• WizKids Wednesday: Guardians of the Galaxy Mechanics

    As the anticipation continues to build to monumental proportions, we're finally down to just one more week to go till Guardians of the Galaxy hits shelves (cue Europe's "The Final Countdown"). In these last days before this glorious set is in our hands, I thought it would be a good opportunity to go over the new keyword mechanics that make an appearance in the set, Call Out and Infiltrate, and make sure we're all completely ready to dive into our local drafts.

    Both of these new abilities will make for some interesting new decisions to be made during the combat step and are sure to spice up combat in general. Call Out is going to be great for giving your opponent a choice between removal and taking damage to the face (and something like Proton Cannon should make it REALLY fun). Infiltrate is going to be a great way to get around "Distraction walls" and allows for more aggressive play without leaving yourself as open to the repercussions.

    As an added bonus, I also decided to take a quick bonus look at what may be the most in-demand action card we've seen since Lantern Ring.

    As always, huge thanks to our friends at WizKids for sending these cards our way and giving us the opportunity to preview them.

    Got big plans for these new mechanics? Which of these new mechanics is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!