• WE NEED YOU! To take a survey.

    Hello there, Reserve Pool users! We're hoping that you'll consider helping us out and taking a user survey. Now that we're approaching three years (!) of Dice Masters, and by extension The Reserve Pool, we want to understand the people who use our site a little better. The Dice Masters community is so diverse and we want a better handle on our audience so that we can continue to serve the community into the future.

    Here is the survey link. This is limited to one response per user, so you'll need to sign in to a Google account to take it. We hope you'll take that step because this is information that will help us. Don't let the page count fool you - by necessity, certain pages have just one question on them. This should take no more than 5 to 10 minutes of your time.

    When The Reserve Pool began three years ago, all I knew was that I wanted to write about the game and record stuff about the game. That was the plan, and it wasn't a bad one, but we'd like to develop something more solidified moving forward. As always, surveys provide guidance but don't necessarily force us to make a decision or anything else. This is purely for information, and we GREATLY appreciate you helping us out.

    Thanks everyone!

    Dave and the rest of the TRP Admins & Staff
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    1. TrueMisterSix's Avatar
      TrueMisterSix -
      Done ✅ hope it helps...
    1. The PACman's Avatar
      The PACman -
      Done it too
    1. gkpon66's Avatar
      gkpon66 -
      Hmm, where to start. I listen to all three podcasts and have listened since the beginning. I have even saved the episodes that I think have information that can help me down the road or have info on characters I might want to build a team around later/defend against. That said, are you guys perfect? Nope. Do I expect perfect? Nope again.

      I hope you glean some info that will help you refine/improve your shows, but please don't deviate from covering the current topic as much as you are. I do enjoy them all, including the off the rail segments that happen.

      And yes, I did fill out the survey. Hope it helps, Gary
    1. pizzarony's Avatar
      pizzarony -
      Filled it out.

      Disappointed in the lack of questions asking our opinions of Isaac.
    1. Jthomash2's Avatar
      Jthomash2 -
      Quote Originally Posted by pizzarony View Post
      Filled it out.

      Disappointed in the lack of questions asking our opinions of Isaac.
      Had enough internal feedback to cover that topic!
    1. Paul's Avatar
      Paul -
      Great idea running a survey. Hope the information helps!
    1. IsaacBV's Avatar
      IsaacBV -
      thanks for the feedback so far friends! Please encourage others to fill it out also!
    1. dascottman33's Avatar
      dascottman33 -
      Filled out the survey. Have been enjoying all three podcasts so far so I hope the feedback helps!
    1. Jeffincredible's Avatar
      Jeffincredible -
      I have said it before but I no longer listen to TPA because it's not published on Google play. I would if it was there.
    1. gkpon66's Avatar
      gkpon66 -
      Did you want to post this on fb to increase participation?
    1. Redemption77's Avatar
      Redemption77 -
    1. Basementcuts's Avatar
      Basementcuts -
      Took your fancy Poll. Crushed it. Got all A+'s.
    1. Mactavius's Avatar
      Mactavius -
      I wish there were some open-ended questions.
    1. Dave's Avatar
      Dave -
      Quote Originally Posted by Mactavius View Post
      I wish there were some open-ended questions.

      I hear that but we get direct feedback a lot and we wanted something more quantitative. Please PM me if you have something you want to talk about, the virtual door is always open!