• The Prep Area Podcast Season 3 Episode 17 Collecting on the Cheap

    Trubie and Shadowmeld discuss how to collect Dice Masters as efficiently and economically as possible, while still playing what you want. They also bring you a great Collector team.

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    The Collector Team
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    1. Axyz's Avatar
      Axyz -
      Link for the team that they discussed: http://dm.retrobox.eu/?view&cards=2x...x33sww;3x55hhs

      Just a couple of comments on this podcast:

      1. The problem with Babs was that she was an amazing card when she came out, but no one seemed to be able to get her. Then when she started becoming more common that your average Joe could get her Wizkids released her hard counter in the form of Commish's Daughter. Due to Wizkids' silly rule of not allowing players to use more than 1 character on a team with the same name, you could not run both. Therefore, you either ran Babs or Commish's D. Commish's D was easier to get because she was a common while Babs was a SR. So Commish's D was better in the long run, making Babs obsolete.

      2. I typically buy 1 gravity feed (thanks to speaking to Shadowmeld at my first WKO. He spoke to me about this and it was a great idea. However, as a collector I have been doing a number of these things. I buy my gravity feed, and draft 1-2 times. While I draft I rare hunt and even go for uncommons and dice that I need to get my max sets. I buy SRs that I like or that I know that I will be using down the road online. However, I seem to fall into a terrible loop after I get my gravity feed. Once we draft a feed, usually 3-4 of use will split up the remaining packs of a feed to try to find the last SR or both SR if no one drafted in. We always start with a sealed feed of 90 packs. After 48 packs from the draft, if 1 or 2 SRs haven't been found we typically try to split it up evenly among players to try to get the SR. I have down this several times now, and I feel like I am wasting money. I've spent about $70-75 on a gravity and with two drafts I have spent $12 in packs (for the draft), ($8 in packs to round it up to $20 at the end), then splitting the drafted feed (approx. $13-26 on how many people show up) and I never seem to get more than just the 1-2 SR I get in my feed. I walk away with a ton of commons, uncommons, and dice that I don't need. So I feel like I'm missing out on something. I do trade foils of cards that I don't need/like in order to get other cards I need, but I still feel like I'm wasting money. What's the best way to remedy this?

      3. I've been thinking of a R Collector team, but I was thinking of using Villains instead of bolt characters. I really like this bolt team, however without any real ramp going on, how is the collector being bought and used? Also, have you considered using C Adam Warlock to double the effects?
    1. Shadowmeld's Avatar
      Shadowmeld -
      1) great points about Babs.
      2) if you are buying an extra 8 packs to round your draft up to 20$ AND splitting the remainder of the feed between 4 folks, after a 4 person draft, you probably are wasting some money. See if your store will let you pay for your 8 packs to be had after the draft, from the feed, instead of from a separate box. Additionally, I usually try to only buy out the feed after a 6 man draft, that gives the most info. Don't forget, you are best off buying only what you draft, as you get the best control over content.

      3) rolling a SK early let's you get 5 energy for collector, and with Adam Warlock also costing 5 it just gets too expensive. In a more competitive version of this team I'm working on adding a 2 cost bolt, like storm, and Chalkboard global for even more ramp. That said, once you get collector and do your first rescue ramp, every turn after that you can put an extra rescue in prep each turn as your ramp, to get those extra bolts you will be needing.