill from there...... thanks for the fun article.
      I feel like it was a coin flip between this one and Speedy Recovery. If it makes you feel better you can use him instead. BWoE does cost 1 more to field on lvl 3, but I flat out like his character ability better. What would you use?
    1. Necromanticer's Avatar
      Necromanticer -
      Quote Originally Posted by Randy View Post
      I feel like it was a coin flip between this one and Speedy Recovery. If it makes you feel better you can use him instead. BWoE does cost 1 more to field on lvl 3, but I flat out like his character ability better. What would you use?
      Other than the Yellow Lantern affiliation messing with the theme, BWoE is probably the best Batman you could use, especially with Robin - Circus Star also going through unblocked. Speedy Recovery is a decent option for the handy global, but I think the team is strongest as is (though weakest thematically).
    1. StrangeBrew's Avatar
      StrangeBrew -
      Fun read. I play semi competitively and have a weakness for themes. Just yesterday I was laying out some WF cards and looking at a Gotham City/Batman team with some of these cards as well as other combinations. After all, put Batman (a 4 pt Batman would be good) on the table, add Kid Detective, put Pym Particles: Grow on the Kid Detective, and if your rolls are good in a few turns you have the Superman level Damien without giving your opponents any BACs, globals or ramp.
    1. GNGJ's Avatar
      GNGJ -
      These theme teams remain as the absolute best reason that I still love Dice Masters! Thanks Randy!