• Origins 2017-My Perspective

    Hello Dice Masters fans! I am writing this to give you my view of the events that took place at Origins Game Fair 2017. This is the third year I have gone with the intent to play Dice Masters and enjoy the Con, and my 6th year of going in general. This year was markedly different from past years for me but to sum it up-it was everything I wanted it to be and nothing I expected it to be.

    I am going to steal Randy's format and day-to-day it for you:


    We ventured out of Toledo early Wednesday morning, my son and I along with our friends Gene and Josh. We added a 5th to our vehicle, a gentleman named Victor who we met last year at Origins and who had traveled from Mexico to play the game. He is a great guy, and he happened to be in our area for work so he was able to swing it to leave with us. So we packed him in the back of the vehicle with all the games and off we went! More on Victor still to come...

    We stopped for lunch on the way up and checked into the Downtown Hilton in the early afternoon. Once we all had our passes we headed over to the Wizkids area to meet up with friends and see what the previews in the case would be. There was a Spider-Man Maximum Carnage Teampack and some of the Tomb of Annihilation draft packs on display-foreshadowing two well-anticipated drops from Wizkids this year. After saying hi to some friends we sat down to draft Batman, and join the two or three pods firing off for it. This proved to be super popular and I had heard they had to overnight more feeds to make up for the demand Thursday.

    Ethan and I went to play Legendary X-Men win a box, in which he once again dominated in the game as he has in the past. We also went to play King of Tokyo and I won that one, leaving with a promo Alpha Zombie character.

    We headed to Barley's for our annual awesome dinner and free glass and met up with Micheala and Craig from St.Louis-it was great getting to meet her face to face after spending so much time working together on the podcast. We finished the evening in the exhibition hall as we did all nights playing board games until they kicked us out.


    Easiest morning to wake up at the Con, we met up with Stuart and got in a game of giant King of Tokyo and giant Settlers of Catan. Ethan and Stuart went head to head with two others in Catan and had fun rolling dice and taking names. Watching him try to roll the giant King of Tokyo dice was one of my favorite things at the Con.

    We then went down to the food court and had some lunch and headed over to the Wizkids area to play in some Worlds qualifiers. The format this year was simple-pods of 8, win 3 matches and get 8 points, win two and get 4 points. They waited for 16 people to sign up and then fired them with a random mix of 8 and 8. This seemed to work the best for the way they put it together. I played in one and didn't do well, so I held off on any others since I still had Nationals to play in and only needed four points. I also at this point had no plans to play in Worlds because I missed out on Saturday with my son last year playing Dice Masters Worlds all the way to the end. If he qualified, I would play.

    And he in fact did qualify in his second qualifier that day, so we talked about him playing in Worlds and he was excited to do so. So the next day if Nats didn't go well, I would try a qualifier to get in. I felt confident in the team we were using and expected to do well at Nats the next morning. We finished the night playing late games in the game hall again, and when they kicked us out a few of us stayed up late talking a little about Dice Masters and a lot about life in general.


    Time for some US Nats. The team build that Stuart and I had been working on for months was ready to make its debut. I honestly had only played this team with him but felt confident in its ability to win. The team consisted of:

    Darkgrodd Team

    The main goals of this team is to buy a Darkseid T2 and swarm into multiple Guys and a Grodd by T4-6. We knew this thing was dangerous once it got humming. What I didn't know was how well I could play against surprise teams or how well I could play against the rush. Well the rush is what I ran into, and in 5 rounds of Swiss I saw 4 Guy Gardner fist ring teams. A few games all we did was alternate buying Guy Gardner dice and swinging back and forth. I did not bode well with the Guy v Guy matches, often rolling energy and no masks and no SKs. This often left me open for a clean shot to knock me down low enough to keep me on my heels. I really only had a chance to go to Darkseid two of the games, and those are the two I won. Even though I finished 2-3, the losses were all matches that if I had just one more turn I could have won. I lost against mask ring where I bought Darkseid turn 3 but rolled him energy face two times, cycling through my bag a few times. That really kills the momentum.

    I tried my luck at one more qualifier pod against 7 others who also needed points and just couldn't get past the top 4. Another guy rush to finish off my day. Oh well- this just wasn't my Con for Worlds this year. I really did not plan to play at Worlds but with Ethan making it I wasn't going to desert him so I had to try again, but I dont think I really took the competition or event as a whole as serious this year. Meeting Mike Elliot and getting pictures and autographs with him was awesome-definitely one of the highlights!

    We went to the Wizkids fan appreciation event and learned about the plans for the next year along with seeing some awesome spoilers. We concluded with a few extra questions and even had Justin Zihran answer about 45 mins of questions to all of us in the community there. We learned some great stuff and has fun interacting with him. I especially felt motivated and encouraged at the direction of the company and where they are taking the future. Trust me and those there-this company cares about us and where they are going.

    That evening we played some games, hung out with friends and learned how to play Food Chain Magnate that I really enjoyed. We also recorded my favorite segment ever for the podcast where 8 of the 10 of us were there together-that was awesome being able to do it all around the same table.


    Saturday brought my math trade through boardgamegeek.com and the Worlds Dice Masters championship where 39 people sought the title. My son Ethan had made a few changes to his mask ring team and was ready to go with his version.

    I had a blast watching some of the matches and seeing my son go on the live twitch stream. Even though he lost to another young man, that was his only loss in swiss and he finished 3-1 with a top 32 placement. He went on to lose in the top 32 to a young guy named Victor Maya, who as you remember drive up with us and went on to win the Worlds championship. Congrats to Victor!

    After the second round I was asked by the powers that be at Wizkids if I had any interest in helping with twitch commentary. Needless to say, I jumped at the opportunity as this was something that I wanted to do and was right in my wheelhouse. I got to commentate on three matches, all of which were teams I felt familiar and comfortable explaining the gameplay and strategy about. It was a blast and I even got to interact with game designer Mike Elliot and get some awesome signed cards from him between matches. Doing commentary on twitch was my favorite Dice Masters experience behind watching how well Ethan did. It was a great day for me doing two things I didn't expect to do at Worlds that day. I would have kept going, but since Ethan was out we wanted to go explore some more in the Con and play some demos. We found a few good ones like Spoils of War and Karuba, and tried a few others that we enjoyed.

    The evening found us watching the Origins awards and seeing Mike Elliot get inducted into the Origins Hall of Fame. Awesome night for him and we were happy to be there to celebrate it with him. We finished some more game play that evening with friends and started to pack up our stuff.


    Sunday is family day and my wife and daughter came to join us for the event to take in the Con as a family on father's day. We had a blast playing all the different demos and watching the kiddos fight through the battletech pods agianst each other. We had a great lunch over at the North Market and finished saying our goodbyes to friends all around the Con. It was like the last day of camp when your family comes to get you and meets all of your camp friends and counselors.

    Overall Origins 2017 was a different experience than the previous two years when it came to Dice masters but I left feeling like I had spent my time well and got to do participate in things I had not even considered but loved doing. The event was done well this year, the convention center was very nice and the updates made it even nicer. I enjoyed seeing friends old and new and meeting all of you that I had not before.
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    1. memmek2k's Avatar
      memmek2k -
      It was great finally meeting you too! I can't believe we sort of walked by each other without realizing it the first time lol
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      cnhiggins -
      Excellent recap. I need to stop reading these recaps or I may end up going to Origins next year... Would be a great way to celebrate the end of the school year and detox from the moody teenagers I have the pleasure of teaching!