• The Twelve Games of Dicemas!

    Merry Star Wars Movie Season everyone!

    Let's face it, it's the Holidays and your Dice Masters group is probably suffering from unreliable attendance. It's not a sign of the doom of the game, it's not a decline in popularity. Folks just want to spend time with their families. Novel concept for some, but now that my own kid just turned three I'm understanding the pressure myself. So, what do we do about it?

    Well, I devised a Holiday Jingle to help you out. I present:

    The 12 Games of Dicemas!

    On the twelfth day of Dicemas my T.O. gave to me,
    Twelve Riddler’s Rumblings, Eleven Team Affiliations,
    Ten Numbers Counting, Nine Ladies Only,
    Eight Globals Needed, Seven Commons by Rarity,
    Six Mono-IPs,


    Four Player Turtles, Three PDC Tiers,
    A Two Hued Feud and a Rainbow Draft for some OPs.

    As you can see, this little ditty outlines some formats you can execute to freshen things up and otherwise just have an event that can be tailored to a small group of participant's desires. Whether you are looking for intense competitive training sessions or the utter chaos that is the Riddler's Rumble, this list has something for every play group to try out.

    Not sure what some of these formats mean? No worries, I go into more detail below.

    A Rainbow Draft for Some OP
    This one is pretty self explanatory, but I mention it for two reasons. First, a draft is a decent format if you are expecting low turn out. The draft phase lets you run an event an extra 30 minutes or more just from drafting and team building. Secondly, Your store might have some old school OPs in the back, and you can run them as prizes, even if you don't play for the newest kit.

    A Two Hued Fued
    Two Hued Fued is a format that assigns each die a color and forces you to choose from one or two colors to build your team from (T.O. decides if it's one or two, and is the last arbitrator for edge case colors) PS make sure you're not excluding folks who are colorblind, it's a super common condition.

    Three PDC Tiers
    So, it's just you and the TO, what do you do? Sign your store up for PDC events. It's not a complicated form, but T.O.s are busy people too, offer to help them out. Additionally, you could start theory-crafting teams for the new PDC Prime. (ok, this isn't a format you can take advantage of during the holidays, but it is definitely one you can start planning for in this slow period.

    Four Player Turtles
    So it doesn't have to be TMNT, but that rulebook has the best 4 player rules ever printed. It's still not a perfect rule set for that format, but it's a fun format to play. Throw on a TMNT movie on the big screen in your store and start yelling Cowabunga DUDE! every time you roll those dice!

    WKOs are coming in Febuary, Time to sign up, start practicing and get your teams locked in, we have no new product scheduled to drop until the middle of Febuary. Additionally, did I mention the FOIL PRIZES!?!?!

    Six Mono-IPs
    All DC, All Marvel, All DnD! What ever your local group likes, make it happen! Just remember, only in IP BACs too, it makes a big difference.

    Seven Commons by Rarity
    Rarity only Formats are fun building challenges. I love Little Cup, or Starter only even, but a format I want to get my fellow collectors to play is one I've called Primary. Red Stripes, Yellow Stripes and Blue Stripes, all legal. No commons, No uncommons, No Starter... and that includes BACs!

    Eight Globals Needed
    Every Card must have a global! OR Every player can use a list (provided by the T.O.) of globals, with or without the cards. This last one is best if the global(s) change every round of the event!

    Nine Ladies Only
    In case you aren't aware, dm.retrobox.eu has a option to filter cards by gender. Ladies Night is one of the most popular formats I've seen run in DM. Why don't we see the Man Night love? or even Genderless Night love?

    Ten Numbers Counting
    Each player must have a card on their team counting from 1-10, or every card on a team has to have the same cost, of all must be below 4, or all must be above 3! Numbers man, they liven up the game.

    Eleven Affiliation Teams
    All cards on your team must have the same affiliation. BACs obviously excluded, but sometimes T.O.s allow 1 card not of that affiliation, or perhaps even one non-basic action die.

    Twelve Riddlers' Rumbling
    So about a year back I designed a format for folks to play multiplayer free-for-all DM. It's a little bit of prep, a little bit MTG:Momir and one hundred percent Pure Chaos. When I play, the format feels akin to the MTG format Commander, each player playing, but no one truly looking to eliminate other players as much as they are trying to just have fun pushing dice around. Here's a link to a printable rule booklet that was generously made for the format. It takes a bit of set up, but a T.O. or player could do that at home out of their extra dice. Hope you enjoy!

    That wraps up the song, and this article. Hope you get some gaming in over the Holidays, I know I've got some Ticket to Ride and Viticulture to play with the Family, but unfortunately there aren't any DM stores near the cabin my parents retired to on Blue Ridge Parkway, so likely no DM for me.

    See you next year!
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    1. Yort's Avatar
      Yort -
      Another thing we are doing through the holiday season is "virtual" gaming. Since our schedules are so hectic it takes a bit of time, but this way people are able to play and stay engaged in the game. Also makes it easier to try out new formats.

      Also, one our locals found a good deal online for BFF sets, so he bought three and is organizing a big D&D Draft Extravaganza. He quickly had double digits of people interested, and right now it looks like it'll be a "$10 for an 18-pack, three round draft, plus a big pile of packs leftover for prizes" deal.