• Origins 2017 Live Chat Archive

    Here is an archived copy of our live chat from Origins 2017. Read from the bottom up :P

    Saturday (Worlds):

    [06:45 PM] Dave : Grats to Victor!
    [05:39 PM] IsaacBV : Congrats to the top two Victor and Andrew!
    [04:31 PM] IsaacBV : Go Micheala go!
    [04:30 PM] Dave : Tweeting of awards. Follow @TheReservePool Michaela playing T4.
    [04:20 PM] Dave : Origins Awards starting up. Excited to see the ceremonies.
    [04:03 PM] pk2317 : Michaela beat JT for Top 4. Playing Victor Maya (Mexican National champ!) now
    [03:50 PM] Dave : Michaela and JT streaming in T8, knotted 1-1. We're waiting to get in to the Origins Awards.
    [12:50 PM] pk2317 : Michaela and JT in Top 16, Mike out in top 32.
    [12:41 PM] pk2317 : Won top 32. In top 16.
    [11:31 AM] pk2317 : Half an hour or so between the Swiss rounds and the top cut. As soon as we have rankings I will post them. Snacking now.
    [09:31 AM] Dave : I know Paul already said that but Isaac is a great guy so it beared repeating.
    [09:31 AM] Dave : Isaac commentating the current match on stream. Check it out!
    [09:25 AM] Dave : How about a board game update? Some great stuff being demoed this year. Particularly enjoyed Spoils of War from Arcane Wonders. If you've played Liar's Dice, it's like that but with bidding and set collection on top of it.
    [09:00 AM] pk2317 : https://www.twitch.tv/wizkidsofficial
    [09:00 AM] pk2317 : Isaac will be commenting the Round 3 match on Twitch. Stream!
    [08:18 AM] pk2317 : 78 qualified for Worlds, 49 registered and playing. 4 Swiss rounds then cut to Top 32 (for prize support).
    [08:17 AM] pk2317 : TRP Status: 1-0 Michael Plumb Michaela Kuba 0-1 Paul Kushnir Patrick Barley Trubie Turner Joseph Horsfall Waiting on Streaming match to finish.
    [08:01 AM] IsaacBV : 13 GG, 33 Lantern ring, 11 Darkseid, 2 UM

    Friday (US Nats, Fan Appreciation Event):

    [06:41 PM] memmek2k : Paul just won a raffle prize to-be-mailed
    [06:38 PM] pk2317 : Trivia - Patrick, Paul, Mike, and JT all won something
    [06:20 PM] pk2317 : No new product announcements
    [06:20 PM] pk2317 : JT's Nat Winning character is in GOTG
    [06:20 PM] pk2317 : Lots of spoiled cards for GOTG and TOA
    [06:19 PM] pk2317 : At Fan Presentation. GOTG in August, XFC in September.
    [10:27 AM] memmek2k : 2-1 now. Played my local, Matt H, AGAIN. It seems like we play every tournament after we've spent the past 2 months developing each others' teams :/
    [09:49 AM] memmek2k : Lots of lantern ring of each energy type today.
    [09:26 AM] pk2317 : Stuart is 2-0, most of the rest are at 1-1
    [09:21 AM] pk2317 : 1-1 after round 2
    [08:34 AM] memmek2k : I'm 0-1. Missed all my rolls in the first game, couldn't ever stabilize
    [08:31 AM] IsaacBV : 0-1 for Me, JT, Randy, Shadowmeld, Mike. 1-0 for Paul, Stuart, Trubie, Micheala
    [07:28 AM] pk2317 : Final count: 48
    [07:12 AM] pk2317 : Not final-final count, but looking like about 47 people for Nats. Makes for 6 Swiss rounds before the cut.
    [06:07 AM] IsaacBV : It is time for some US Nats in Dicemasters here at Origins! 9 TRP Team members enter the ring-who will come out victorious? Good luck to all competetors today!

    Thursday (Side Event Drafts, Worlds Qualfier Pods):

    [01:45 PM] memmek2k : Alright, Shadowmeld and I are qualified for worlds! We faced each other in top 2 of a qual pod.
    [10:34 AM] pk2317 : May have more supply tomorrow. Until then, Quals start in about 30 minutes!
    [10:33 AM] pk2317 : We managed to draft them out of their complete supply of DC: Batman. Including the display model in their case.

    Wednesday (Side Events and meeting people):

    [10:07 PM] IsaacBV : Fun full day here with all of our Dice Masters friends!
    [09:37 PM] Shadowmeld : Had a great first warm up day, played two excellent drafts and did some other gaming on the side. Tomorrow starts the first day of Qualifiers!
    [07:00 AM] Shadowmeld : Arriving at the convention center now, see all you guys (and gals) in the hall!