• X-Men First Class Super Rares: The What-ifs!

    Welcome back Dice masters fans to another exclusive look at the super rares in the newest set! We have all 8 of the super rares in the upcoming X-Men First Class set and will be giving you a first look at some of these. Thank you to our friends at WizKids for letting us drop these amazing cards on your screen! Let's take a look at these amazing additions to the game-first today we will cover the Super Rare "What-Ifs":

    Phoenix Storm
    From The Ashes

    When fielded, draw a die from your bag. Deal damage equal to that die's purchase cost to your opponent and all opposing character dice. Then, return it to the bag.

    Hello Phoenix Storm (PS)! This What-If version of everyone's favorite X-Men character comes in with yet another really fun version that has so much play potential. She comes in with the limits of all ''when fielded'' characters in the current meta, but if you can get her to field and fire she can be aggressive. Want to make that soon to appear 7 cost Thanos ever more aggressive? Or Maybe Darkseid and Gorilla Grodd are on their way out of the bag? Find a way to get her fielding consistently with a fabricate or KO effect and she will be punishing to your opponent and their field. I love the dual nature of hurting your opponent and potentially opening up the floodgates for your own characters.

    PS has a TFC of 3 at 0/1/2 and stats 3/3. 4/5, 6/6. She will fit nicely on any of the fist/bolt teams that are trying to cycle when fielded characters and potentially reaching for those high cost hitters. This is a character you may also want to play with the new Darkseid global to queue up just the right dice in your bag, or a Res/Ring combo to make sure you have the right monster ready to roll out!

    Cosmic X-23

    When Cosmic X-23 is blocked, deal damage equal to her A to all character dice declared as blockers.
    *Also deal damage to the opponent.

    Cosmic X-23 (CX23) is a little more fiddly than some of the other What-Ifs here, but she does allow you to deliver character dice and opponent damage similar to Storm. She is a bit more limited in that the opponent damage only happens when she is on her Level 1 face. That being said, she could swap in with the right die once blockers are declared and then blow up all of your opponents blockers. Forced block effects such as Call Out, Force Block or cards like Madame Web could swap with her in the attack zone using Polymorph/Unstable Mutation and really get that big sweeping effect.

    CX23 comes in with a TFC of 4 at 1/1/2 and stats of 3/3, 4/5, 5/6 giving you a pretty good starting attack to throw against your opponents dice. The right buff can make her even stronger. She would pair well with any buff globals to really get the beatdown going.

    Blink In-Betweener
    Agent of Order and Chaos

    When fielded, and when Blink In-Betweener attacks, roll target die in your used pile. If it shows an energy face, KO all opposing character dice that match that energy type. Then, return the die to your used pile.

    Blink In-Betweener (BiB) allows for some very targeted energy type removal on the other side of the board. She has the benefit of not only being a when fielded effect but also a when attacks so you are able to use her multiple times potentially in the same turn. We are seeing some cards drop global 'stops' for When Fielded and When Attacks but few do both, allowing this to get around some of the control pieces out there. It will still fall prey to the big control pieces but that may free something else up for you.

    With another What-If die in your used pile she could provide a double dose of KO. She will be useful with the Darkseid global, allowing you to cycle through and get the right die to your used pile. She avoids the restriction of re-rolling dice in the field and straight removes them, and also avoids targeted removal stops. She has an average stats line and fielding cost for a four cost, but a little lower than we would like to see with TFC of 3 at 0/1/2 and stats of 3/3, 4/4/, 5/4.

    Czar Colossus
    Powering the State

    When fielded, KO all sidekick dice and deal 1 damage to target opponent for each sidekick die KO'd by this effect.

    Czar Colossus (CC) aka Trubie's new man-crush card is the final heavy hitter of these super rare What-If's. He comes in with a TFC of 4 at 1/1/2 and stats of 4/4, 6/6, 8/8 making him the beefiest of the What-If X-Men.

    CC is another when fielded character that can potentially suffer from the current control pieces in the meta-so be prepared if you go to play him. He is another source of direct damage to your opponent along with field removal potential. With the White Tiger global still in the current meta, you can front-load this character with a field of SKs to make quite the large splash of damage. There are quite a few popular pieces bringing SK dice to the table and trying to keep them there such as the SR Captain America from GotG and any overcrushing with numbers combos like Foot Ninja, Wong, Red Hood and Guy Gardner.

    The dual nature of the SK KO is nice also for you to load your own field to go towards the damage so you can use him at just the right moment to do the most damage. I can see this being a piece that many people will put into play with the right number of ally characters and sidekicks out there. It may even be a good answer to modern flying sidekicks as well.

    Another thought with all of these super rares-as X-Men affiliated characters they will play so well with the OP Wolverine and Colossus from a few months back. Dropping the fielding costs and adding some overcrush especially for that big bad Czar will be great. These X-Men super rares bring some fun play to the table and I personally cannot wait to get my hands on them to try them out in the near future! Stay tuned for the 4 regular super rares coming soon from us as well! Which is your favorite? Comment below!
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    1. GRider10's Avatar
      GRider10 -
      Like that czar colossus. He has great stats for the what if cost, and a great ability. He could do a lot of damage on the right team. Storm and blink are both usable, but that x23 effect has been on other cards before. Still love the art, and am glad to see some more x-men.