• Release Date Changes and Deadpool Family Values OP Preview

    More news explosions!

    Good news or bad news first?

    Bad news? The upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy set has been delayed to June. We may still see it before US Nats/Worlds, or it may make a convention debut (how cool would that be!).

    Good news? We have an image of the new Deadpool Family Values OP kit!

    Lady Deadpool: Deadpool Family Values reads:

    While Lady Deadpool is active, your [Deadpool-affiliated] character dice cost 2 less to field.

    While not as Johnny-riffic as the super rare, this OP makes the Deadpool affiliation much easier to play in casual/restricted constructed. An easy shoe-in for a hybrid constructed, Deadpool-only event.

    Deadpool: Deadpool Family Values appears to read:

    While Deadpool is active, damage dealt to your [Deadpool?], Lady Deadpool, Kidpool, [and Dogpool?] character dice is reduced by 1.

    A solid ability for a Deadpool team, although perhaps not a first-pick.

    The third card is a sketch art variant of Bob, Agent of Hydra: Hydra Doesn't Offer Dental. As a reminder:

    While Bob, Agent of Hydra, is active, undefined character dice gain Fast. (Characters with Fast deal combat damage before character dice without Fast.)

    This seems like a great opportunity to continue our Strongbad art collection (our Red Dragon has Trogdor).
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    1. SirFrankus's Avatar
      SirFrankus -
      That Lady Deadpool is the 1st very playable OP card I've seen in awhile.

      I mean the Flash and Reverse Flash could be fun and sort of gimmicky, but the Lady Deadpool that reduces those high fielding costs will really help DP builds. It's definitely not binder-food.

      Kind of bummed about GOTG. I feel like a release within a week before for after the movie hits could help promote game sales. Coming out a month late just doesn't have the same hype factor.

      This also means that Batman and a Superman starter will be the last things to potentially define the Worlds meta.
      I'm interested to see how the Superman BAC weave their way in. I'm still betting on Resurrection, Nasty Plot, and Hulk Out reprints. Also maybe a nerfed re-imagining of imprisoned. Coordinated Strike might fit well theme-wise.
    1. Basementcuts's Avatar
      Basementcuts -
      Severely bummed.
    1. flight602's Avatar
      flight602 -
      So does that mean that First Class is pushed back? I can't imagine them releasing two marvel sets in June
    1. djcannonmi's Avatar
      djcannonmi -
      Quote Originally Posted by Basementcuts View Post
      Severely bummed.
      I was hoping to draft this at our PDC Draft in April but may now have to switch major gears.