• WKO Glen Burnie, MD - Event Report - 2/12/2017

    19 Players at Games and Stuff in Glen Burnie, MD.

    Though I knew for quite some time the Glen Burnie WKO was rapidly approaching, I had not decided to attend till exactly one week before the event. That gave me a week to build, test and get comfortable with a new team. This, of course, ended up being build, test, tear apart, build, test, tear apart, build, test, tear apart... knowing the bard heavy-meta was still looming before me, I once again worked out the best option I could (while still satisfying my inner Johnny/Timmy) and hoped for the best.

    [top]The Team:

    The team I finally settled on was honestly a different take on Johnny Swarm using Multiple Man, but focused on a variety of "cute" combos. First there's the FUS Beholder: Lesser Aberration with his excellent stats and being able to trigger Blue-Eyes and/or Red Dragon for free. I saw him as a way of getting around the global taxing Oracle as well as buying/characters actions cheaply. I would also actually use his Global with Prismatic Spray to make it harder for my opponent to play around me stopping their PXG. Prismatic Spray was also a catch-all for DWiz, Constantine, Oracle, and any other defensive piece that might cause me problems during my turn.

    My favorite combo of the setup was actually something my wife, Melissa, was using very effective against me in our kitchen table games: Stepford Cuckoos with Johnny Storm. This allowed me to just continuously cycle Celeste for damage if she came up a character or get some extra energy out of her for purchases. The part of this combo that never played out, but I was salivating over too much to not try to play with was also including Cerebro: Cybernteic Intelligence. With Johnny Storm fielded, you can field Celeste, do Johnny Storm's damage, KO something with Cerebro, and then force your opponent to move something to the used pile. A potential 3 for 1 combo.
    For my basic actions, I had Polymorph to use defensively or to help me get Johnny Storm or a Multiple Man on the field. Selective Shield was meant to be anti-bard and anti-ring team tech where I would either name the Ring team's main energy type or shield to stop bard from attacking. I wasn't confident going in, especially since I was forgoing almost every main "meta" card, but I was just looking to have some fun with some combos. This was our 3rd trip to Glen Burnie, MD for an event, and I was absolutely looking forward to attending another event hosted by the good folks at Games and Stuff.

    [top]The Matches:

    Round 1: Chris #1 Bolt Ring

    Game 1 I faced off against Christopher Steed, with what was essentially a bolt Ring team, but he focused early on Cheetah and getting Wasp to punish Globals. After taking several unblocked blasts from Cheetah, Chris went for Nova to finish me off, but thankfully missed his Nova roll. Meanwhile I'd gotta a bit of chip damage in with Human Torch and was able to remove all his blockers with his Magic Missile, Human Torch damage, and a Celeste being fielded. I then marched through for exactly lethal.


    Round 2: Chris #2 X-23 X-plosion? (i'm bad at naming teams)

    I next faced off against Christopher Essock, the elder member of the "Voltron Force" team in attendance. I loved this team and it was terrifying to face off against. Using Vigilante Justice and Nitro early to keep my board empty, KOing Nitro via fabricate or Blue-Eyes, Chris quickly moved into X-23 forcing me to keep a very close eye on my PXGing so I didn't fill my Prep with dice for her to use. Nitro continued to keep both our Prep areas full. At one point, while I was at full life, X-23 attacked with 10 dice collectively in our preps, many of them character dice. The roll only resulted in 4 energy faces, so I let her through unblocked and was able to retaliate the following turn in similar fashion to my first game. If I recall correctly, this time coming through with 2 level 3 Multiple Men, Beholder, and Johnny Storm. I came away with the win, but Chris deserves major kudos for this really creative and scary team.


    Round 3: Robert Bard Blitz

    The match-up I'd been dreading came up in my 3rd round. Bard finally reared his ugly head and Robert Myers expertly wielded him. Robert went for a mixture of offense and defense, getting speed pieces like Miri early, but also putting DWiz in place to shut down my Johnny Storm. Thankfully, some well timed defensive Polymorphs and good Johnny Storm chip damage kept me on pace with the Bard team. Unfortunately though, in a critical turn where I had Johnny Storm and Multiple Man fielded and 6 dice in bag (2 Multiple Men and 4 SKs), Swarm failed me as I drew 4 SKs. Apparently Multiple Man and I have not yet built the same relationship I have with the Kobolds. Babs hit the field shortly after that, cleared the field, and the Bard came waltzing through singing his song of doom.


    Round 4: Riley TFL Unblockables

    Round four brought me face-to-face with Riley Godfrey, the junior member of the "Voltron Force" team. Only in the fourth grade, Riley was clearly the youngest entrant in the event, but those who have faced off against some of the Ohio brood have become well aware of the rule, NEVER underestimate a young opponent, and Riley fit that mold sitting comfortably at 3-0. His team quickly rushed for The Front Line as he then worked to get his unblockable pieces in place. Unfortunately for Riley, I very quickly went for Prismatic Spray to hobble his ramp and bog him down with drawing sidekicks. I was able to use Celeste and Johnny Storm to full effect in this game and whittled away at his life total fairly quickly.


    [top]Top 8 Cut:

    With the cut to top-8, I had already done better than I expected. Three of my four opponents also made top-8 giving me a very strong strength of schedule and 3rd seed going into top 8. Unfortunately this seed put in up against Bard again.

    Round 1: Remington Bard Blitz

    Remington Aalbers was my opponent first round with a very aggressive Bard Blitz build. Bringing in both Kobold and Morphing Jar with Miri Riam, Bard would get gigantic boosts. Remington would also use Distraction to bring back the Bard each round, ensuring even if left unblocked, he could still quickly re-load and blast you in the face again with a wall of +5/+5 characters. Our first game, Remington went first, and though I held on longer than I expected, the first round result was quickly becoming obvious to me. Game two, I was able to slow Remington down with Prismatic Spray and despite a massive misplay on my part where I forgot to take Distraction into account when calculating if I had lethal or not, I was still able to take game two with seven minutes left. Game 3, Remington went first and once again, was simply too fast for me to get any footing as he repeatedly crushed my blockers and distracted back his Bard until I simply didn't have enough fielded to stop the onslaught. It was at this point when I realized some pieces that my team was sorely in need of.

    With my team defeated but spirits still high, we left for some much-needed food and the long drive home. Upon checking WIN results I found that Robert Myers and Remington faced off in the finals with Robert emerging victorious.

    [top]Team Postmortem:

    Despite the loss and only the top 3 getting nationals invites, I was still really happy taking the team as far as I did and left feeling like I could still play what I wanted in the current meta. I also got to take some solace in seeing that my two losses of the day ended up being the top 2.

    Where do I feel the team went wrong? As stated before, I'm still getting used to mask Swarm and me and Multiple Man have some work to do to get on the same page. I also absolutely feel like I took the wrong Cerebro and got too greedy with what "could be." With the Uncommon, I could have forced Bard or Miri to always cost 2 to field which would have slowed down those quick bard teams, and would mess with Elf Thief quite a bit. That said, the piece I found myself wishing I had the most was common Medusa, especially against Remington and the frequent use of Distraction. If I had brought her in place of Cerebro, without trying to reach for Cerebro's 5 cost, I could probably have swapped out Red Dragon for a force block global to use with Medusa as well.

    What went right? Local meta can be hard to predict and my gamble not building around stopping Vicious Struggle or Beholder/Ultraman Imprisoned shenanigans paid off. As far as I saw, no one brought those teams, and several other players brought counters for them. I also found I really love Johnny Storm with Celeste. Yes, it is very dangerous to allow your opponent to pick a die to take off the field, but it never came back to bite me, but it easily could have. Also I almost never run Polymorph and I can hear your "no-duh" coming through the computer screen, but it was fantastic here defensively and for getting Johnny Storm right when I needed him or getting a Multiple Man in the turn before some Multiple Man dice were coming out of my bag.

    All that said, I'm still fairly proud of the team and had a ton of fun playing it, and for me the biggest take-away was there is still room to mess around with team builds in competitive play. Yes, I still got beat up by the biggest kid on the block, but I got my licks in and I feel good about it.

    Big thanks to Games and Stuff and the judges for hosting another great event!
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    1. Jwannabe's Avatar
      Jwannabe -
      Thanks for the writeup!

      You have a Mashup of my two current teams. I like the turn 3 Millenium Puzzle using beholder or 2nd beholder + spray.

      As far as Multiple man, I ran him at Owensboro and missed my first 3 character faces on him in 3 straight games..... against bard . So that was pretty much my tournament.

      Keep using fun teams @Flexei !
    1. IsaacBV's Avatar
      IsaacBV -
      Nice writeup sir. Love the creativity as always