• The Reserve Pool Podcast S3E33 - Modern Super Rares

    Isaac, Stuart, and Michaela discuss the best super rares in Modern.

    Also, there's a contest!

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    1. gladiator_posse's Avatar
      gladiator_posse -
      My Contest Entry:
      Rare Knowhere + SR Mr. Miracle (3cost), C Black Bolt (4cost), R The Collector(5cost)...with BAC Upgrade-Smokescreen.

      Knowhere into The Collector then for 2 energy and a smokescreen, Black Bolt hits your opponent for an unblockable 7 damage...and with a Mr. Miracle out, your smokescreens are coming back so rinse and repeat.

      (Add pump globals with the rest of the team to reach lethal that much faster) .
    1. sen_blutarski92's Avatar
      sen_blutarski92 -
      My Contest Entry: R Madam Web- The Great Web Unravels (4 cost), C Deadpool- My Set. My Rules. (5 cost), and SR Wolverine Lord of the Vampires- The X- Vampires Will Feed (6 cost).

      You attack with Madame Web and choose to pay 2 energy to have all opposing characters block her. Use a R Knowhere to swap Madame Web for Deadpool so all the opposing characters will be KO'd at the end of the turn due to his Deadly keyword. Finally use a second R Knowhere to swap Deadpool with Wolverine Lord of Vampires so when all the opposing characters are KO'd your opponent loses 1 life and you gain 1 life for each.

      It takes some set up to time the two Knowheres right, but after the initial combo you would could re-buy Madame Web and use one Knowhere to swap for Deadpool and continue clearing the field and causing damage with Vampire Wolverine. During the initial combo you would need to make sure the attack of the characters Madame Web forces to block her doesn't exceed Vampire Wolverine's defense to ensure his ability fires.

      With some globals and other pieces it could be a fun team.
    1. jevansfp's Avatar
      jevansfp -
      Contest Entry #1
      Would you like to get a swapped out die back?
      5 Blink: Exile can do some action die defense for you while you line up your R Knowhere to swap in 6 Colossus: Rigid Morals. When Knowhere fires again, swap in 7 Wolverine Weapon Plus.
      Then do it again with these dice, or even cheaper X-Men and the next time you swap out an X-man die, sacrifice Wolverine to BRING IT BACK to the field.

      Blink: Exile - While Blink is active, once per turn, you may spend double mask whenever you can use a Global Ability to send an action die in the Field Zone to the Used Pile.
      Colossus: Rigid Morals - Back for More - Deal 1 damage to all character dice and players.
      Wolverine: Weapon Plus - When one or more x-men character dice leave the Field Zone, you may sacrifice Wolverine to return those characters to the Field Zone.
    1. jevansfp's Avatar
      jevansfp -
      Contest Entry #2
      How about getting Overcrush lined up against ideal blockers?
      5 Steel: Super Support to tax your opponent's usage of your globals until you R Knowhere him for 6 Brainiac: Manipulative Schemer. Then get your field ready to attack with a few characters and swing with them and Brainiac. Once blockers are declared, swap them around so that the weakest blocker is blocking Brainiac, then R Knowhere in 7 Superman: Super Strength during the global phase and pump him up with Cone of Cold. Overcrush will go straight to your opponent's face and Iron Will guarantees that he will be around next turn for another overcrushing swing.

      Steel: Super Support - While Steel is active, opponents can't use Global Abilities on your cards without paying an extra 1 or 1 life each time.
      Brainiac: Manipulative Schemer - While Brainiac is active, after your opponent declares blockers, you may swap any number of their blockers.
      Superman: Super Strength - Iron Will ; Overcrush
    1. jevansfp's Avatar
      jevansfp -
      Contest Entry #3
      Hit 'Em Again
      Get a couple of cheap Avengers on the board and then field 5 Captain America: Classic Avenger to guarantee he ends up on level 3, then R Knowhere in 6 Black Lantern Anti-Monitor: Darkest Evil and attack with him when you have a R Knowhere ready to fire. He will do 2 damage and tempt your opponent to block or take 9 to the face. If they chump block, swap him for 7 Capt Marvel: Kree Powered, knock out their blocker and take a second attack step with the characters you have left.

      Captain America: Classic Avenger - When fielded, you may spin up this Captain America die 1 level for each of your other active avengers characters.
      Black Lantern Anti-Monitor: Darkest Evil - When Black Lantern Anti-Monitor attacks, the defending player loses 2 life and Black Lantern Anti-Monitor gets +2A until end of turn.
      Capt Marvel: Kree Powered - While Captain Marvel is active, you may have a second Attack Step immediately following the first. (You must attack with at least one character die in each Attack Step, and Captain Marvel must remain active at the end of your first Attack Step.)
    1. jevansfp's Avatar
      jevansfp -
      Contest Entry #4
      5 Bronze Dragon: Lesser Dragon swapped for a 6 White Dragon: Lesser Dragon with R Knowhere. Get your Knowhere back and 2 energy for Breath Weapon and Attack with the White Dragon and clear out their little blockers and weaken the bigger ones, while dealing 2 damage to your opponent. After blockers are declared, swap in 7 Bahamut: Dragon of Justice and Overcrush for more damage. Next round Breath Weapon 3 and do it again.

      Bronze Dragon: Lesser Dragon - Anti-Breath Weapon - X (When an opponent uses a Breath Weapon, you may pay an amount equal to the opponent's Breath Weapon cost to cancel the effect.) When fielded, deal 1 damage to target opponent for each of their active Evil dragon character dice.
      White Dragon: Lesser Dragon - Breath Weapon 2; While White Dragon is active, roll target Good character die damaged by this Breath Weapon. If it rolls an energy face, put it in its owner's Used Pile.
      Bahamut: Dragon of Justice - Breath Weapon 3 ; Overcrush : While Bahamut is active, other character dice cannot use Breath Weapons.
    1. Darth Dilbert's Avatar
      Darth Dilbert -
      Here's a Contest Entry for you...

      The four cards are:

      Knowhere - "History Shrouded in Mystery" - 3M
      You may swap any character die in your Used Pile or Field Zone for an unpurchased character die costing 1 more
      (return the swapped die to its card). Character dice swapped in the Field Zone stay on the same level.

      Katana - "Bushi" - 3M
      Impulse - When you purchase a Katana die, if you spent at least one ?, you may immediately field her at level 1 for free.
      (Impulse abilities happen when you purchase the character die with Impulse.)

      Rip Hunter's Chalkboard - "Only Zatara™ Can Reach The POINT" - 4S/M
      Add all dice in your bag to your Used Pile. For each mask or shield character added to your Used Pile in this way, gain 1 life.
      (If that character die was mask and shield, gain 2 life instead.)
      Global: Pay shield. The first die you purchase this turn is added to your Prep Area instead of your Used Pile.

      And then any four-cost "What If" or "White Lantern" you would like to exploit.

      I'm partial to:
      King Black Bolt - "Ruler of Attilian" - 4MBSF
      You may not use (?) energy to purchase this die, this text may not be ignored.
      When King Black Bolt is targeted by a Global Ability or Action die, he deals 1 damage to your opponent.

      Turn one, roll a shield and a mask and prep yourself a Knowhere (assuming you go second).
      Turn two, roll Knowhere on an action face, a ? and two more energy and then purchase your Katana, field it right away on it's level one side with her Impulse ability, then swap that out for your four-cost Crossover.

      I like King Black Bolt because you can put that together with an Agent Venom - "Thunderbolt" for the Global (Pay 1 (generic). Target character die gets +1D), and Cosmic Cube - "Energy of the Beyonders" (for obvious reasons)

      Using Agent Venom's global, coupled with Cosmic Cube, you can just roll energy - ANY energy and abuse KBB's ability for three damage each.
      To make things quicker, throw in a The Spot - "Portal Jumper" and a Superhero Registration Act to roll enough energy to take them out in one shot.

      Fun for the whole family!!
    1. Yort's Avatar
      Yort -
      I have to say, just the idea of getting a 4-cost White Lantern/What if on T2 is pretty awesome...

      My brain, however, when more to the "be a pain in the @@@" side of things:

      4 cards:
      R Knowhere
      C Kyln
      SR Captain Britain Iron Man
      Any 3-cost you like

      But your cheapo 3 costs then throw out the Kyln. Everybody's buying power is nerfed now, except Britain allows you to buy for 3 less! Which allows you to buy another cheapie, then fabricate them for a 5-6 cost. Then Knowhere those up to some better high cost characters that might actually win you the game, because so far all this does is just annoy your opponent!
    1. nbfritz's Avatar
      nbfritz -

      R Knowhere
      White Tiger: Mystical Amulet (3 cost)
      Madame Web: The Great Web Unravels (4 cost)
      Adam Warlock: Standing Watch Over Infinity (5 cost)

      Start with White Tiger to use her glboal to force field sidekicks until there's a good mix of cards out in the opponent's field.
      Knowhere up to Madame Web. Swing and pay 2 to force the entire field to block her.
      After blockers are declared, Knowhere up to Adam Warlock to eat all of those units.
      THEN, to put a bow on it, Knowhere Adam back to his card to get a big beefy 6-cost while locking those cards there permanently!

      Most practical plan in the world? No. HILARIOUS? Probably...
    1. LucanO's Avatar
      LucanO -
      1) Knowhere: history shrouded in mystery
      2)Captain Britain Iron Man: union jack
      3)Katana: bushi
      4)Fire Storm: the nuclear man

      The beauty of this combo is that turn one, you could buy a Katana straight into the field, turn two RIP over a knowhere, and then by turn three, you could replace your Katana with a Captain Britain Iron Man to the field. From there every time you pull knowhere and three sidekicks, you could fly in a Katana and swap it for a firestorm that has double A and D because of Captain Britain Iron Man having all four energy types. Then, if you have an extra energy or two, you could buy even more Firestorms (for one each because of Captain Britain Iron Man) which will all have double A and D when they finally make it to the field. If you want, you could throw on a nice juicy five cost to knowhere in for a Firestorm later on.
    1. chalos13's Avatar
      chalos13 -
      My entry
      Knowhere - History Shrouded in Mystery
      You may swap any character dice in your Used Pile or Field Zone for an unpurchased character die costing 1 more (return the swapped die to its card). Character dice swapped in the Field Zone stay on the same level.
      Lady Deadpool - Earth-3010
      While Lady Deadpool is active, when you use an action die, you may pay [Bolt]. If you do, you may immediately use the ability of that action die a second time with the same number of bursts.
      Doctor Strange - Master of the Mystic Arts
      While Doctor Strange is active, each time you use an action he deals 2 damage to a character or opponent (no matter how many dice are fielded).
      Gorilla Grodd - Force of Mind
      While Gorilla Grodd is active, all of your character dice gain Overcrush. While Gorilla Grodd is active, your other character dice get +1A. (Character dice with Overcrush deal damage in excess of blocker's D to opponent.)

      So it's all johnny, but get LD in the field, knowhere, copy it, deal damage with Doc and then end with the monkey in play.
    1. pnkfrankenstein's Avatar
      pnkfrankenstein -
      Sorry I finally heard the rules so ignore my email:

      R Knowhere
      R Clay Golem
      Iron Fist: The Immortal
      R Dracolich/or Common Bahamut if modern only I didn't hear if it was supposed to be modern or not

      Get two Iron Fists in the field and KO them to Fabricate a Clay Golem
      This activates Iron Fists: "When Iron Fist is KO'd, you may move a fist die with purchase cost 5 or more from your Used Pile to your Prep Area." to move Clay Golem to the Prep area!
      In upcoming turn, activate previously purchased Knowhere to bring in Dracolich/Bahamut with hopefully enough energy to activate Breath Weapon and punch through for some significant damage.

      I played this in a legacy league and it did well except against a black bolt team, Iron Fist kept Tsarina damage to a minimum. I also ran SR Katana and Cyclops: If Looks Could kill with Mutation BAC. Cyclops deals his damage to each opposing character when attacking. Katana mask faces helped spin up Clay Golems if needed.