• WizKids Wednesday: Iron Man & War Machine BACs

    The preview blitzkrieg continues, with us now diving into the Iron Man and War Machine starter! The Marvel Dice Masters Iron Man and War Machine starter set is the first of the new "annual starter set" paradigm with the DC version, Superman and Wonder Woman hitting shelves a little later this year.

    With this start set we see a few old, faithful basic actions returning as well as some new exciting ones. We are also being introduced to the new mechanic "Suit Up" which looks like an exciting way to not only get powerful characters out faster and more reliably but it also has ramp implications much like the Golems from Faerun Under Siege. This week though, we're just covering Basic Actions, and these should be more than enough to whet your appetite.

    Thanks again to WizKids for providing the set for me to preview!

    Next week I'll be back with a look at the real meat and potatoes of the Iron Man and War Machine set: the character cards! In the meantime, what Basic Action is your favorite? Happy to see Cone of Cold for Prime? Got some cool ideas for Hypervelocity? Let's hear about it!

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