• TMNT 2 Full Set Review!

    HAPPY RELEASE DAY!! We have NEW DICE MASTERS CARDS! After a 3 month break from new sets, we now have a deluge of new cards and dice over the next 8 days. We got a lot of the crew together to do a full set review of every TMNT 2 card. We reviewed each card in terms of PDC Prime and Full Unlimited on a scale of 10 being the best and 0 being bike-tire fodder (am I old? lol). We also have a brief commentary on each card from most of us.

    Let us know your thoughts in the comment section!

    April: No Mere Damsel - Prime Avg 6.7 / Unl Avg 4.67

    Stuart - Little higher TC than I'd like in a 2 cost, but can help get the turtles out faster, especially if using the TMNT 1 Turtles.

    Isaac - Great low cost way to get Turtles to the field

    Trubie - A necessary piece for Turtle teams, but locked into that team.

    Dave - She could make Turtles viable in Prime, the only format in which they're likely to be viable.

    JT - Best version hands down. might make turtles playable. maybe. possibly. unlikely, but we'll see.

    Mike - As said, almost required if you are playing a turtles team.

    April: On the Scene - Prime Avg 4.5 / Unl Avg 2.5

    Stuart - Need a villain maker, so not the best option.

    Dave - More Turtles in Prime, but usefulness is in doubt.

    Mike I like her more for her Ally Keyword and stats then her main ability. She is one of the better statted Allies I have seen with 4D on her level 3 side. I might grab her if I am building a sidekick team.

    April: Sixth Sense - Prime Avg 4.167 / Unl Avg 2.5

    Stuart - This could become frustrating.

    Mike - Again I like her Ally Keyword and stats. This ability could be fun on the right team. If you are playing a fireball team or another card that can damage both sides wipe their board and still have an army ready to attack. I see this team as being too slow in the Unlimited Meta, but you might be able to work something out in Prime.

    Casey Jones: Penalty Box - Prime Avg 5.3 / Unl Avg 4

    Stuart - Life gainis always fun to play around with.

    Isaac - Lots of Ally characters out there, could become spot treatment relevant

    Trubie - Handy global, life gain, and keeps the board clear of SKs

    Dave - Brings a force block into Prime, which makes Overcrush fun possible.

    JT - Unimpressive for in limited play

    Mike - I feel like the main ability is fairly weak even in prime and the global is way to specific to be counted on in prime or unlimited.

    Casey Jones: Broken Home - Prime Avg 4.167 / Unl Avg 3.3

    Stuart - Nice ability, but the 2 cost stipulation is a bummer.

    Isaac - Widow is so much better here

    Trubie - Useful defensive piece.

    Dave - Protection, but only from weenies

    JT - widow is probably better for almost any team

    Mike - Very specific ability, too specific to be very viable.

    Casey Jones: Goongala! Goongala! - Prime Avg 4 / Unl Avg 3.3

    Stuart - Force "can't block" is always worth a shot.

    Mike - Might work on a rush team, but with low-ish stats it would be harder to make a significant impact on turn 2 or 3.

    Donatello: Intellectually Inclined - Prime Avg 4.83 / Unl Avg 3.83

    Stuart - Awesome ability. Put it on a bolt ring team and you're in business.

    Isaac - Love the direct damage options

    Dave - If I want this, I'll just use Rare Firestorm.

    Mike - Expensive to buy and to field but on the right team with plenty of turtle power it could be a beast.

    Donatello: Technologic - Prime Avg 5.67 / Unl Avg 3.67

    Stuart - It'll take a lot of work to make it pay off.

    Isaac -
    Trubie - Alternate win-con for a TMNT affil team, but takes some setup

    Dave - This is more like it, but even with April, Turtles are pricey.

    JT - best value for cost, but you have to build around it. slow going to get there. max out at 5 damage per a attack I think, but it's not an easy road to get there

    Mike - This is a win condition if you can build around it. It is too slow for an unlimited team, but in prime it might be nice for a few plinks of life when you really need it.

    Donatello: Notice Me! - Prime Avg 3.67 / Unl Avg 3

    Stuart - Probably not worth the effort inthe long run.

    Trubie - TP cards are hard to "rate" because they require a full TP team and facilitate other things.

    Dave - Not a fan of Turtle Power Turtles.

    Mike - Too expensive for just a way to get more bodies on the field.

    Foot Ninja: Shinobijutsu - Prime Avg 4.3 / Unl Avg 2.67

    Stuart - Swarm is great. Max 3 is unfortunate.

    Isaac - 3 dice swarm and Shredder dependent power? meh

    Trubie - Slightly better than TMNT1. 3 dice still hurts, and wish there was a cheaper Shredder to use with them.

    Dave - Max 3 Swarm isn't as good and neither of the extra abilities make me want it over the 2B Ninja from the last set.

    Mike - Why would they max 3 on swarm.

    Foot Ninja: Stick to the Shadows - Prime Avg 3.83 / Unl Avg 3.67

    Stuart - Bolt Ring anyone?

    Isaac - combat and direct damage paired is nice

    Dave - Could someone try to work these into Bolt/Ring?

    Mike - Max of 3 damage and you have to get 3 characters out? Why bother.

    Foot Ninja: Glass Jawed - Prime Avg 4.67 / Unl Avg 3.83

    Stuart - If there were 4 available, this would be a wicked ability.

    Dave - Needs a lot of set-up to work.

    Mike - With Blue eyes or fabricate I can see this being a quick way to get ramp and bodies on the field for your bard rush.

    Hamato Yoshi: Protective Parent - Prime Avg 6.167 / Unl Avg 6.5

    Stuart - So many possibilities

    Trubie - Force block and boom.

    Dave - Interesting, but needs too many globals to really be viable.

    JT - needs a force block or ant man type global, but what an amazing power.

    Mike - In Unlimited I can see some nice opportunities to use this with force block and force attach mechanics

    Hamato Yoshi: Unknowing Teacher - Prime Avg 4.5 / Unl Avg 3.5

    Stuart - Yes please!

    Isaac - Not a bad ability

    Trubie - I think the thematic ability is really cute, but too expensive

    Dave - Not what you need out of a six cost.

    Mike - This might be nice to eliminate some pesky characters but at a 6 cost to purchase the scope is too limited.

    Hamato Yoshi: Shidoshi - Prime Avg 2.83 / Unl Avg 2.67

    Stuart - That cost though.....

    Isaac - Force block for everyone is nice, but 7 cost is rough

    Trubie - They just have to block, not block him. Too expensive

    Dave - Also not what you need out of a seven cost.

    Mike - Forcing all characters to block is nice, but the 7 cost to purchase this character is really high. The global at a 2 cost is fairly weak as well.

    Karai: Dark Lineage - Prime Avg 4.67 / Unl Avg 4.167

    Stuart - Dr. Light is better IMO, but you can combine with the DL that says SK's can't block and now you're cookin!

    Isaac - Dr. Light does it better

    Dave - Niche, really only matters against Flying Sidekicks or TFL rush.

    Mike - This is a nice control piece for some decks looking to stop a Front Line or Bard Team. I don't like Karai's low defense. She is way too susceptible to magic missile on her level 1 and 2 sides.

    Karai: Torn Between Two Worlds - Prime Avg / 2.3 Unl Avg 2

    Stuart - Not worth the cost

    Mike - Very weak ability. Does not bring enough with her stats alone.

    Karai: Uneasy Allegiance - Prime Avg 5.5 Unl Avg 3.5

    Stuart - A little more than some others with the same ability, but worth considering.

    Isaac - 1-sided sidekick buffs are nice

    Trubie - Could be useful for a "new Flying Sidekicks"

    Dave - Unique ability in Prime. Otherwise, we've seen it, and for cheaper.

    Mike - Another piece for an ally / sidekick team.

    Leathhead: Exposed to Mutagen - Prime Avg / 2.3 Unl Avg 2

    Stuart - Too exclusive.

    Isaac - Turtle-situational

    Trubie - Too niche unless TMNT becomes a thing

    Dave - Way too narrow an ability. Same goes for the other two.

    JT - very niche. I dislike when fielded effects on expensive characters unless it's an amazing effect.

    Mike - His stats are ok for a 5 cost, but that ability is just meh.

    Leatherhead: Transmat Engineer - Prime Avg 2.5 / Unl Avg 2.167

    Stuart - ^

    Isaac - ^

    Trubie - Too niche unless TMNT becomes a thing

    Mike - Expensive to buy and the ability it too specific to be very useful

    Leatherhead: I Guarantee! - Prime Avg 3.167 / Unl Avg 2.3

    Stuart - There isn't a turtle that auto-wins or destroys my ability to win. 2 obvious better choices in Unlimited.

    Trubie - Too niche unless TMNT becomes a thing

    Mike - I can see this working in Prime more then in Unlimited. Not allowing characters to be purchased or fielded is always nice. Too specific to be great.

    Leonardo: Plight of the Eldest - Prime Avg 4.83 / Unl Avg 3.5

    Stuart - Me Likey.

    Isaac - Another good direct damage option here

    Dave - Same as Don.

    Mike - I like this ability quite a lot. I don't like the 5 cost of the card. If you have april and lower the cost of this card to a more reasonable 4 cost to purchase it is better, but not great.

    Leonardo: Fearless Leader -Prime Avg 4 / Unl Avg 3.167

    Stuart - Probably not worth the effort in the long run.

    Dave - Ditto.

    Mike - The turtle power ability is just not great on these 5 cost characters.

    Leonardo: Multifolded Steel - Prime Avg 3.67 / Unl Avg 3

    Stuart - Turtles are expensive. Not worth the payoff.

    Dave - Great with Turtles, but slow.

    JT - Turtle retaliation. why not give him the keyword?

    Mike - Slightly better in Unlimited with access to Blue eyes and Fabricate. 1 damage is not a lot considering how expensive it is get purchase and field these turtle dies.

    Metalhead: Rouge Robot - Prime Avg 4.67 / Unl Avg 2.83

    Stuart - Nice stackable bonus, but it'll take a lot of time to accrue.

    Isaac - With turtle affiliation characters, maybe. Too situational for these 3

    Trubie - Per die, he could get pretty yuge

    Mike - Decent on a turtles team.

    Metalhead: Dissociative Identity - Prime Avg 5.83 Unl Avg 4.167

    Stuart - Unblockable. Sign me up! You'll need some turtle power though to make it work.

    Isaac -
    Trubie - I like this as a win-con

    Dave - I pay attention any time I see "unblockable."

    JT - Expensive, but very useful

    Mike - This on a Turtle team with bard is a win. To bad it costs 6. Makes it hard to use in the current meta.

    Metalhead: Upgrade the Arsenal - Prime Avg 3.3 / Unl Avg 3

    Stuart - I'd rather just use Hawkeye.

    Dave - Better removal options with much more freedom exist.

    Mike - I am a fan of using this with Jocasta. I can't see it being useful for any other reason.

    Michelangelo: Insatiable Appetite - Prime Avg 4.83 / Unl Avg 3.5

    Stuart - Me Likey.

    Dave - Same as Don.

    Michelangelo: Booyakasha - Prime Avg 4 / Unl Avg 3.167

    Stuart - Probably not worth the effort in the long run.

    Dave - Ditto.

    Michelangelo: Chuck and Chuck II: The Sequel - Prime Avg 3.167 / Unl Avg 2.83

    Stuart - That's a lot to read........ is it worth reading?

    Isaac - KO's that go used instead of prep could be interesting against momentum

    JT - KO's that go used instead of prep could be interesting against momentum

    Mike - With a Villain Maker and force block or attack globals this can be fun.

    Raphael: Nightwatcher - Prime Avg 4.83 / Unl Avg 3.5

    Stuart - Me Likey.

    Dave - ...Don

    Raphael: Controlling His Temper- Prime Avg 4 / Unl Avg 3.167

    Stuart - Probably not worth the effort in the long run.

    Dave - ...seeing a pattern?

    Raphael: Second Son - Prime Avg 5.5 / Unl Avg 3.5

    Stuart - If it said effected, then I'd be all in.

    Isaac - great ability but limited to turtles

    Trubie - Must-have piece for a TMNT build.

    Dave - Useful if and only if Turtles are viable, and that's more likely in Prime. Not convinced, though, as affiliation-granted protection like this tends to be weaker than energy-granted protection like Raven.

    JT - target protection is good. but this ties you to one ip only

    Mike - Protection is always great, too bad it is limited to a turtle team.

    Renet Tilley: Apprentice Timestress - Prime Avg 3.5 / Unl Avg 3

    Stuart - Felicity. Period.

    Isaac - Rerolls are great, rerolling only 1 die though not as much

    Trubie - Other cards available that give a full extra reroll

    Mike - The weakest Renet Tilley by far which is sad because her other abilities are so great you will never see this version of her.

    Renet Tilley: 79th Dimension of Null-Time - Prime Avg 6.83 / Unl Avg 7.3

    Stuart - I'm so intrigued..... But the jury is still out.

    Isaac - while active action dice fix could be very useful

    Trubie - This is really good. Action dice will always be energy if you need it or double burst if you need it.

    Dave - Action fixing? Watch out. Some of the best DM cards have been those that give you consistency.

    Mike This ability is amazing in unlimited. So many action die with great abilities on their burst sides. I like this die a lot and can see if fitting on a team needing action die bursts.

    Renet Tilley: Impeccable Timing - Prime Avg 6.5 / Unl Avg 6.67

    Stuart - The possibilities.......

    Isaac -
    Trubie - Lot of potential here, but a bit of an energy sink.

    Dave - Has uses but might show itself to be too fiddly. This may raise with time, but may fall too.

    JT - just an outstanding effect.

    Mike - I love this ability. Just imagine this character with parallax. I can see some sweet shenanigans.

    Shredder: Scarred - Prime Avg 3.3 / Unl Avg 2.83

    Stuart - Why would I want to pay 1 life to use a global? It affects me too! And only the turn its fielded. Not a chance.

    Isaac - Baby Jinzo

    Trubie - The "When Fielded" keeps me from loving this

    Dave - In Unlimited, just use Jinzo. In Prime, just use Deadman.

    Mike - Why would I ever use this in unlimited instead of Jinzo.

    Shredder: Dining on Turtle Soup! - Prime Avg 3.67 / Unl Avg 3.3

    Stuart - Has some potential.

    Trubie - With a force attack and/or force block, could "Shred" up some sidekicks nicely

    Dave - The ability chips away but is very much controllable by your opponent.

    Mike - I can see a little potential with a force attack or block, but the damage is too low to be great.

    Shredder: False Bushido - Prime Avg 4.167 / Unl Avg 3.83

    Stuart - Dear lord... with Bard.............

    Isaac - 8 cost bomb to load up the field from used. Not going to win the game, but could be fun

    Trubie - Really cool ability, but just too expensive

    Dave - I can give youtons of combos right now that make this cool but they're all unwieldy. Timmys will love it.

    JT - If you build for it, this can be amazing. but takes hard timing, and 8 cost?!

    Mike - At 8 Cost this ability had better end the game, and it could be great with bard or the front line, but there are better 8 cost cards.

    Splash: Specimen 6 - Prime Avg 5 / Unl Avg 5.167

    Stuart - You're basically guarateed to KO the die you want. Awesome.

    Trubie - I like this as removal. If he's blocked, it could be a nice 2 for 1

    Dave - Give it Overcrush and maybe.

    Mike - I like this ability quite a lot. With a force block you can easily kill that pesky oracle or Constantine on the other side. His stats are high enough he will be hard to remove from the field so potentially you could keep your opponents control pieces permanently gone.

    Splash: Portal from Dimension X- Prime Avg 3.83 / Unl Avg 3.5

    Stuart - Others have the same ability for less. Not easy to KO him in Prime.

    Dave - Poor cost-to-damage ratio.

    Mike - KO'ing a 5 cost character to do 1-3 damage seems weak, but over time could be effective.

    Splash: Never Liked the Name ''Spike" - Prime Avg / 3.5 Unl Avg 6

    Stuart - This could be A LOT of fun with Zatana and BEWD....

    Isaac -
    Trubie - One of the few i like better in Unlimited than Prime. There's some potential PXG hate here.

    Dave - Anti-Lantern Ring tech?

    JT - this could be fun. could.

    Mike - Timed correctly this ability can be devastating. I could see running a team that encourages your opponent to save energy for a potential cloudkill and then popping this ability on them.

    Tiger Claw: lost Humanity - Prime Avg 3.83 / Unl Avg 3.3

    Stuart - Just too much for the effect.

    Isaac - great ability, 7 cost hampers it

    Trubie - Clears out a lot of stuff but cost may be an issue

    Dave - Too expensive for Prime. Better options to do it in Unlimited.

    JT - at least the when fielded ability in an expensive character is tied to low defense? or maybe it's a really expensive glass cannon?

    Mike - I like this ability, but 7 cost is just too much to be useful.

    Tiger Claw: Kraang Experiment - Prime Avg 3.5 / Unl Avg 2.83

    Stuart - Pretty sure there's BAC's that do this for 3 or 4. Just too much to pay.

    Trubie - Overshadowed by the other 2

    Dave - Bad balance of expense and limitations.

    Mike - Removal is nice, 6 cost limited removal less so.

    Tiger Claw: Seeking Vengeance - Prime Avg 4 / Unl Avg 3.5

    Stuart - Could be interesting in a mask ring team.

    Trubie - Nice pressure piece for mask teams... just a little too easy to KO.

    Dave - Just use Firestorm...

    Mike - Nice Ability Damage, but for a 6 cost it is not cutting it for me.

    Triceraton: Cretaceous Crusher - Prime Avg 2.5 / Unl Avg 2.167

    Stuart - I don't hate it.....

    Mike - Expensive for a blank with mediocre stats.

    Triceraton: Orders from Captain Zorax - Prime Avg 4.83 / Unl Avg 3.83

    Stuart - That is a huge self pump! Add in some Cone of Cold/Overcrush and it could be over quick.

    Dave - Give it Overcrush and we'll talk.

    Mike - I dismissed this ability at first, but with 3 out and all getting +9 attack. It could be devastating.

    Triceraton: Loyal to a Fault - Prime Avg 4.5 / Unl Avg 3.5

    Stuart - Anger Issues/Haymaker Global anyone?

    Dave - Pump its damage and we'll talk.

    Mike - To bad the Orders from Captain Zorax didn't come with Overcrush.


    Haymaker - Prime Avg 7.5 / Unl Avg 6.83

    Stuart - Yes

    Isaac - Anger Issues part deux

    Trubie -
    Dave - Loved Anger Issues, loved this.

    JT - an 11th card for nanny teams

    Mike - Reprint of a very good card for teams needing overcrush and +A

    Ingenious Tactics - Prime Avg 3 / Unl Avg 2.67

    Stuart - Eh. Too much for the protection.

    Dave - Expensive, and minimal applications.

    Mike - Might be useful on the right team. For a 5 cost it is not useful enough.

    Momentum - Prime Avg 8.67 / Unl Avg 8.67

    Stuart - Get Ready People.................

    Isaac - This card is going to see work

    Trubie - Huge potential with this

    Dave - Super intriguing. Rip a purchase then Momentum? Could be abused.

    JT - what you can do with this simple effect is absolutely unreal

    Mike - For a 1 cost this die is gold on certain teams. I can see this making a big splash in the meta. Especially when used after fabricating or blue eyeing your team.

    Mutation - Prime Avg 8.167 / Unl Avg 8.3

    Stuart - With no PXG in Prime, this will be critical to cycle in your important characters, and remove other frustrating ones on the other side.

    Isaac - Poly part deux-great to have for Prime

    Dave - Polymorph was great, and so is this.

    JT - always a good option

    Mike - Polmorph, a personal favorite and one of the best cards in the game.

    Mysterious Shredder Transport - Prime Avg 2.833 / Unl Avg 2.5

    Stuart - Not a fan.

    Dave - Would be 1/1, but I'll go 0/0 due to the artwork.

    JT - I just hate sacrifice

    Mike - A very weak form of removal.

    Nefarious Broadcast - Prime Avg 6.5 / Unl Avg 7.67

    Stuart - I'm intrigued..... Still a lot to investigate.

    Isaac - The potential here is staggering

    Trubie -

    Dave - Either going to be super useful or super diminished after the inevitable WKRF ruling.

    Mike - Used at the correct time this can save your life or win you the game. When you are rushing to attack with your bard team how many times has your opponent magic missled or distracted you back. Not anymore. Tired of your opponent using your prof X on your turn. Serves them right for saving that energy. To bad this can easily backfire back to you.

    Speedy Delivery - Prime Avg 5.67 / Unl Avg 6

    Stuart - Pump global - never a bad thing.

    Isaac - Pump globals start bleeding into Prime

    Dave - Useful for the pump, though the bolt pump is probably better for Prime.

    JT - Usually an 11th card

    Mike - I can see this being useful as a force attack or as a way to get more damage out of one of your characters. Anytime you can pump attack as a global is nice.

    Splinter's Teachings - Prime Avg 7.3 Unl Avg 7.167

    Stuart - If you know me, you know I love me some Transfer Power =)

    Isaac - Transfer power part deux

    Dave - Also hate the art, but it's basically Transfer Power, so it's cool.

    Mike - Power Transfer is an oldie but goodie. I prefer Polymorph but this die can be very effective on the right team.

    Reclaim - Prime Avg 5.167 / Unl Avg 4.3

    Stuart - Cheaper than Poly/Mutation to roll things faster without the rist of Splinters Teaching/TP of only getting 1 roll.

    Dave - Too easy to focus on only the best-case scenario here. The average-case isn't that spectacular.

    JT - better options exist: in prime, rip. in unlimited, res or rip.

    Mike - Cheap and effective Ramp. It could easily win you a game with careful planning.

    Unstable Container - Prime Avg 8.83 / Unl Avg 9.167

    Stuart - Goes without saying.....

    Isaac - Magic missile part deux, going to see work in

    Dave - Welcome to Prime, Magic Missile.

    Mike - Magic Missile is as good as it gets.
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    1. Kamuisito's Avatar
      Kamuisito -
      Oh, the possibilities. I have been thinking an action focused team for some time, so I'm really excited about Renet and some of the new actions (Momentum, Nefarious Broadcast) and the reprints. Speaking of reprints, Speedy Delivery is a reprint of Enrage but it didn't get any mention on the article at all. I guess the original is not used much so it flew under the radar.