• Team Brew Switcharoo - Prime Format!

    It's that time again!
    ...Of cour---
    ...Why would you think it was time for a Royal Rumble?

    It's time for Team Brew Switcharoo! In excitement for the upcoming formats, today is Prime day!

    ...No, not Amazon Prime Day. That's July 12.

    Here is our starting team. http://dm.retrobox.eu/?view&cards=1x...3x29cw;3x56hhs

    Because the new formats themselves are so restrictive compared to Golden Age, we will use The Prep Area's rule for economy teams: we are limited to one to two rares on the final team, and we will avoid OP cards or count them toward the rare limit.

    I'd like to concentrate on Superman: Up, Up, and Away! Superman provides a strong form of economy in Prime/Modern, where energy is commonly at a premium. And it's one-sided! This should create a strong matchup against any teams that rely on BACs as well, which would also be discounted for you.

    To turn Superman's action economy into bag churn, we'll drop Long Live The Resistance for Superhero Registration Act. SRA pairs well with Poison Ivy, who will help thin out our opponent's chumps and force them to make hard decisions.

    Per @dave;'s deckbuilding guidelines, our win condition should be relatively efficient at this point. But we still need to choose one! We already have a beatstick in the form of Superman, and Splinter's Teachings lets us grab our opponent's beatsticks, or double swap Superman onto another character of ours. To ensure that Superman or any other convenient character can get through, we will run the rare Flying Car: Fly By in the place of Space Armor Iron Man: Model 5. This synergizes with Superman's economy. As a secondary backup, should we purchase all three SRA dice, that may also serve as a partial board clear coupled with Poison Ivy.

    Now we need to find a way to consistently purchase Superman early, and to protect our win condition. We will drop Donatello: Technologic in favor of Felicity Smoak: Hacker-For-Hire and Jarvis: Loyal Confidant for Rip Hunter's Chalkboard: "Only Zatara Can Reach The POINT." First, because Felicity Smoak is an awesome character and everyone should love her. Second, because we can chalkboard a Felicity Smoak die early and get a consistent setup for our team. If she lands double shield, we'll be able to purchase Superman most of the time. If she lands on a character face, we'll be able to spin a sidekick character die to a ? face, enabling our next purchase. Her relatively low defense means she should be able to be cycled relatively easily (and if they let her through, we'll just swap her attack stat using Splinter's Teachings.

    Our final build is then: http://dm.retrobox.eu/?view&cards=3x...3x56hhs;3x31cw

    So the ideal purchase order goes T1 Felicity Smoak, T2 Superman. Superman goes right in an empty bag, guaranteeing we draw him T3. Backup buy here might be chalkboarding a SRA, another Felicity Smoak, or a Poison Ivy (in the case of facing a The Front Line sidekicks team or our first attempt at getting rid of a pesky Alfred: MI-5 on a Bat Family team before they purchase their Bruce Wayne). Either way, the goal is to get to Superman ASAP. Once there, we buy action dice like candy. Depending on what we see across the way, it may be prudent to grab as many SRA dice as possible (so our opponent can't buy them and we maintain one-sided ramp/churn). Eventually we roll into a Flying Car and cycle a few characters through until we whittle our opponent to 0.

    In the event of our opponent stealing our SRA dice out from under us, Bruce Wayne's ability allows us to pay them back for the annoyance. His ability is "as much as possible," so while we can't field a Batman die, we can deal two damage every time SRA instructs us to KO a character. As well, Felicity and Poison Ivy benefit from being cycled, so SRA doesn't hurt us all that much. One of the Eye of Agamotto cards might fit better here in a less restricted team building exercise.

    Karai is a backup against Sidekick teams (which may be faster than ours; time spent playtesting will tell). In reality, this is a flex spot that should be used to protect our win condition. Pym Particles gives us another form of removal - we should be swimming in energy, so our opponents can either block our cycling characters and perish while we maintain blockers, or they can let Superman's attack value through on whichever die we transferred it to.

    Don't forget that you can purchase Splinter's Teachings to aid in churn - it's a useful action ability.

    Next time, we'll focus on the Modern format.

    What did you think? Am I obviously going to get smashed at the first PDC Prime event? Should it have been Royal Rumble time instead? Let us know in the comments.