• The Attack Zone 3x05: Drafting Competitively

    We love draft, we've played draft a lot - heck, we talk about draft on every episode in the form of the six pack! But how should we change our approach when drafts aren't just an event done locally for the denizens of your store, but have sweet PDC Playmats or a US Nationals invite on the line? Dave and Mike take a look at this topic.

    But first, the Six Pack and our February Patreon winners - including the winner of those sweet foil WKO prizes that we procured. Check out http://www.patreon.com/theattackzone for all the details on our giveaways.

    Thanks for listening, and we'll see you in two weeks!

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    1. cnhiggins's Avatar
      cnhiggins -
      Great episode so far. About halfway through. Was eager to listen to since I haven't done a draft yet in my limited time in Dice Masters, but really want to do one! Seems like as long as you have a decent amount of prep into synergies within the set/sets you are drafting, you can do well. Seems much more balanced for newer players like me, since my collection is pretty limited. Also a nice way to potentially pick up some rares!

      I think you spoke on this point (Mike with blank Hal Jordan): would you say that quick/cheaper buys is usually more successful in draft format? Still pick higher cost for possible win condition, but have a possible cheap win condition? Some videos that I have seen of drafts have a high cost win condition and bring a BAC that ramps hard (SRA).

      Hoping to do a draft soon! I do agree though that the cost for draft is a barrier for me, as I am not in a position to spend a lot on the game. Again, great podcast!!
    1. Dave's Avatar
      Dave -
      Not so much as just a win condition - though early pressure can sometimes work.
    1. Yort's Avatar
      Yort -
      Regarding rare drafting - we recently did YuGiOh for our PDC Draft, and I ended up getting passed TWO rare Red-Eyes B. Dragon the last two or three rounds of the second set of packs. The people who drafted SR Thousand Dragon did keep it, but otherwise for the most part, if it wasn't Blue-Eyes or Jinzo, the yellow stripe didn't mean much. Well, except to the guy who loves to play fists and just happened to end up with rare Injection Fairy Lily in his packs, which he fist-pumped all the way to win the tournament.
    1. Yort's Avatar
      Yort -
      Getting back to the episode now...

      Regarding drafting mistakes - my favorite mistake that I made once was getting the rare King Shark, and the completely forgetting to put a crossover character on my final team. SMH! In my defense, it was the very first GAF draft I did, but still, I felt pretty dumb.

      Re: hate drafting - in our recent YGO draft, I had grabbed the Obelisk. Near the end, another one came into my hand. Now, I didn't need it, as it's a max 1 card, but I knew the guy to my right was a fan of fist teams, so knowing that he likely already had a hand full of fist characters, I decided to not hand him over an Obelisk to go with them, and took two (there were only two in the rainbow). Of course, the still one, as referenced above, but at least he had to work for it.