• The Reserve Pool Podcast S3E35 - Quadrant Theory Rerun

    Michaela shares a few exciting tidbits of news before bringing back a terrific old episode - Quadrant Theory!

    There's still a contest! Keep those Knowhere combos coming!

    A minor errata to the podcast—for the Virtual Worlds tournament entry deadline, I said "Friday, October 4th," which doesn't make any sense! It should be Friday, October 6th.

    Lastly, I've done some extra tweaking with the audio to make it a bit more car-friendly when you're switching between podcasts and music (same as last week). Let me know what you think in the comments.

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    1. Red21126's Avatar
      Red21126 -
      This was interestingly topical as I was messing around with an UXM draft/piloting exercise last night and a bunch of the cards were ones I just used yesterday!