• Marvel Dice Masters First Look: Xavier's School OP Kit

    The X-Men have always been one of my favorite superhero teams. Something about the ďus against the worldĒ mentality really connects with me. Well, that and their cartoon and action figures were awesome when I was younger. Say what you will about their recent treatment in the comics, Iíve been pleasantly surprised with how they have been treated in Dice Masters. Up to this point, the only Gravity Feed set of Marvel Dice Masters that HASNíT had an X-Men affiliated character in it was Civil War. Every other set has found a way to include at least one or two X-Men characters. Later this year, we will get our third Gravity Feed set that has ďX-MenĒ right in the name, with X-Men First Class.

    But what about those of us that just canít wait until later this year for our X-Men fix? Well, itís our lucky day. As spoiled yesterday by Trubie (in case you missed it click HERE), we have full images of the upcoming Xavierís School OP Kit! No beating around the bush, letís jump right in!

    Storm, Thunderclap (Blank Art Variant)

    I love getting blank art cards as a participation prize. Honestly, I never follow through with my plans to draw on them. But, the idea is awesome. And Iíve had some commissioned by artists while at comic cons. This version is the common from the Deadpool set. Iím sure youíve all had a chance to play with her in Deadpool drafts or some limited constructed events. On to what you guys really came to see.

    Wolverine, Xavierís School

    Side A: So, we are using the Wolverine die from the Deadpool set. Regenerate is alright. What is more important here is that cost! All of the Wolverines in Deadpool cost 5 or 6. This guy costs 4. Thatís some decent bang for your buck.

    Side B: Well, this is interesting. An X-Men card that promotes some affiliated team building. Right out of the gate, the first card that comes to mind to take advantage of this is the SR Multiple Man, Pile On!. His fielding cost of 1-1-2 was the biggest knock against him. While yes, you do need this 4 cost Wolverine out in the field before your 2 cost Multiple Mans, itís not impossible to see with something like Big Entrance.

    Colossus, Xavierís School

    Side A: Holy 4-costs! Are you kidding me? In the Deadpool set, this Colossus die would cost you 6 or 7. And he has Iron Will. Like Wolverine, he has a keyword that provides some staying power. I prefer Iron Will over Regenerate because it makes your opponent try a little harder to remove him. Those are better stats and fielding costs than the Wolverine we just looked at.

    Side B: Fastball Special, coming up! For those unfamiliar, the Fastball Special is a technique used by Wolverine and Colossus that first appeared in Uncanny X-Men #94 where Colossus would simply throw Wolverine at an enemy. So, this Colossus giving another member of the X-Men Overcrush is thematic and effective. Again, 4 cost! The only downside to this card I see is that Colossus must give Overcrush to another X-Men character die other than Colossus. So, you cannot just spam these Colossus dice, all giving each other Overcrush.

    Final Thoughts: I absolutely love both the new Wolverine and Colossus cards. They have great stats for a cheap price. They can reward you for playing an X-Men affiliated team, but because of the Flip mechanic, they can be 100% effective never being flipped. These 2 cards were made to be played with each other. Wolverine can allow Colossus to field for free, and Colossus can give Wolverine Overcrush, paying homage to iconic Fastball Special. If this is a preview of the types of design elements we will see in the upcoming X-Men First Class set, I will be so totally stoked! These are really good cards, but not game breaking win conditions. Also, as of now, they WILL be legal for U.S. Nationals and the World Championship in June at Origins. Currently, we only have a handful of X-Men characters that are Modern legal. I mentioned Multiple Man as one that can benefit greatly from having Wolverine in play. As far as X-Men go, the common Negasonic Teenage Warhead that can spin up to level 3 with 6A could be another great target for Colossus.

    And what possibilities open up when we discuss their potential in Golden?

    I personally cannot wait for these OP prizes to drop. What are your plans for the new Wolverine and Colossus cards? Any early ideas of what you want on a blank Storm card? Let us know in the comment section.
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    1. Axyz's Avatar
      Axyz -
      I understand that this is the common Storm, which Wizkids tends to favor commons for their blank arts, but this is really a lackluster option for a blank art. At least the uncommon or rare Storm's would have been better. The uncommon may be likely to see some play, but I doubt we will see much play with the common.
    1. StrangeBrew's Avatar
      StrangeBrew -
      Amazing cards. Truly excited to be playing with them. My opinion is that we've seen some really great cards in the last few OP Kits, much like we did in the first few. (My other big recent favorites are Deadpool, Lady Deadpool, Batman, and Robin.) And maybe it doesn't "quite" stand up against an X Men team from AVX or UXM (I'll let someone else argue about that), but with these 2 cards an X Men team from Deadpool is a real workhorse, especially in casual play. Thanks again to everyone at TRP for the in depth look.
    1. legendOFdroste's Avatar
      legendOFdroste -
      woah, these promos look a lot better from the last couple sets. The bat family promos were solid, and so are these. I'm looking forward to building a theme team with these guys.
    1. IsaacBV's Avatar
      IsaacBV -
      so excited to get my hands on these! They are superstars at the 4 cost level
    1. Klene's Avatar
      Klene -
      `Yhea i love them but the only thing i will prob never see them :s
      It's preaty hard for us in the Netherlands to get the OP cards :-) but the OP cards are gettening better every time :-)
    1. Terrax22's Avatar
      Terrax22 -
      Oh man these cards are great!!! I am really looking forward to playing with these 2 cards. Finally another competitive Wolverine after Formerly Weapon Ten... And a fastball special themed Colossus! Great design and great job on these OP kits Wizkids!!!
    1. Terrax22's Avatar
      Terrax22 -
      Ummmmm.... when is this Op kit coming out? does anyone know yet?
    1. pk2317's Avatar
      pk2317 -
      Quote Originally Posted by Terrax22 View Post
      Ummmmm.... when is this Op kit coming out? does anyone know yet?
      Release date is 5/24 (same as Batman set drops).
    1. Adimantium10's Avatar
      Adimantium10 -
      Love the fastball special art (and thematic play)!