• Batman the Animated Series Sirens OP Kit Month 3

    Batman the Animated Series OP kit month three brings is the Sirens in Catwoman, Poison Ivy and Talia Al Ghul. Here is your first look at these cards-what do you all think? How great is it to see Iron Will, Aftershock and some new tokens in play?

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    1. Axyz's Avatar
      Axyz -
      Wow, these are all really good. Poison Ivy and Catwoman are both awesome! I hope Wizkids keeps up the quality of the OP kits after this set.
    1. Nickoa's Avatar
      Nickoa -
      when do these drop? catwoman is gonna fit great in my villain team
    1. gilmax's Avatar
      gilmax -
      Looks like I have plant tokens to make now as well.
    1. Brandoshido's Avatar
      Brandoshido -
      ivy and catwoman seem awesome. I don't like the talia card, but the art is nice.
    1. flight602's Avatar
      flight602 -
      Interesting that the title of the Talia card is not the episode that the art comes from. That being said it would be weird to title the card "The Demon's Quest Part 2"
    1. djcannonmi's Avatar
      djcannonmi -
      Love the cards, especially the Poison Ivy. Catwoman will be good as long as you remember to flip!