• Spring WKO Report: Hunt Valley, MD

    Dice Masters Spring WKO Regional Championship: DRAFT
    Alternate Worlds Hunt Valley, MD
    10 Players

    As the only remaining member of The Reserve Pool's writing staff without a National's qualification, I must admit right from the start, I did feel a little more pressure that normal to come out of this WKO with a qualification. Obviously all of this pressure was self-inflicted, and my response to that pressure was to be very wishy washy about attending this event at all. Thankfully Melissa was a bit persistent about us going and got my lackadaisical butt moving.

    The Spring WKO was hosted at Alternate Worlds in Hunt Valley, Maryland, a very nice two story store with a wide array of comic and gaming goods on the first floor and a second floor devoted more to tabletop gaming which included a spacious and comfortable gaming area. This would be our arena for the day.

    With 10 attending, we were broken into two pods of five for the draft and the packs of Deadpool were distributed (Melissa and I were in separate pods). Being no stranger to Deadpool draft, I, of course, had my list of high priority cards to draft: Rare Black Bolt, Uncommon Fantomex, Common Lockjaw, Uncommon Hitmonkey, Common Medusa, Common Blind Al, Rare Flying Car... beyond that it would basically be best pick at the time until a team strategy begins to emerge.

    I opened my first 6 packs and found... nothing. None of the things listed were in my pack. The pack was bad... really bad. I then moved to my second 6 packs. The first several continued my disappointment until I had a Charlie Bucket moment and opened what could very well be my "red" foil ticket to Nationals: Super Rare Lady Deadpool. The rest of the pack didn't matter, but regardless none of my other priorities were in the pack. I always hate when a draft is about the Basic Actions, but with Lady Deadpool my needed strategy became painfully apparent: I would attempt to burn my way into Nationals. This also meant I would prioritize bolt characters as much as possible.

    Taking another look at my first pack I had a common Black Bolt. There were only 2 dice total for him, so I decided to take the risk and assume there was not a rare Black Bolt in our pod. There were also only 2 Fantomex and 2 Lockjaw dice, so the odds of them coming to me seemed low. This further drove home the need for burn, so my first pick was common Angela. She was a bolt character, there were only 4 of her, and her "when fielded" ability would help keep my opponent's field clear. My priorities quickly shifted to Storm, Evil Deadpool, Lady Bullseye, Negasonic Teenage Warhead, Angela, and at least 1 more Lady Deadpool. At one point I even passed on a common Fantomex and a Rare Lockjaw thinking the others weren't coming my way in favor of my bolt ladies.

    In the second packs, my first pick was obvious. Lady Deadpool was officially mine. I may be mixing up the order my next two picks came to me but in my second pack, to my shock, was a common Lockjaw. He was immediately scooped up. Immediately after him, uncommon Fantomex. Another obvious pick. I also eventually had a rare Angela passed to me who, when rolled as energy, deals damage to your opponent. The draft Gods were smiling down upon me. Even without Lady Deadpool my final team felt really good, and Lady Deadpool just put it over the top.

    Swiss Rounds:

    My first round opponent was Bob Myers who I had faced at a previous WKO in Glen Burnie, MD. As soon as he saw Lady Deadpool and Unstable Canister, he knew what was up. I won the roll and went first, with my first buy being, of course, Unstable Canister. Bob bought an Unstable Canister as well to slow me down some and had brought Resurrection. My second turn was Unstable Canister with a Resurrection which then gave me the energy to buy Lady Deadpool on turn 3. Bob had also grabbed the Rare Lockjaw I had passed on, so at one point we had dueling Lockjaws with up both calling the same die each turn. It was a fun match, and Resurrection definitely made my one Fantomex die less effective against Bob, but the double Unstable Canisters from Lady Deadpool was ultimately too much for him to handle. Win.

    My second opponent, Jeremy Raines, had brought Hypervelocity as one of his Basic Actions which, after he brought it out, produced an interesting wrinkle in my game-plan when I largely wanted to just let Lady Deadpool and Lockjaw sit back. I again went first and picked up two Unstable Canisters, but Hypervelocity kept me attacking with my Sidekicks and both of our fields stayed very sparse throughout. This greatly slowed down the cycling of my dice. Several times I opted to take damage rather than attack. I was able to whittle Jeremy down with again the combo of Lady Deadpool and Canister and Fantomex was able to do much more work this match. Win.

    Matt Williams was my final opponent in Swiss and the only other undefeated. Matt had just defeated Melissa and relied heavily on Cloud Kill. Things are a little hazy, but I either lost this roll and Matt went first, or I went first and only got 2 energy. He purchased a Cloud Kill on his first turn. I unsurprisingly went for an Unstable Cannister ASAP and was unphased by the opening bump in the road. Things are a little hazy with this game, but I believe I was able to buy all three Unstable Canisters, got to Lady Deadpool, and quickly burned my way to victory. Win.

    Is this recap boring yet? Lady Deadpool, burn. Lady Deadpool, burn. Lady Deadpool, burn. I'll admit this was a much "spikier" strategy than I ever like to employ, but I couldn't look a gift horse in the mouth and I'll admit it... I wanted a Nationals invite, and I wanted to win a WKO. I can go back to wallowing in my weird builds when I lose at constructed events.

    I realize this is getting a bit long-winded so any further brevity is not meant to diminish the effort of my opponents. I just think my strategy is pretty obvious and I don't deviate much from it. Lockjaw and Canister global to keep their field thin. Nuke with Lady DP and Canister. Fantomex for some extra damage. Lady Bullseye to help nuke problematic high D characters. In top 8 I just had to rely more heavily on my characters in one game, but my opponent having bought Unstable Canister out from under me gave them fewer characters to block with and the Canisters weren't nearly as effective for my opponent as they were for me.

    Kevin Kashner was my first opponent in Top 8. I believe he won the roll but opted for me go first. Game 2, he went first, bought Canisters out from under me, kept it closer, but his field stayed thin and I was eventually able to attack for lethal. 2-0 win.

    Top4 was a rematch against Bob Myers who had just taken Melissa out in a grueling 50 minute 1 round game that ended with life totals at something like 16 to 12. I won the roll and opted to go first, and Bob remarked "well, that's probably it." Game one went as expected. Game two Bob bought the Unstable Canisters from under me and I relied more heavily on my characters. It was a close match but I ultimately prevailed. 2-0 win.

    Top2 was another rematch. This time against Matt Williams again, the purveyor of Cloudy Kills. Winning the roll once again, I opted to go first and the game went much like our first. Game two Matt went first buying Unstable Canister the first two turns, but then proceeded to buy two Cloud Kills. With four action dice and no characters purchased and knowing I had a game up on him, I went kamikaze on the game with Matt and I both racing to zero life as I prioritized my hardest hitting characters, attacked every turn and left my field completely open the entire game. Any sidekicks Matt fielded got hit with the Canister Global and the damage came fast and furious to both of us with Matt's life total hitting zero first. 2-0 win.

    So this was it. This was when the stars finally aligned and the light finally shined on this dog's butt. The only real mistake I felt I had made was I had wanted the uncommon Evil Deadpool, but accidentally had the rare and the common, so he ended up being the only character that was never purchased in any of my games. I am now a Regional WKO Champion and I will now be competing against my fellow TRP writers in Nationals at Origins. On top of the shiny shiny prizes I also walk away with my Super Rare Lady Deadpool and Melissa pulled a Super Rare Multiple Man in her draft. All-in-all, a pretty lucrative day for us.

    Competitive Draft:
    I love that WizKids added competitive draft as an option for WKOs, but it is definitely a shame that set delays led to Deadpool being the set drafted. It's also always a shame when the draft becomes all about the Basic Actions. This is one of the many reason I'm super excited to see how the new draft packs work in the format. With Draft Packs including Basic Actions it is my hope that they bring about a greater thematic flavor to the events and an all around better balance to draft. In most of the sets there are a few cards that if you draft, it becomes very hard to lose: Rare Black Bolt, Rare Firestorm from GAF, Uncommon Two-Face in WF, Rare Lantern Ring in WoL... thankfully most of them are Rare (or Super Rare). While I feel I drafted and played very well, there is still a little nagging voice in the back of my mind saying I only won because of Lady Deadpool and my lucky pull. That's something that will ALWAYS be present in competitive draft or any sealed format, but it would be nice if the voice was a little quieter.
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      memmek2k -
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      JustK -
      Congratulations on winning.

      Pulling an awesome Super Rare was super lucky though and I have always thought that there is always someone who pulls the best card in the set and then no matter how good I have, nothing else matters.

      Only had it happen once or twice for me and not recently. Here is hoping it will be at the WKO Draft also
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      gkpon66 -
      Way to go Trubie! A great write up that got to the heart of the manner.
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      cnhiggins -
      Nice! I love draft, but I agree with you. However, and maybe this is because my only two drafts have been UXM/AoU mised drafts, no one really purchased BACs. This last one I managed to pull the SR Iron Man though and ran Nasty Plot to hopefully get him (only managed to once, late in one game). I survived a SR Thanos and tied in turns in one game thanks to common Pepper Potts that buffs all characters' defense by +2. It also helped that I pulled the rare Wasp AKA my new favorite card! I kept telling people to use as many globals as they wanted to!