• Greatest Stories Ever Rolled: New Avengers (Post-Civil War)

    Welcome back to the Greatest Stories Ever Rolled. We take a look at the comics that inspired and impacted us and recreate those teams, stories, or events in Dice Masters.

    Hey guys and girls! Before we dive in to today’s team, I just want to point something out. On WizKids’s official page for release dates, a new item popped up for this coming summer. That item: Marvel Dice Masters: Spider-Man Maximum Carnage Team Pack. This is awesome news! This team pack is just like the things I do in this article series! Also, we get some info from this article on ICV2.

    “This pack includes some of the characters from the Maximum Carnage Spider-Man storyline, including the webslinger himself, Venom, and a number of villains. This will be the first appearance of Shriek and Spider-Man’s Doppleganger in Marvel Dice Masters.”

    My biggest hope with this team pack is that we get as many new characters to Dice Masters as possible. Those two sentences above are both encouraging and discouraging to this. It says Spidey, Venom, and a number of villains. That could be taken as only including Spidey, Venom, and villains. That would be great, as Carnage is the only villain who has had a Dice Masters appearance so far. Shriek, Doppleganger, Demogoblin, and Carrion would all make the cut. With the 8th card slot potentially belonging to a non-basic action, or maybe a generic, villainous, thug. On the other hand, Shriek and Doppleganger are the only ones called out in the article as getting their first Dice Masters appearance. So, those two could be the only “number of villains” included, while getting new versions of some of Spider-Man’s other allies in the series. Black Cat, Cloak, and Dagger are all pretty important to the story, and the idea of getting a new Captain America with the Spider Ally affiliation makes me a little giddy. There’s also no guarantee that Carnage is in the set. We could very well get a Cletus Kassidy (the name of Carnage’s human host) character, with a “Suit Up – Carnage” ability. Which would actually be pretty awesome. It’s also worth noting, that the only good guys from the series who have yet to make a Dice Masters appearance are Morbius (who technically appeared as a chase SR with the Zombie affiliation last year) and Nightwatch (who only briefly appeared alongside Morbius in one issue of the 14-part extravaganza). Nightwatch DID make his Heroclix debut this past summer in the Superior Foes of Spider-Man Heroclix set, so he may be on their radar.

    Personally, I just want Spider-Man, Venom, Carnage, Shriek, Doppleganger, Carrion, and Morbius. I’d settle for not having Carnage and Morbius, instead getting Cletus Kassidy with Suit Up and a Sonic Gun non-basic action.

    WizKids, if you’re reading this, selecting and helping to create characters for these Team Packs would be a dream job for me. I think the reception this article series has received is an acceptable resume.

    Anyways… on to this edition of the Greatest Stories Ever Rolled!

    Just kidding. One more bit of information. I loved the response to my last article where I created some Indy comic stars who should be in Dice Masters someday. I will do another edition of that, but I did not want to rush it. Characters like the Maxx, Invincible, V, and Witchblade are all up for consideration, as well as characters from some lesser known titles that endeared themselves to my heart. It’ll be fun.

    Ok. On with the show.

    I’m a punk. I enjoy a good rebellion as much as the next guy. Maybe even more. So stories or teams centered on fighting oppressive authority or sticking it to the man resonate with my very being. In 2006, Marvel’s Civil War was one of these stories. I know, as controversial as it was, I still loved it. Iron Man working with the government to put laws in place, while Captain America and his resistance fought back against the laws. This event is still a hot-button topic among comic fans.

    In 2007, Civil War had just ended. Say what you will about how characters were portrayed during the event, the Marvel Universe was a very different place after the dust cleared, and THAT is unique in major comic book events. The Superhero Registration Act was in effect and Captain America was dead. Despite the side of the Pro-Registration winning, not every hero embraced it. Some heroes remained unregistered, opting to continue fighting crime outside of government sanction. They even banded together, still calling themselves the Avengers. Starting with issue #27, the New Avengers series followed these characters spinning out of the events of Civil War. These heroes were not satisfied with the current laws in place that they felt impeded on the rights of others, even if they were privileged enough to not feel the harsh edge of the laws. They fought for what they believed, regardless of the law. One of my favorite comic book quotes actually comes from issue #34 of New Avengers. Luke Cage says, “Remember you asked me how we know if we're the good guys in all this? This is how we know. We do good guy #$%@.” Let’s look at these heroes.

    Click here to follow along with a team list!

    Luke Cage, Knuckle Up! – “Sweet Christmas!” The de-facto leader of the underground New Avengers team. He has alright stats for 5 cost, a game-changing global, and an ability that can force your opponent to make some tough choices. I don’t love him, but I think he’s my favorite Luke Cage. I say the global is game changing, because it really changes the way you calculate lethal damage or spend spare energy. Let’s make sure we don’t overlook this global when picking the rest of our team.

    Spider-Man, “Tiger” – This Spider-Man… I always look at him and wonder why he isn’t used more in competitive play. He can evade the opposing Hulk, Cloudkill, Imprisoned, or any number of threats. I think we need to take this Spider-Man. Webslinger can be a win condition, and I actually Photo Op for the potential combo of life loss with the Luke Cage global. But with that global on the table, you might not mind sitting on a fist energy or two. Luckily, that’s just what “Tiger” needs to dodge an opposing effect.

    Wolverine, Walking His Own Path – Yeah, I know. He’s not the best Wolverine. But I’m picking him because that Luke Cage global could put a real timer on the game. Life gain isn’t viable in in the current competitive meta, but that’s not what this team is for. If you miss your rolls early, getting more energy than character faces, this might not be a bad purchase. Considering your opponent might be able to tee off against you with the lack of characters. For more competitive scenarios, maybe choose Formerly Weapon Ten or The Best There Is.

    Spider-Woman, Pheromones – I love, love LOVE, this character. Only hard part will be our lack of Avengers. We will try to address that with the rest of our team. But this ability, clearing the field with life gain as an afterthought. Another card, like “Tiger”, that I think should get more attention in the big picture of Dice Masters.

    Doctor Strange, Hoary Hosts of Hoggoth – This Doctor Strange could come in very handy depending on what actions are in play. Vicious Struggle, Betrayal, even Fireball, are all affected by this guy. Knowing we are bringing him, maybe we should consider one of those basic actions. Hm…

    Iron Fist, Immortal – This is actually a much harder choice than it should be. I want the Avengers affiliation that is on the Civil War version of this character for Spider-Woman. But at 2 cost, I just don’t think I can pass up the RDW promo. The stats and damage prevention are all just too good. The second half of his ability could move our Wolverine to prep, but that situation will probably come up rarely.

    Ronin, Lone Warrior – Here’s a cheap Avenger. Imagine this scenario: It’s my opponent’s turn. I know I’m rolling Spider-Woman next turn. I have Ronin in the field. I use the Luke Cage global, one damage to my opponent, one damage to me. But I use Ronin’s ability to prevent that damage to me, knocking Ronin out in the process. My opponent’s turn is over. Now, on my turn, I’m rolling both Spider-Woman and Ronin. I just make sure to field Spider-Woman first, so Ronin will trigger her Teamwatch. This is a nice combo to clear my opponent’s field of 0 fielding cost characters. The best part is that since Spider-Woman’s ability KO’s her, I’m set up to do it all over again next turn. I choose the uncommon Ronin over the super rare so I can ensure Ronin is KO’d even if he only prevents a single point of damage.

    Vibranium Shield, Deflecting Bullets – This team fights on, remembering Captain America. Though, no one carries the shield in to battle, I assume it’s planted firmly in their minds. This version has the Resistance keyword. Fitting for the team of Avengers who are underground, still avoiding the Registration. Plus, when Ronin and Spider-Woman each use their abilities, they get KO’d. This would trigger this Continuous action. Probably not a typical part of the strategy, but there could be scenarios where it comes in useful.

    Basic Actions

    Betrayal – There’s a few reasons this could fit thematically. For one, the Spider-Woman on this team is later revealed to have been a Skrull the whole time during the Secret Invasion event. Another is that they feel betrayed by the other Pro-Registration Avengers. Either way, this fits. And our Doctor Strange makes it hard for our opponent to really use it against us. I love this action. I considered using the upcoming One Against Many action from the Iron Man and War Machine Starter Set. Betrayal costs 1 less, does 2 less damage, but has the chance to prep itself on the double burst. I think I’ll take Betrayal here, especially with no real ramp in play. I also considered using Vicious Struggle since we have the Luke Cage global. Again, I feel like Betrayal is just slightly better here.

    Upgrade – Proton Canon – You know, I’m sure these Avengers were able to shanghai some Stark Tech. Probably would not have been too hard to take a Proton Canon. Take a look back at our team. Luke Cage, Spider-Man, Wolverine, Iron Fist, and Spider-Woman are all fist characters. That gives us a distinct advantage to be able to use this basic action better than our opponents. Plus, if we don’t get any fists on our first turn, this gives us a bail out purchase. Also, and this is key, Overcrush is good.


    This is tough. We have absolutely no ramp, or churn, or way to gain dice advantage. We will want to use our opponent’s globals for sure. Professor X, Resurrection, Rip Hunter’s Chalk Board, whatever they have available. I think Iron Fist and Ronin need to be what we look to go for on our first 2 turns. Field any sidekicks to keep your bag thin. Using the Luke Cage global to self-KO Ronin may by our best means of prepping an extra die. I think Betrayal needs to be our primary win condition, Followed by Ronin and Spider-Woman combo to keep opponent’s forces down. Seems counter-intuitive, but just make sure you use Betrayal first. Iron Fist is a decent body. You can give him Overcrush with the Canon. He might be able to sneak 1 or 2 damage in with it. Doctor Strange is there if they buy our Betrayal. Spider-Man is there if they have Imprisoned, Hulk, or any other ability that could remove him, leaving your side empty. I think Wolverine is an option only if your opponent clears your side, giving you a big turn and you need to life gain. Now, if there’s Professor X in a game with this team, then look the heck out. I think this team has a lot going for it. Spider-Man and Luke Cage are no slouches when it comes to stats. Proton Canon would be very hard to deal with, ESPECIALLY if you just triggered Spider-Woman’s ability, clearing all of their characters with 0 fielding cost. If you get ahead in life, don’t underestimate the effectiveness of Luke Cage’s global. We are bringing 5 fist characters. That’s a lot of potential for fist energy. Looking back, it may be good to use Eye of Agamotto, Reside Within the Amulet over the Vibranium Shield. The global on this essentially gives us the Rip Hunter’s global but exclusively for actions. It could let us instantly prep that Proton Canon or Betrayal when we know the time is right. Food for thought.

    So, what do you guys think? Do the post-Civil War New Avengers pose a threat to other mostly casual teams? How does this stack up against other teams I’ve made in past GSER articles? Also, what are your thoughts on the announced Maximum Carnage Team Pack? So many questions! Sound off below.

    Roll on.
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    1. Bankholdup's Avatar
      Bankholdup -
      Reading these are super dangerous, because my lack of knowledge of the material, makes me feel like I should resume my Marvel Unlimited subscription. Still enjoy the posts though.

      I love life gain in casual play. It's actually very viable because a lot of casual teams seem to rely on doing damage over a number of turns, instead of a huge one turn strike. And life gain is just fun.

      Good stuff.
    1. Dave's Avatar
      Dave -
      Quote Originally Posted by Bankholdup View Post
      Reading these are super dangerous, because my lack of knowledge of the material, makes me feel like I should resume my Marvel Unlimited subscription. Still enjoy the posts though.

      I love life gain in casual play. It's actually very viable because a lot of casual teams seem to rely on doing damage over a number of turns, instead of a huge one turn strike. And life gain is just fun.

      Good stuff.
      At the risk of encouraging irresponsibility, MU can be shared... I've done it
    1. gkpon66's Avatar
      gkpon66 -
      Randy, you have done it again. Brought some knowledge of an event and nicely tied it to dice masters. Thank you. Gary
    1. Lordfajubi's Avatar
      Lordfajubi -
      It'll be interesting to see the maximum carnage team pack, a good venom(not agent venom) and a spider-man with a mask cost would be great. Beyond fed up with the packaging of having to buy 2 products to max dice anything and throw out half the other buy though. Gonna take some amazing stuff to get me to buy any stand alone starters or team packs, Wizkids please stop asking people to waste money.
    1. Jwannabe's Avatar
      Jwannabe -
      Keep up the good work RANDY!