• Organized Play Cards

    An article on Marvel.com revealed the organized play exclusive cards today and also gave us an idea of the structure of the Avengers vs. X-Men storyline. It's slated to take place over six months of events and these exclusives will be available through participation.

    Here's a link to the article.

    The new Thor uses the same dice but provides a new card. Like the rest of the Thors, this variant has to do with controlling fist characters; the life gain is a nice bonus, too. I'm not certain how effective this is in the current card environment, but more options are always better than fewer options. This is a good counter if you find that fist characters are ruining your day, but otherwise, I don't know that this one does enough for a seven-cost card.

    The basic action provides rewards for team affiliations, meaning that there is now a potential reason to match up teams that don't yet have synergy, like the Fantastic Four (currently the Fantastic Three). It also has the potential to make Avengers and X-Men teams more dangerous. This could be a scary pairing with a Black Widow rush, especially if other Avengers are involved in that team.

    One way or another, organized play is coming. I hope to get my hands on Teamwork at the least!

    EDIT: Shaudius states below in the comments that the basic action cards will be the monthly participation prizes - so that'll work!
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