• The Reserve Pool Podcast - Season 3, Ep. 1: Out with the old, In with the NEW!

    Welcome to Season THREE Friends! On his weeks episode, your trusted guides Isaac and Stuart discuss some of the more relevant rules postings that happened just before the winter holidays, chat about some PDC Draft and Prime, and discus the cards that are currently available that they think will make an impact on the PDC Prime format!

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    1. DiceDiceKitty's Avatar
      DiceDiceKitty -
      Dyersburg can't wait for their PDC event! We're going to incorporate Prime into our tournament rotations because most of us are totally digging it.

      And it's hard to imagine that there are folks (fans and non-fans alike) that haven't seen at least one episode Batman TAS. But I have the same reaction when fans of Star Trek tell me they haven't seen Star Trek TAS (not to be confused with TOS, The Original Series). I totally thought Isaac was trolling when he said he had never seen an episode.

      Great topics, great info - all over, great episode!
    1. gkpon66's Avatar
      gkpon66 -
      Really enjoyed this one, great timing as we begin to prep for prime!
    1. IsaacBV's Avatar
      IsaacBV -
      Thanks guys and yes @DiceDiceKitty I will be watching soon I promise!
    1. Axyz's Avatar
      Axyz -
      And for all of those playing the home version of TRP podcast, here is a list of all of the cards discussed:

      - Bat-Mite
      - R Cold Gun
      - UC or SR Ronin
      - C Kryptonite
      - C or UC Venom + R Agent Carter Combo
      - All versions of Oracle
      - Doramammu: Burning Ambition
      - SR Zantanna
      - DP UC Storm
      - Mr. Mxyptlk C & R
      - C Lockjaw
      - All versions of Bane (for global)
      - WL Sinestro
      - UC & R Doctor Light
      - Wong + Foot Ninja + Overcrush
      - UC Gorilla Grodd
      - Casey Jones
      - Black Widow: Mistress of Pain
      - R Gorilla Grodd, R Weather Wizard, R Merlyn
      - R Felicity Smoak
      - Wolverine Lord of Vampires
      - Shannon Carter
      - SR Multiple Man
      - Swarm Foot Ninja
      - R Giganta (Stuart mentioned it was free to spin down, but it costs 1 generic to spin down one of your characters)
      - She-hulk: Sensational
      - C Pym Particles
      - R Firestorm (Stuart mentioned he was 4 cost, but he's 5 cost)
      - Kal-L Global
      - DP R Storm + SR Lady Deadpool
      - SR X-23
      - Eye of Agamotto
      - Bruce Wayne + Batman + Dick Grayson + Alfred combo
      - Inside joke about Satchel???

      This is a lot of good cards. I still feel like C Batgirl: Commish's Daughter should be considered. She stops any character abilities that target other characters. She stops common things like C Static, Babs, C The Atom, C Firestorm, etc. I honestly feel like she can be a game changer.
    1. SirFrankus's Avatar
      SirFrankus -
      - I agree that Caverna on New Years Eve is a bad idea....I know from experience. It would've been fine had a noob not shown up last minute after the game was already planned, but instead we had a 7 hour game (including breaks of course) and a 3:45 AM bedtime.

      - You mentioned Bane for the Taunt global, but don't forget one of the Wasps in the Civil War starter has a force block for a mask. Not as good, but could pair with deadly well.