• 43rd Annual Origins Awards

    As an aside to Dice Masters news there are some awesome things going on here in the boardgame world. Dave and I are attending the Origins Awards and wanted to report the winners to you. Congrats to all of them!

    Card game: Mystic Vale
    Fan favorite: Mystic Vale

    Boardgame Accessories: Broken Token Blood Rage Organizer
    Fan favorite: same

    Minatures: Warhammer 40k Kill Team
    Fan favorite: same

    Collectibles: Pokémon Steam Siege
    Fan favorite: Magic the Gathering

    Role Playing Games: No Thank You Evil
    Fan favorite: Star Wars The Force Awakens beginners guide

    Family Games: Happy Salmon
    Fan favorite: Happy Salmon

    Boardgames: Scythe
    Fan favorite: Scythe

    Origins game of the year: Scythe

    Hall of fame induction member: Mike Elliot
    Congrats to the father of TCGs and our very own Dice Masters!