• WOW! The Last Super Rare for Guardians

    WOW! We've been able to get a spoiler for the last Super Rare from the Guardians of the Galaxy set!

    Check it out!

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    1. ccm00007's Avatar
      ccm00007 -
      Well, I'll call you Gobby anyway!
    1. jigsawhc's Avatar
      jigsawhc -
      Ooh, this should be fun.
    1. m4ster-p's Avatar
      m4ster-p -
      I love this! Villains has always been my favorite affiliation and this is a great addition to the roster
    1. Axyz's Avatar
      Axyz -
      We definitely need a villain maker global in modern.
    1. chalos13's Avatar
      chalos13 -
      Villain Teams: returning to your local meta this Winter
    1. JustK's Avatar
      JustK -
      There are a great many villain hate cards that have come out in the last 2 or 3 sets. Could be interesting if this becomes a thing.
    1. Shapeshifter's Avatar
      Shapeshifter -
      in my opinion. This means every non-what if Super Rare in this set really powerful. I like all of them.
    1. IsaacBV's Avatar
      IsaacBV -
    1. Brandoshido's Avatar
      Brandoshido -
      Gross. Just thinking of how to combine this with bolt villains and Firefly. And Adam Warlock.
    1. RastaBot808's Avatar
      RastaBot808 -