• X-men First Class Preview

    As much as my wife and I are loving the Guardians of the Galaxy set, our household is an X-men household, and our deep love of Dice Masters was forged in the excitement of pulling our favorite X-men out of the Avengers vs X-men and Uncanny X-men sets. Now, thanks to the continued generosity of our friends at WizKids, we got the opportunity to take a peak at the upcoming X-men First class set!

    Originally streamed live from our home LGS, Four Horsemen Comics in Morgantown, WV (who will be hosting WKOs for Heroclix on November 11th and Dice Masters on the 12th), I'm pleased to share the action as Melissa and I crack open 20 packs of this awesome new set!

    Video note: We state "November" as the release time-frame for X-men First Class. We forgot that the release was most recently pushed forward to mid-October.

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