• WizKids Wednesday: Iron Man & War Machine Characters

    Last week we covered the Basic Actions with the Iron Man and War Machine starter, and now it's time to get into the characters! Spoiler alert: There's a lot of Iron Man armor.

    These new characters and the Suit-Up ability are sure to have you digging back through some of your old cards to see if there are fun new ways to use those Iron Man, Pepper Potts, or Spider-man cards. This is honestly the most I've ever wanted to play with the blank 3-cost Iron Man from Age of Ultron. He's perfect Suit-Up fodder.

    Thanks again to WizKids for providing the set for me to preview!

    And there we have it folks, all the contents of the Iron Man and War Machine set. What's your favorite card in the set? Is "Rhodey" a potential meta card? How fun is suit up? Let's hear about it!

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      Thanks for putting the video together!