• I want to publicly Call Out WizKids...

    ...and personally thank them for putting on an exceptional event at Origins this year. Despite being born and raised in Columbus, this was my first Origins and I was extremely impressed with how well everything ran. All the side events, all the Qualification pods, as well as the two major championships, everything ran smoothly and efficiently. The judges and other volunteers especially were very responsive and friendly at all times. The streaming (sadly only Saturday) was very much appreciated worldwide, especially with the commentary by Jimmy (and occasionally our own IsaacBV!). The selections were good as well, from some of our younger players (10 yo vs a 14 yo) to international players (U.K. Champ vs German champ).

    I'd like to specifically call out some people and force them to block me thank them:

    Justin Z - head of WizKids. While he spent most of his time at the WK boardgaming booth rather than the Tournament play area, he made sure to stop by the Fan Appreciation Event and spent probably 45 minutes talking directly with DM people. This was well after the event was "over", but he answered questions, gave as much detail as he was able to, and assured us that the game was still going strong and they're actively working to help it continue to grow and hopefully include some newer IPs as well.

    Jimmy - head of DiceMasters at Wizkids. Also spent a bunch of time answering questions before Justin arrived, and was a near constant presence at the Tournament area. He even played in at least one draft side event, and I know a few unofficial "pickup" games as well. Definitely has a passion for the game, and enjoys it. Also just hanging out and taking to players.

    Stephanie - social media/promotion at Wizkids. If you've ever done a WK Facebook contest or question, you can thank her for that. She is definitely a behind-the-scenes person to a lot of us, but puts a lot of time and effort into the back end of things. Also very friendly.

    Kyle - Wizkids something-or-other. I can't remember exactly his position, but I believe he is responsible for the tournament scene, formats, structure, etc. I feel the system of constant small Qualification pods was much easier and more efficient than full-day tournaments like in years past, and I'm going to credit him for that (whether actually deserved or not).


    Chris L - head DM judge. Great guy (and not just because he's a fellow Pacific Northwesterner). Was constantly around and available to answer any pre-game questions, or mid-match questions. As a Rules guy myself, I didn't hear of any rulings that made me scratch my head or question them. He definitely knows his stuff.

    Lillian/Vincent/Jeff/Matt/Chris/Cliff/Darin - other judges/volunteers that variously helped with side events or Qualification pods or the main tournaments. Everyone was super helpful and super friendly and everything flowed very smoothly thanks to them. Herding 50-75 people at a time can't be easy, but they made it seem so.

    So from all of us here at The Reserve Pool, thank you for all you do!

    Paul (pk2317)
    Isaac (IsaacBV)
    Dave (Dave)
    Patrick (Shadowmeld)
    Randy (Randy)
    JT (jthomash)
    Trubie (flexei)
    Stuart (theconductr)
    Michaela (memmek2k)
    Mike (whisperni)
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      Couldn't agree more!
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      chalos13 -
      good to see a smooth event, and the positive feedback!
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      I couldn't agree more. I really liked the smaller pod qualifiers that started at 2p, leaving more time for the rest of the con. They effectively ran separate lines for DM, Clix, and Attack Wing at registration making check-in more streamlined. Judges were great and professional. And on a Macro level, there were a lot of interesting and competitive teams out there because of the Modern Rotation and Bard ban. Great work WizKids.
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      Even with the hiccup after round one of Nats (stupid Excel!), this was a very smooth weekend. A lot better than last year, IMHO, and the Wizkids staff was very professional and courteous. I love where the meta is right now, and I can't wait to see how it changes.