• Team Sealed Draft - How and Why?

    If you're a listener of the TRP Podcast, or read most of the articles posted on the site, you'll of heard of the "Team Draft" idea that I've spoken about a few times. You may have even read Karl's (TRP User chalos13) article about his store's event with it (http://www.thereservepool.com/entrie...-Sealed-Format).

    We did ours a little different than Karl did, but the general structure was the same. Basically you pair people up into teams of 3. We decided to do this randomly the day of the event. We felt that this gave everyone a fair shake at it and allowed people to hopefully be teamed up with people they wouldn't normally gravitate to. We also decided to randomly assign each Team a different set to "draft" from. This made things REALLY interesting because each set offers different strengths and weaknesses in terms of win-cons, control pieces, and ramp. We decided to not play with any D&D sets mostly because of Breath Weapon. The sets that we drafted form were UXM, JL, WF, CW, GAF and Deadpool. We determined teams by assigning 6 of our regulars as "Team Captains" and then having everyone else draw dice from a bag. We had 2 dice of each color (blue, red, white, yellow, green and purple). Once the teams were determined, we did the same thing with one die of each color to determine which set the team would be drafting. My team was the blue team, so of course we ended up with UXM! I'm sure there are better ways of randomly assigning everything, but this worked well and it helped build a little suspense.

    Each team was given 45 packs from each set and had 30 min to open the packs and create 3 viable teams that each member would pick to pilot. All BAC's were legal, even D&D. From the UXM that we opened, here are the cards of note that we pulled:

    So, what the heck do you do with that?! Well, we decided to create 3 archetypes of teams: Overcrush, SK/Unblockable and a Transfer Power/Ant-Man Global Team. Here's a little bit about the teams.


    This ended up being the team that I piloted. It was almost all bolts and centered around getting Cyclops: Field Leader out quickly to pump all of my bolt characters by 1 when they dealt damage along with Iceman: Mister Friese. I had PXG as well to help get me to the other big characters like Red Hulk: a.k.a. Rulk and She Hulk: Jennifer Walters. I also ran two bolts that deal a damage when they are blocked (Pyro and Cable). My only 3 cost had one die and it was the common Scarlet Witch. Because of this, I ran both Hulk out (2 cost) and Thrown Car to optimize my overcrushing abilities. Here's the full team:

    The team did surprisingly well for me, even with no real removal except for the force block global on Cable. I went 3-0 and had a ton of fun piloting a team with characters that I would have otherwise never used. That Iceman was AMAZING!


    So this team was obviously focused around Falcon:Recon. We also added Angel: Flying High and Namor: The Sub-Mariner, along with a ton of other shield characters in order to have shields for Transfer Power global. We also had a version of Toad on it to try to keep the field thin, and TPG their big stuff off the board with the Toad "Must Attack" ability. The team did great and was piloted by Justin, who went 2-1. Here's the team, minus the 2nd BAC which I can't remember:

    Stat Manipulation:Transfer Power/Ant-Man

    This was probably the most challenging of the teams to pilot since it was global reliant. It was based around stat manipulation with the Ant-Man and Transfer Power Globals. It did have the rare Psylock and the 3 cost Cerebro to remove a character and to increase fielding costs, but it was energy dependent. In retrospect, we probably should have put PXG on this team and not the overcrush team, but Jamey did a fantatic job of piloting it to a 2-1 record! I don't remember most of this team, but here is what I do remember:

    So, overall the event was a HUGE success. We had 18 people show up, which gave us perfect numbers for the 3 teams, and we event had tow brand new players come! This format turned out to be an EXCEPTIONAL way to teach the game since we were on teams and the team captains could put together am easy to run team for the new players, and answer questions as they played. Team captains paired their teams against the other team in order to match people based in experience and ability, which again, was very helpful for our new players. Also, at the end, many of us just game everything we drafted to the new players! They walked out with A TON of dice and cards and were very excited to return. In closing, I HIGHLY recommend this format at your FLGS if you have the people to run it. Store owners are happy because it moves a lot of product that may have been sitting there for a while, and again, it's great way to introduce new people to the game in a safe environment. We definitely plan on doing this format again, hopefully in July/August when we have Batman, Guardians and X-Men First Class!

    Also, if you're ever interested, we are starting to stream all of our Tuesday Night Dice Masters games at our local shop. You can join us and watch here! https://www.docsgames.com/#video

    Thanks, and I'd love to hear about your adventures in Team Sealed Drafting if you try it!

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    1. Jwannabe's Avatar
      Jwannabe -
      This may be my new favorite format! Can't wait to try it, and this would be great for the store!

      Did you keep team records? Which set won? If you guys pulled it out for UXM , then that's quite a feat!
    1. chalos13's Avatar
      chalos13 -
      Sounds like an awesome way to play, I'll have to try it like this
    1. TheConductr's Avatar
      TheConductr -
      Quote Originally Posted by Jwannabe View Post
      This may be my new favorite format! Can't wait to try it, and this would be great for the store!

      Did you keep team records? Which set won? If you guys pulled it out for UXM , then that's quite a feat!
      Worlds Finest (3-0 team record) ended up winning, but it had the same individual record (7-2) as we did with UXM. Civil War went 2-1 as well. The surprise was GAF having a sub-500 record.

      It was a ton of fun regardless. There were WAY more useful cards in UXM than I anticipated!