• The More You Know - Vol. 10

    Attachment 3727Welcome to the Master Doctor Count Von Homash Mailbag. MDCVHM for short. It's been almost 9 months since the last mailbag, but I still want to answer all the questions submitted for the mailbag in that time. Shouldn't take long, since there was only one real question submitted, I might make a few up. I still only edited the parts with dirty words. Here we go!

    Mister Master Doctor Count Von Homash,

    Like many people, I am preparing for my very first WKO in May. Last night, though, I had a dream. In the dream, I was playing a match. I had ramped my ramp and prepped ALL the dice and was going in for the kill. On my opponent's turn, however, they played a huge die that was about the size of a milk crate. They slammed it down pog style, then it cracked open. Thousands of tiny spiders crawled out. Each spider had a Prismatic Spray die for a head. The spiders crawled all over my dice, and dissolved them. Then, they crawled up my arms and dissolved those as well. The opponent then passed priority to me, but I couldn't activate any Globals because my arms had been melted off. Then, on my turn, I took four damage since I (literally) could not draw any dice, and I lost.

    Here is my question: What is the counter for this particular scenario in a real game? Should I bring a rolled-up newspaper, or would a can of Raid be more effective?

    Thank you.


    MDCVH: Honestly, this is the exact scenario I dreamt about last night. Between March and now I had no idea what to do. The answer is much simpler than you may believe. Milk crate sized dice are rotated out in the PDC Prime format.

    JThomasH2: What does that have to do with your dream?

    MDCVH: Nothing. I just thought if I had the same dream it might add credibility to my response.

    JThomasH2: oh why do I even bother...

    MDCVH, where on earth did you go all this time?

    JThomasH2: That may have been my fault.

    MDCVH: Yeah, Lunchbox, where have I been?

    JThomasH2: Would you believe me if I told you that there was a Latverian crisis?

    MDCVH: Probably not.

    JThomasH2: Would you believe me if I told you spiders with Prismatic Spray Dice heads dissolved my arms and I haven't been able to write anything for months until they grew back?

    MDCVH: Definitely not.

    JThomasH2: Would you believe me if I told you I took up a second job to pay for my Dice Masters habit and have been traveling all around the country to give lectures on how and why to use alternatives to opioids in the perioperative setting? One new formulation of an old drug, specifically, rapidly reduces pain, improves patient satisfaction, reduces length of stay, and reduces opioid consumption (and thus the related adverse drug reactions associated with opioids). All of this can positively affect hospital reimbursement from CMS which is an absolute nightmare right now.

    MDCVH: Does that pitch ever work?

    JThomasH2: I'm not sure, but people keep asking me to give it.

    MDCVH: Can we get back to the part of this thing where I'm the star?

    What do you think of the decision made by the voters in the US in November?

    MDCVH: All kidding aside, the mere mention of that probably brings some to tears. I like pain and suffering, but even I must ask is that really necessary?

    Oh wise MDCVH, is there anything useful you can do with a Satchel of Unlimited Weaponry?

    MDCVH: I mean, you could follow the guy in the red suit in a couple days and pick back up everything he drops off, but that's about it.

    What do you think the meta will look like after the Iron Man starter, the Batman set, TMNT 2, and the X-men set?
    - anonymous

    MDCVH: Probably still mostly Bard. Remember, though, I'm the guy who thought common Batcave would see play.

    With the new Deadpool set out, I have a few questions about what cards you like the best. What's your favorite Deadpool affiliated character ability?
    - John

    MDCVH: SR Lady Deadpool is probably the only one worth playing

    Besides her?
    - John

    MDCVH: What part of "only one worth playing" was confusing?

    No need to get angry. I'll just move on. What's your favorite art in the set?
    - John

    MDCVH: I think I like the Captain Thor art the most. In general, though, I just want to know why all the cards aren't shiny. Why have non-foil versions at all?

    Last one - Why isn't there a hero affiliation?
    - John

    MDCVH: Why should there be? The heroes get along worse than many of the villains. They all have different teams to start with and still fight like cats and dogs. Why would you want to put them all on the same team?

    JThomasH2: Well, I think this went rather well given the lengthy hiatus. Thanks for that MDCVH. Any final thoughts?

    MDCVH: You don't know what I'm capable of. I kept it family friendly as a favor to you. Don't poke the bear though. Or you might end up on the wrong end of the pointy end of something like this:


    And there you have it - the MDCVH mailbag. Join us again in a couple weeks (or months) when MDCVH answers more questions. At least he will if anyone asks... Don't forget to submit yours to MasterDoctorCountVonHomash@gmail.com!
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    1. Necromanticer's Avatar
      Necromanticer -
      I'm glad to see this returning

      The Q&A with John at the end was really great stuff!
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      Quote Originally Posted by Necromanticer View Post
      I'm glad to see this returning

      The Q&A with John at the end was really great stuff!
      Ha, thanks! Been an awfully busy season,but I think things have slowed enough I'll be contributing more regularly. Hopefully in this capacity and maybe others!